The Seton's of Lathrisk Descent

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1. Sir Alexander de Seton (III), famed Captain and Governor of Berwick, King David II gave the Heiress of Parbroath to him in recognition of his service and sacrifice, to bestow upon one of his sons (d. c1350)
  m. Christian Cheyne (dau of Francis le Chen of Straloch)
  A. Thomas de Seton (dsp 1333)
  B. William de Seton (dsp 1333)
  C. Sir Alexander de Seton (IV), also Keeper of Berwick Castle (d. shortly after his father).
  m. Margaret Murray, sister of Sir William Murray, Captain of Edinburgh Castle.
  i. Sir William Seton of Seton, 1st Lord Seton - Lords Seton Line
  m. Catherine St. Clair, dau of Sir William St. Clair (Sinclair) of Herdmanston
  ii. Henry de Wyntoun of Wrychhouses, continued the Winton name and line.
    m ?
  iii. Christiana de Seton
    m. George, 10th Earl of Dunbar, 3rd Earl of March.
  D. Sir John de Seton, (d 1327), 1st Baron of Parbroath.  His father bestowed on him the Heiress of Parbroath, which gift of an heiress was provided by King David II of the House of Bruce.
    m. Elizabeth Ramsay, Heiress of Parbroath
  i. Alexander Seton, 2nd of Parbroath
  m. Mary Vipont (de Veteriponte - or Vieux-Pont) of Langton, Berwickshire.
  a. Sir Gilbert Seton, 3rd of Parbroath
    m. Marion Pitcairn
  (3) John Seton, 1st of Lathrisk and Balbirnie, Sheriff of Fife. Acquired the Lands of Wester Lathrisk in Charter from his father-in-law on 27 November 1483.
    m. Jonet Lathrisk, Heiress of Alexander Lathrisk of Fairliesland
  (A) John Seton, 2nd of Lathrisk (b.14??, d. before September, 1557).  In his Minority, he had a Charter of the Lands of Lathrisk, Cuthland, Denork and Orky upon his parents Resignation dated 11th April 1495.
  m. Janet Auchmuty (dau of Alexander Auchmouthie of Auchmouthie).
  (i) John Seton, 3rd of Lathrisk.  Had a Charter from his father for the Lands of Wester Lathrisk, Cuthland and Darroch and others, confirmed under the Great Seal on 7th May 1551. Had a Charter with his spouse under the Great Seal for the Lands of Wester Lathrisk.
  m.c. 21.03.1552 Alice Bonar (dau of William Bonar of Rossie)
  (a) George Seton, Younger of Lathrisk, (d.c.1575-77), pre-deceased his father.
  m. unknown.
  ((1)) John Seton, 4th of Lathrisk (b.?, d.1598/1603). He had a Charter from his father for the Lands of Lumquhat on 4th February 1558, and succeeded his grandfather.
  m. Margaret Ross, (dau of Thomas Ross 6th of Craigie).
  ((A)) Patrick Seton, 5th of Lathrisk (b.15??, d.14.10.1665), succeeded his great-grandfather. He and his wife were infeft in the Lands of Wester Lathrisk, Cuthland, Darroch, Easter Lathrisk ad others, on 5th April 1599.
  m (c23.05.1598). Barbara Arnot (dau of Robert Arnot of Newton Falkland)
  ((i)) John Seton 6th of Lathrisk. Mentioned in a Charter of King Charles I, 19.08.1642, as fiar of Lathrisk. On 18th June 1669 he had a charter of the lands of Wester and Easter Lathrisk, incorporated into a single barony in favour of himself and his 2nd wife, Agnes Beatoun.
  m1st. (m. 08.10.1646) at Edinburgh, Jean Stuart (Stewart)
  ((a)) Patrick Seton, 7th of Lathrisk. He succeeded his fathe and was also out in the '15 and was forfeited as a result. He is also noted in a Bond containing Tack from Patrick Seton of Lathrisk; 24 June 1717.  Report to the Treasury from the Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland, he invested in the Darien Expedition and is noted on the Perfect List of Subscribers.
  m. unknown
  (((1))) Robert Seton of Lathrisk.  Had a Bond to Charles Hamilton, Gentleman of Horse to His Grace, the Duke of Hamilton.
    m. Marion Pitcairn, youngest dau of umql Alexander Pitcairn of that ilk; Marriage Contract; 11 July 1727.
  (((A))) Robert Seton
  (((2))) Andrew Seton, Apprenticed in Edinburgh, to Henry Bethune, Goldsmith in Edinburgh on 06 November, 1706.
    m. unknown
  (((A))) issue Seton
  (((3))) Patrick Seton of Lathrisk, 3rd and surviving son of Patrick Seton of Lathrisk, Warrant dated July, 1738 - "Of the lands of Lathrisk, forfeited by Patrick Seton, attainted as above, to Patrick Seton, third and surviving son of said Patrick, all in further pursuance and rectification, &c., as above".  Merchant in Edinburgh and resident of Dalquhorn in Feb, 1739.
    m. unknown
  (((A))) John Seton, Baxter of Kennoway (sold interest in the estate of Lathrisk, circa 1720 and noted in the captured prisoners of 1745)
    m. unknown
  (((i))) issue unknown
  (((B))) Christopher Seton, Merchant of Methill, (noted in the captured prisoners of 1745), As the Lathrisk estates had been forfeited he became a merchant in Methil, Fife. He came out in
the '45, with his son Alexander, and was employed in collecting funds for the Prince.
    m. unknown
  (((i))) Alexander Seton. He was described as "paymaster general to the Rebells" and as "Collector "of Excise" under the Earl of Kellie. After Culloden
he hid in Atholl and ultimately got abroad.
    m. unknown
  (((a))) issue Seton  
  (((ii))) William Seton. A non-juring Minister of Forfar, he was imprisoned in Montrose on 19th May 1746 for "preaching "a rebellious sermon". He was released in August.
    m. unknown
  (((a))) issue Seton  
  (((C))) Andrew Seton, Chapman of Alyth, (noted in the captured prisoners of 1745)
    m. unknown
  (((i))) issue unknown
  (((D))) dau (s) Seton
  (((4))) Jean Seton
    m. unknown
  ((b)) John Seton. He joined the Royal Army at Dunfermline in 1715, and was nearly captured by a party of Argyle's force under Colonel Cathcart. He died about 1720.
  m. unknown
  m2nd. Agnes Bethune (Beaton), (06.12.1656) at Kilrennie, 2nd dau of John Bethune of Balfour and Katherine Halyburton of Pitcur.
  ((c)) James Seton, Minister of Creich.  He graduated from the University of St. Andrews with a Master of Arts on 24th July 1679, and was ordained Minister of Creich in 1685, but was deprived by Privy Council in 1690 for refusing to read the Proclamation of the Estates.
  m. unknown
  ((d)) Ann Seton
  m. (c1667) Thomas Marjoriebanks of that Ilk (as his 2nd wife, he married 1st Margaret, dau of John Sandilands, 4th Lord Torphichen). d.1704.
  ((ii)) Alexander Seton (Seaton) ' younger of Lathrisk', Admiral and Governor of Stralsund in Sweden. Raised a soldier in Holland, he assisted in the Funeral of Chancellor Alexander Seton, 1st Earl of Dunfermline in 1622, before he joined the Scottish contingent sent to German wars in the Thirty Years War, and entered the service of Christian IV of Denmark, and advanced to the rank of a Captain of infantry on the 8th April 1626.  Later, upon request by the Danish king to the Scottish Privy Council, they allowed Seaton to levy 500 Scottish soldiers on the 30th June, and after service there as Colonel, on the 28th of February 1627, he was advanced to the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel.

After a period of leave and involvement in the Ulster Plantatin, in 1645 he had returned and had been advanced to the rank of a Colonel in the Norwegian army and navy. Later that year he took over eight ships of the Danish navy to fight Sweden, and there was promoted to the rank of Admiral: the last appointment of a British-Scot in Christian IV's service.  With these ships, he took part in the "Norwegian response", attacking Gothenburg (Göteborg) from the sea.  His assault took place in August, just before the Treaty of Brömsebro ended the Danish-Swedish war in favour of Sweden, on 13/23 August 1645.  The last record of him is on 19 April 1649, in the Norwegian army, where he was supposedly killed.

He is said to have married the daughter of a Swedish naval officer who blew up his ship in an action at Danzig to escape capture.

  m. unknown
  ((a)) David Seton
  ((b)) Other issue Seton
  ((iii)) Henry Seton
  m. unknown
  ((a)) issue unknown
  ((iv)) James Seton
  m. unknown
  ((a)) issue unknown
  ((v)) Anna Seton
  ((vi)) Isobel Seton
  ((vii)) Katherine Seton, Lady Myres.  After the death of her second husband Gen. John Leslie, she resided in her later years at Pitmedden (c.1663).
  m1st (1629), Andrew Montcrieff of Readie (Reidie)
  m2nd (1645) General John Leslie of Myres
  ((viii)) Margaret Seton
  ((ix)) Barbara Seton
  m.05.05.1648 Francis Hay of Strowie, at Kettle
  ((B)) Elizabeth Seton
  m. William Ballingall, son and Heir of Thomas Ballingall of Riggs, with whom they had a Charter of Joint Infeftment in the lands of Riggs on 28th April, 1603.
  ((2)) Andrew Seton, younger of Lathrisk.  Noted in a Charter dated at Orkye 4th January, 1576 from his brother John Seytoun of Wester Lauthrisk, of the lands of Easter Lathrisk.
  m. unknown
  ((A)) issue Seton
  m. unknown
  (b) James Seton, younger of Lathrisk, and later of Ramelrie (b.c.1536, d.1590) - noted in Testament Records of Edinburgh, Oct. 22nd, 1580).
  m. Isobel Balfour, Lady Carrelstoun (widow of John Seton of Cariston)
  ((1)) George Seton of Ramelrie, or also as "of Rameldrie" (Charter to his brother John Seton, and his uncle Patrick Seton, of the vicarage of Strathmiglo, dated 1590)
  ((2)) John Seton of Strathmiglo (Charter dated 1590), heir of his uncle, Captain Patrick Seton.
  m. unknown
  ((A)) Alexander Seton "in Strameglo", listed in a Retour and Inquest of Cupar, dated Sept. 6, 1592, along with his uncles William and John.
  ((i)) issue Seton
  ((B)) Christopher Seton "in Strameglo"
  ((i)) issue Seton
  ((3)) Isabella Seton (b.c.1566, d?).
  m. Robert Maxwell of Calderwood.  They settled in Kilbride, County Armagh, Ireland.
  ((4)) Jane Seton (b.c.1580, d16??).
  m. Robert Echlin of Pitaddro (b.1576, d.1635).  He was later, in 1601, Minister of Inverkeithing in Fife, and in 1613 became Bishop of Down and Connor in Ireland.  They settled in Ardquin, County Down, Ireland.
  (c) William Seton of Leith (listed in a Retour and Inquest of Cupar, dated Sept. 6, 1592)
  m. unknown
  ((1)) Seton's of Leith
  (d) John Seton of Auchmutie (Auchmuty or Auchtermuchie), heir to his brother in 1590, listed in a Retour and Inquest of Cupar, dated Sept. 6, 1592
  m. unknown
  ((1))  issue
  (e) Captain Patrick Seton, served in the Gens d'Armes Eccossais en France (Scots Guards) and Usan of the King of France's Guards (dsp.16.02.1600).  He was the youngest male of five males in his family, and served in the Scots Guards in France.  He never married, though died wealthy, which is noted in his will.  He died in the Elgin residence of Chancellor Alexander Seton, Lord Fyvie and 1st Earl of Dunfermline.
  (f) dau Seton.
  (ii) Patrick Seton, along with his brothers George and Andrew were substitute heris to their elder brother John Seton in the Lands of Lumquhat on 3 November, 1549.
  (iii) George Seton, a witness with his father to a Charter by Mr. John Spens of Condie for the Lands of Barclay-Struie to Mr. William Seton, his brother, on 2 October 1556, and from whom his nephew and namesake George Seton was retoured heir in the churchlands of Strathmiglo, on 28th April, 1590.
  (iv) Andrew Seton, witness to a Charter by George Seton, Lord Seton to Mark Ker, Commendatore of Newbattle on 13th May 1567, and had a Charter from John Seton of Lathrisk, his brother, for the lands of Langflett on 4th January, 1576.
  (v) Christopher Seton, a Priest and Vicar of Strathmiglo. Charter from his brother as brother-german of John Seton of Lathrisk, granted a Charter of the Lands of Randerston to Alexander Myrton and Christian Seton his spouse on 9th August 1557.  He obtained the churchlands of Strathmiglo by 18th May 1572, which he disponed or fell to his brothers Mr. George Seton and Mr. David Seton.
  m. n/a
  (a) natural son - Alexander Seton, had letters of Legitimation under the Great Seal on 15 January 1556.  With his father, he had a Charter from Alison Charteris, relict of Thomas Fotheringham of Powrie for the lands or Tarsappy on 16th May 1555, and is named with his father in letters of regression granted to Sir William Scott of Balwearie for the lands of Petlour and Wester Achnarie dated 18th May, 1572.
  m. unknown
  ((1)) issue
  (vi) David Seton, appointed Vicar of Strathmiglo, and dsp prior to 30 May, 1590.
  (vii) William Seton, had a Charter by Mr. John Spens of Condie for the Lands of Barclay-Struie with his brother Mr. George Seton, on 2 October 1556.
  m. unknown
  (a) George Seton 'of Strathmiglo', had a Charter of Confirmation under the Great Seal for the churchlands of Strathmiglo which had previously pertained to his deceased uncles Mr. David Seton and Mr. George Seton and in which he is styled as son of the deceased William Seton.  He afterwards disponed these lands to his cousin, Captain Patrick Seton in 1590.
  m. unknown
  ((1)) issue
  (viii) Alexander Seton, styled as 'brother of the Laird of Lathrisk', when witness to a Charter by Alexander Seton, Prior of Pluscarden (later 1st Earl of Dunfermline), in favour of James Geddie in Urquhart on 28th October 1582.
  m. unknown
  (a) David Seton, infeft in an annualrent of 10 Merks from the lands of Woddersbie by James Sandilands younger of Saint Monans, on 16th June 1576, and is styled as son of Alexander Seton, "brother of John Seton of Lathrisk".
  m. unknown
  ((1)) issue
  (ix) Elizabeth Seton.
  m. James Spens of Lathallan (d.1595)
  (x) Janet Seton, to whom her father granted the Lands of Kilmarone on 12 October 1552.
  m. Bernard Oliphant (of the family Aberdalgie).
  (xi) Margaret Seton.
  m. Robert Hunter of Newton Rires.
  (xii) Christian Seton.
  m. Alexander Myrton of Randerston
  (B) John Seton, 1st of Balbirny, styled as son of John Seton of Lathrisk as witness to Charter of Matthew Quite of Kilmarone on April 25th 1513, and as brother of John Seton of Lathrisk in 1521.
  m. Margaret Balbirny (heiress of John Balbirny of that Ilk).
  (i) Alexander Seton of Balbirny, retoured heir to his mother in the middle-part of the Lands of Balbirny on July 26 1559, which he disponed June 6th 1565.
  m. unknown
  (a) dau. Seton
  m. John Orrock in Burntisland (styled as son-in-law to Alexander Seaton of Balbirny, 6th June 1565.
  (C) David Seton, of Balbirny, witness to Charter of Matthew Quite of Kilmarone of the Lands of Kilmarone in favour of Mr. Alexander Seton, Vicar of Bothelny 25th April 1513.
  m. unknown
  (i) issue
  m. unknown
  (a) unknown
  (4) Gilbert Seton, a Master Clerk, Priest and a scholar who died in Rome.
  (5) David Seton, a Priest, the noted Rector of Fettercairn and Balhelny who studied at the University of Paris.  He was a Doctor of Civil and Canon Law and was highly esteemed by King James III, and likewise served King James IV.
  (3) dau Seton
    m. John Strachan of Claypotts, brother to the Vicar of Strathmiglo (c 1498).
  E Christopher de Seton (illeg. dsp 1333)
  ((1)) Sir Alexander (or John) de Seton (dsp c1346)
m. (1346) Margaret de Ruthven (dau of William de Ruthven of that ilk).