'Zealous of Honour, Loyal unto Death'

Traditional note regarding the House of Seton

King Charles Room at Winton House, circa 1635.

The Value of Family History

"It were very good, honourable, pleasant and profitable that every great noble, and gentleman of heritage, and specially men of great houses, put in remembrance and made chronicle of their house and surname; of their beginning and progress of their predecessors' lives, particularly of acts and deeds that they did in their time; what succession they had, with whome they were allied, and what was their end.

It were great pleasure to a man to know the origin and beginning of his house and surname, and how long it has stood; and it were right profitable, because when a nobleman remembers the good beginning of his house and surname, the long standing thereof, the honourable and virtuous acts of his predecessors, it will give occasion to every man to conserve and maintain the house that his forebears has constructed, and he will be the more loth to do anything that may be the hurt or decay of the same.

And moreover, when he hears or reads the noble acts of his predecessors put in writ; that howbeit they be dead bodily, their fame and honour is yet recent, it will give them occasion to exercise themselves in virtue and honour, so it may be written of them, as of their good predecessors; that their fame and name may live and last long, and many years after their body be dead.

And if any of their predecessors has been vicious, and their vice set forth in remembrance, it may give every man occasion to eschew all things dishonourable or detestable, in the event that it may be spoken of many years after their decease from this world, to their slander and shame."
George Seton, 4th Earl of Winton.


It is important to note that while many of the Seton portraits that were once present in the galleries of Palace of Seton, a good many were seized by the 2nd Viscount Kingston and the Seton's of Garleton prior to their subsequent ejection from holding of the Palace, and the assertion of the 5th Earl of Winton's claim and succession to of the Earldom of Winton.

The Seton Necklace.Another important collection was held by the Seton's of Barnes family, and that collection was eventually sold at auction, or privately, with the dissolution of the Brookheath Estate in Hants, after the death of James Alexander Seton, passing to Burgate House, and by both the Seton-Browne and Seton-Coventry families.

The Seton's of Cariston also held a small private collection of heirlooms and portraits, which were later added to by the historian and author, George Seton of Cariston, who had incorrectly assumed to be head of that house and line, but who amassed a large historical Seton collection.

Further key portraits of the family at the Palace were disseminated by George 5th Earl of Winton at the beginning of the 'Troubles' of 1715, and sent to Seton of Abercorn at Touch House, and to to Lord Sommerville, and others for their protection. Other paintings and portraits were extracted by the Hay's of Drummelzier and Dunse, and Yester, after the forfeiture of the 5th Earl, and also acquired from Whittingehame.

Of the many Seton portraits which have survived then, it is largely to the credit of the Hay family that most of the Seton portraits have survived.





Profiles of Seton Family Members:



George Seton, 3rd Earl of WintonLORD'S SETON & EARLS OF WINTON

George Seton, 7th Lord Seton

Robert Seton, 8th Lord Seton, 1st Earl of Winton

George Seton, 3rd Earl of Winton

George Seton, 4th Earl of Winton

George Seton, 5th Earl of Winton


Chancellor Alexander Seton, 1st Earl of DunfermlineOTHER SETON EARLS

Alexander Seton, 1st Earl of Dunfermline

Charles Seton, 2nd Earl of Dunfermline

James Seton, 4th Earl of Dunfermline

Hon. Sir Alexander Seton, 6th Earl of Eglinton (Seton-Montgomerie)

Sir Alexander Seton, Lord Gordon, 1st Earl of Huntly




James Seton, 3rd Viscount of KingstonTHE SETON PEERS

Sir Alexander Seton, 1st Viscount of Kingston

James Seton 3rd Viscount of Kingston

Sir Robert Seton of Windygoul, Baronet

Sir John Seton of Garleton, 1st Baronet

Sir Thomas Seton of Olivestob, Baronet


Vice-Admiral James Seton, Governor of St. Vincent, of BarnesTHE SETON'S OF BARNS

Sir John Seton of Barnes, Lord Barnes

George Seton, 5th of Barnes

Vice Admiral James Seton, Governor of St. Vincent

Captain Francis Seton (of Barnes)

The Seton's of Fernandina

The Seton's of Barnes

Website Author: Kenneth Robert Seton of Nova Scotia

  George Seton, M.A., Historian, of the Cariston Family.THE SETON'S OF CARISTON

The Seton's of Cariston

John Seton of Cariston

Captain John (Jehan) Seton, Coulonniers

Bertram William Seton

Sir Malcolm Cotter Cariston Seton

George Seton, M.A., Historian



  Sir Alexander Seton, Lord Pitmedden, 1st Baronet PitmeddenTHE SETON'S OF MELDRUM

Sir Alexander Seton, Lord Pitmedden, 1st Baronet

John Seton of Auquhorthies, Chamberlain of Fyvie

George Seton, 1st of Mounie (2nd family), Advocate

Lt.-Colonel Alexander Seton, 5th of Mounie

Major David Seton, 6th of Mounie

Major George Seton, "of Mounie" (of the 93rd Highlanders)

Sir Alexander Seton of Gargunnock, Lord KilcreuchTHE SETON'S OF TOUCH

James Seton of Touch and Tullibody

Sir Alexander Seton of Gargunnock, Lord Kilcreuch

Archibald Seton of Touch

Hugh Seton of Touch and Tullibody

Sir Douglas Seton-Steuart, Baronet of Allanton

  Sir Walter Seton, 2nd Baronet of AbercornTHE SETON'S OF ABERCORN

Sir Walter Seton, 2nd Baronet

Captain Sir Henry Seton, 4th Baronet of Abercorn, Baron of Culbeg

Sir Bruce Maxwell Seton, 8th Baronet of Abercorn

Sir Alexander Hay Seton, 10th Baronet of Abercorn

The Baronet's of Abercorn, Lineal Seton, de jure Lord Gordon



Richard Seton, of Parbroath, of New YorkTHE SETON'S OF PARBROATH

David Seton of Parbroath

William Seton of New York (of Parbroath)

Saint Elizabeth Seton, of New York

Archbishop Robert Seton

The Seton's of Lathrisk and Balbirnie

The Seton's of Ramelrie and Strathmiglo 

Nightcap of the 4th Earl of Winton.OTHER SETON PORTRAITS AT DUNSE CASTLE

A curious painting of the "Chansler Seton", Earle of Dumfermlin" and his family

2 portraits of Viscount Kingston

Sir John Seton (said to be Garleton, or of Barnes)

Alexander Seton, 6th Earl of Eglintoun

The Earl of Winton, and Lady Anne Hay

The Earl of Winton's Family, two large portraits

A variety of smaller or unnamed portraits and paintings


John Thomas Seton, Painter

David Seton of Tranent

Hannibal Seaton of Haddington and of Moneylaggan, Ireland

William Seton of Northrig, Provost of Haddington

James Seton of Hillside, Director of the Bank of Scotland

James Seaton, Linen Manufacturer, Drogheda, Ireland

Hon. Joseph Seeton of Halifax, Nova Scotia

George Seaton of Seatonville, Kentucky


The Earl of Eglinton and Winton, Lord Seton and Tranent, Baron Ardrossan

Seton of St. Germains

Seton of Barnes, 'de jure' Earl of Dunfermline

Sir Iain Bruce Seton, Baronet of Abercorn, Rep. of Touch

Sir Charles Wallace Seton, Baronet of Pitmedden, Rep. of Meldrum

Leonard A. Seton of Montreal, Rep. of Cariston

Seton of Parbroath


The Seton Game Board, from Queen Mary Stuart.THE SETON KNIGHTS

Sir George Seton of Hailes, D.D.

Sir John Seton of St. Germains, Knight

Sir William Seton of Kylesmuir, Knight

Sir Henry Seton-Karr of Kippilaw

Sir Henry Wilmot Seton

Sir Claude Ramsey Wilmot Seton


Alexander Seton, Governor of Stralsund

General Sir John Seton, Parlia'mt Forces, England

Captain John Seton, Denmark and Ireland

Captain Patrick Seton, Scot's Guards, France

Seton's in the 'Gardes Ecossais' in France



Sir George Seton, 5th of Barnes and 4th of HailesMISCELLANEOUS SETON PROFILES

Sir Alexander Seton, Governor of Berwick

Sir Christopher Seton, 'The Good Sir Chrystell'

Sir Alexander Seton, Signator of Arbroath

Ernest Thompson Seton

William Winston Seaton

The Family of Tytler (Seton)




Buckingham Palace
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