The Seton's of Pitmedden Descent (includes the 2nd family of Mounie)

James Seton of Bourtie, portioner of Barra Castle (1598), and 1st of Pitmedden (b.?, d. 1628).
m. Margaret Rolland (dau of William Rolland, Master of the Mint to King James V)
1. Alexander Seton, 2nd of Pitmedden, he had a charter disponed to him of the estate of Barra by William Seton, last of Meldrum in 1630.
  m. Beatrix Ogilvy (dau of Sir Walter Ogilvy of Banff, 3rd of Dunlugus)
  A. John Seton, 3rd of Pitmedden (d. 1639), he was known as "Bonnie John Seton".  He died at the Bridge of Dee, carrying the Royal Standard in his hands, and was buried with military honours by the Earl of Montrose.
  m. (1633) Elizabeth Johnstone (dau of Sir Samuel Johnstone, 1st Bart of Elphinstone), she married 2nd the Earl of Hartfell.
  i. James Seton, 4th of Pitmedden (d 1667, sp.), he was raised by George, 3rd Earl of Winton and attended Marischal College.  He sold the estate of Bourtie to Advocate James Reid of Aberdeen in 1657.  After some travel in Europe, he served and died in the Navy under the Duke of York, of wounds received in the attack on Chatham in the Second Dutch War.
  ii. Sir Alexander Seton, 5th Baron, 1st Bartonet of Pitmedden, Lord Pitmedden (d 1719), he was raised by George, 3rd Earl of Winton and attended Marischal College.  He served in several Parliaments and was knighted in 1664.  He was an Advocate and Judge in 1677, and retired from office preferring to decline honours from King William. Noted for his famed Great Garden of Pitmedden.
  m. (1673) Margaret Lauder (d 19.10.1733, dau of William Lauder)
  a. Sir William Seton, 2nd Bart of Pitmedden (bpt 06.03.1673, d 1744), a Member of the Scottish Parliament between 1702 and 1706, and he was appointed a Commissioner by Queen Anne to treat the Union between England and Scotland.
  m. (1702) Catherine Burnet (dau of Sir Thomas Burnet, 3rd Bart of Leys)
  (1) Captain Sir Alexander Seton, 3rd Bart of Pitmedden (b. 1703, d. 21.07.1750), he was an Officer in the Guards and died unmarried.
  (2) Sir William Seton, 4th Bart of Pitmedden (d. 11.10.1774), succeeded his brother, but died unmarried sp.
  (3) Thomas Seton, MD (dsp).
  m. Alice Paterson (dau of Sir John Paterson of Eccles, Bart)
  (4) Sir Archibald Seton, 5th Bart of Pitmedden (d. 26.05.1775), he served in the Royal Navy and succeeded his brother, but died sp.
  (5) Charles Seton
  (A) Sir William Seton, 6th Bart of Pitmedden (d 16.02.1819), succeeded his uncle.
  m. (23.11.1775) Margaret Ligertwood (dau of James Ligertwood of Tillery)
  (i) Charles Seton (died young).
  (ii) Major James Seton (dvp 1814), he served in the 92nd Highlanders and died in the Peninsular War.
  m. Frances Coote (dau of Captain George Coote)
  (a) Sir William-Coote Seton, 7th Bart of Pitmedden (b.19.12.1808, d.30.12.1880).  He entered the University of Edinburgh in 1831, and later became an Advocate.
  m. (1834) Eliza Henrietta Lumsden (dau of Henry Lumsden of Cushnie)
  ((1)) Captain Sir James-Lumsden Seton, 8th Baronet (b.01.09.1835, d.26.09.1884), he served in the 102nd Foot, and died, sp.
  m. Elizabeth Castle (dau of George Castle of Oxford).
  ((2)) Major Sir William-Samuel Seton, 9th Baronet (b.22.05.1837, d.05.03.1914), he served in the Bombay Staff Corps and in the 4th Rifles in Kandahar.
  m. Eva Kate St. Leger Wood (dau of Lieutenant-General Henry Hastings-Affleck Wood, C.B.), (1876).
  ((A)) Sir John Hastings Seton, 10th Bart of Pitmedden (b.20.09.1888, d.21.06.1956).
  m. Alice Ida Hodge (1923).
  ((i)) Sir Robert James Seton, 11th Bart of Pitmedden (b.20.04.1926, d.29.10.1993), dspmv.  Succeeded by his cousin James Christall Seton (below).
  m. unknown.
  ((ii)) Alice Eva Elizabeth Seton (b.1924).
  m. John Herbert Warner (1954)
  ((B)) Eva Sophia Seton
  m. George Porrel Hornsen
  ((C)) Mary Christian Seton
  m. Mr. Tawse.
  ((D)) Hilda Magdalene Seton
  m. Mr. P. Williams.
  ((E)) Ethel Susanna Seton
  m. Peter Hunter (1916).
  ((G)) Florence Kate Agnes Seton
  ((3)) Rev. Henry Seton (1839, d.1867), he took Holy Orders and died sp.
  ((4)) Matthew Seton, Barrister at Law (b.1844, d.25.06.1887).
  m. Theresa Prudence Rose Bonnet (dau of Pierre Bonnet) (1877).
  ((A)) Robert Coote Seton (b.1881, d.1952), unmarried, dsp.
  ((B)) Rose Henrietta Lumsden Seton
  ((C)) Violet Therese Seton
  ((D)) Lily Mackenzie Seton (d.1966)
  ((5)) Captain Charles Seton (b.24.10.1847, d.1926), 9th Norfolk Regiment, served in the Jowaki Afridi Campaign and Afghan War.
  m. Elizabeth O'Neil (1882)
  ((A)) Christall Dougall Seton (b.24.09.1883, d.1969)
  m. Sara Johnson Moore (1909).
  ((i)) Sir James Christall Seton, 12th Baronet of Pitmedden (b.21.01.1913, d.04.04.1998), of Vero Beach, Florida, U.S.A.  Corporal in the U.S. Army. Succeeded his cousin Robert James Seton (above).
  m. Evelyn Hafer (1939) Lebanon, Ohio, U.S.A.
  ((a)) dau. Seton
  m. unknown.
  ((ii)) Sergeant Charles Wallace Seton (b.1915, d.1975).  U.S. Army, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and Silver Star, Korea.
  m. Joyce Perdunn (1943)
  ((a)) Sir Charles Wallace Seton, 13th Baronet of Pitmedden (b.25.08.1948), of Fort Pierce, Florida, U.S.A.  Succeeded his uncle.
  m. Rebecca Lowery, dau of Robert Lowery (m.1974, d.1994).
  (((1))) Jennifer Seton (b.1985)
  ((b)) Bruce Anthony Seton (29.04.1957), Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.
  m. Paula Harper.
  (((1))) Dylan Harper Seton (b.1998), Heir Presumptive (2009)
  (((2))) Olivia Seton (1994)
  ((c)) Judith Allen Seton
  ((d)) Marsha Ann Seton
  m. Mr. Glen Duffy
  ((e)) Terri Michele Seton
  m. Mr. William Dick
  ((iii)) Robert Benjamin Seton (b.1917, d.1993).
  m. Martha Mae Minich (1940)
  ((a)) Karen Louise Seton.
  m. Mr. Michael Conrad.
  ((b)) Dorothy Jean Seton.
  ((iv)) Dorothy Kathryn Seton (b.1910).
  m. 1st George B. Leonard (1937).
  m. 2nd Kenneth M. James (1947).
  ((B)) Dorothy Beatrix Seton (b.1885, d.1920).  She was a member of the U.S. Nursing Service in WWI and died from the effects of that service in France.
  ((6)) Eliza Seton (d.1903).
  m. David Dyce Brown, Esq. M.D. (1873).
  ((4)) Magdalen Frances Seton (1918).
  m. Arthur Talbot Bevan, Esq. (1870).
  ((4)) Frances Seton d.1925).
  (b) William Seton, he was an Officer in the military service of the Honorable East India Company, where he died unmarried.
  (c)  Seton, dsp
  (d)  Seton, dsp
  (iii) William Seton, died in India or on voyage, sp.
  (iv) Jane Seton
  m. (1805) Alexander Leslie of Birkwood and Glasgow, (he m2. Joanna Hogarth of Woodhill in 1840)
  (v) Anne Maria Seton
  (B) George Seton, Esq.
  m. Marian Kennedy (heiress of James Kennedy of Gardenrose, of the Culzean family).
  (i) Margaret Seton
  m. William Gourlay of Kincraig
  (6) Margaret Seton
  m. Sir John Paterson, Bart
  (7) Katherine Seton
  m. Rev. Forbes
  (8)+ other issue - Rachel, Mary
  b. George Seton, 1st of Mounie (b. 1672, d. 1762), he was an Advocate and inherited a considerable provision from his mother, whereby he re-purchased the old family Castle of Mounie.  He was active in the Rebellion of 1745, and also placed a claim to the forfeited estate of the Earl of Winton, which was unsuccessful.
  m1. Anne Gibson (dau (sister?) of Sir Alexander Gibson, Bart of Pentland)
  (1) 1st son Seton, died unmarried.
  (2) 2nd son Seton, died unmarried.
  (3) Helen Seton
  m. (1730) Alexander Leslie, 7th of Warthill (d 1764)
  m2. Anne Leslie (dau of John Leslie of Tochar)
  (4) William Seton, 2nd of Mounie (d unm, sp).
  (5) Margaret Seton, Heiress of Mounie (b. 30.05.1749, d.26.11.1788).
  m. (10.07.1768) Dr. James Anderson of Cobenshaw, LLD, by terms of succession he assumed the surname of Seton and later became James Anderson Seton, 3rd of Mounie.  He was a noted Agriculturist and Inventor, and corresponded actively with U.S. President George Washington.
  (A) Alexander "Anderson" Seton, 4th of Mounie (b. 1769, d. 16.04.1850).  He was a Justice of the Peace and a Deputy-Lieutenant in Aberdeenshire, and Leamington, England, and Treasurer of the Royal Horticulture Society.
  m. (1810) Janet Skene Ogilvy (dau of Dr. Skene Ogilvy).
  (i) James Seton (d.1813, sp)
  (ii) Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Seton, Esq., 5th of Mounie (d.1852), he served with the 74th Highlanders, was Deputy Quartermaster to the Forces in Ireland before his promotion to Lieutenant-Colonel of the 74th; and was the famed commander aboard the troopship, "Birkenhead", which sank in 1852 near the Cape of Good Hope.  His cousin, the explorer Alexander Caulfield Anderson, named the Lake and Valley in British Columbia, Canada, after him, "Seton Lake" and the "Seton Valley".
  (iii) David Seton, 6th of Mounie (b.1817, d. 14.03.1894), an Officer in the 93rd Highlanders and 49th Regiment.  He was an accomplished linguist, writer and antiquarian and traveled extensively.  Succeeded his brother to the estates of Mounie.
  (iv) Major George Seton, of the 93rd Highlanders and the Royal Canadian Rifles, British Army.
  m. (1853) Anne-Lucy Wake (dau of Baldwin Wake, Esq.).
  (a) Colonel Alexander David Seton, 7th of Mounie (b. 25.10.1854, d.?).  He served in the British Artillery and succeeded his uncle in the Mounie Estate.
  m. (12.02.1879) Emily Isabel Turner (dau of Alfred Turner of Daysbrook, Lancaster, England).
  ((1)) Captain Henry Winton Seton (b.?, d?), he served in the 9th Gurkhas.
  m. (27.07.1915) Sybil Helen Abercrombie (b.16.01.1890, d?) (dau of Douglas Charles Abercrombie).
  ((A)) Margaret Helen Seton (b. 30.05.1916, d?).
  m. (15.08.1940) Colonel Rolland Padraig Stewart Erskine-Tulloch
  ((i)) Elspeth Jane Seton (b. 07.02.1948)
  ((ii)) Charlotte Lucy Seton (b. 27.05.1958)
  ((2)) son Seton
  ((A)) Alexander Seton
  ((i)) son Seton
  ((a)) James Seton
  ((3)) dau Seton
  ((4)) dau Seton
  (b) William George Seton
  m. unknown
  ((1)) issue
  (v) William Skene Seton (d. 23.07.1829, sp)
  (vi) Anne Seton (b. and d.1812)
  (vii) Isabella Seton (d.01.06.1845), a noted writer and painter.
  (viii) Jesse-Jane Seton (b. 1817, d.19.02.1831), she died at Pisa, Italy, sp.
  (ix) dau Seton
  (B) Captain William Anderson (b.1771, d.1806), commanded East India Company shipping in Calcutta, the Dutch East Indies, China and Australia, died at Malacca, sp.
  (C) John Anderson (b.1775, d. 1807), Engraver in London, apprenticed under Thomas Berwick, sailed to Australia and jumped ship in Brazil, before travelling to Africa where he died, sp.
  (D) James Anderson of Bridgend, Brechin, Grain Merchant,
  m. unknown
  (i) 14 children
  (E) Robert Anderson "Seton" (b.1781, d.1840), Officer in New South Wales Regiment, Australia (1800-1805), travelled to India, and later Merchant in London. Settled in Upper Canada.
  m. unknown
  (i) had issue - Anderson's in Canada - The Hudson's Bay Company and in Quebec.
  (F) Captain Henry Anderson (b.1784, d.1810), Captain in the East India Company, died at Kinshinagar, Bangladesh, sp.
  (G) Margaret Anderson Seton (b.1778, d. 1863)
  m. Benjamin Outram of Alfrton and Butterley Hall, Civil Engineer
  (i) had issue - including General Sir James Outram, of Bayard, India.
  (H) dau Seton
  (6) Isabella Seton
  m. Rev. Skene Ogilvy, D.D. Aberdeen
  (A) Janet Skene Ogilvy, who married her cousin (above), Alexander "Anderson" Seton
  (B) had further issue
  (7) 3 other daughters
  c. Alexander Seton (physician serving with the armies of the Duke of Marlborough).
  d. James Seton, merchant in Danzig (dsp).
  e. Thomas Seton (MD)
  f. Elizabeth Seton
  m. (01.06.1693) Sir Alexander Wedderburn, Bart of Blackness (b 07.04.1672)
  g. Margaret Seton
  m. (1696) Sir John Lauder, Bart of Fountainhall
  h. Anne Seton (b.1676, d. 1764)
  m. (1707) William Dick of Grange
  i. Jean Seton (d.1768)
  j. Isabel Seton
  B. Alexander Seton (b.1600, d.c.17.04.1660). 2nd son of Alexander Seton, 2nd of Pitmedden, Minister of the Parish of Banff. He was educated at King s College ; M.A. (1615) ; schoolmaster of Cullen, 1617-18; adm. before 17th July 1620. He is recorded in the "Fasti ecclesiæ scoticanæ; the succession of ministers in the Church of Scotland from the reformation", and the [Antiq. Aberdeen and Banff, ii., 110; Banff Sas., i., 106 ; Reg. of Deeds, Mack., 15th Nov. 1661 ; Cramond s Annals of Banff, i. 25, ii. 23-36, 285.]
  m. Isobel Chalmer
  i. Alexander Seton, Minister of the Parish of Banff (b.1624, d.06.1679), Eldest son and heir of his father, he was educated at King s College, Aberdeen ; M.A. (1643); adm. to Cullen 1st Dec. 1647; trans, to Mortlach 7th May 1650 ; trans, and adm. 15th May 1661 ; elected to Aberdeen, but translation refused by the Bishop and Synod 30th Oct. 1665 ; was called to Tranent, but remained here at request of parishioners, though he had preached his farewell sermon 12th March 1676 ; died June 1679. (The date on his tombstone, 4th Oct., is apparently an error, for the Presbytery Register of 2nd July 1679 contains this entry : " Mr A. S., min. of Banff, has departed this lyfe.) His character has been thus quaintly described : " Loe heir in trust lyes ye pretious dust of
Soul-saving Seton, Preacher in this Town, Ye Key of Knowledge And glory of ye Gown." His details are also recorded as: Tombst.; Brodie s Diary; Ban/ Sas., ii., 141 ; Cramond s Annals of Banff, ii., 37-52, 286, 320; Records of Banff, ii., 496; The Devil s Mistress, by Seton s great-great-grandson, J. W. Brodie Innes, advocate.]
  m. 1st. Isobel Joass daughter of Thomas Joass of Colleonard,
  dau. Janet Seton
  m. 2nd. Margaret Joass eldest daughter of Thomas Joass of Colleonard,
  a. Alexander Seton, (b.1664, d.1671)
  b. James Seton, (b.1667, d.17??)
  c. John Seton, (b.1669, d.17??), Goldsmith and Merchant in Edinburgh.
  m. unknown
  (1) Thomas Seaton, died and was buried on the Ilse of Man in 1743.
  m. unknown
  (2+) other issue Seton/Seaton
  m. unknown
  d. Alexander Seton, (b.1671, d.c.1678-9)
  e. Thomas Seton, (b.1673, d.1744)
  f. Alexander Seton, (b.1679, d.17??). He was born post-humously after his father's death in 1679.
  g. Janet Seton, (b.1673, d.17??)
  h. Margaret Seton, (b.1675, d.17??)
  m. Alexander Watt, Schoolmaster of Banff
  ii. William Seton, Minister of the Parish of Lumphanan (b.1626, d.16??). He was educated at Kings College, Aberdeen ; M.A. (1644) ; adm. to Lumphanan before 21st Oct. 1651 trans, and adm. before 16th May 1665 ;
still mentioned as min. 20th April 1680. He marr. and had issue a son Alexander.
  m. unknown
  a. Alexander Seton
  m. unknown
  iii. Thomas Seton, (b.1627, d.16??)
  m. unknown
  iv. Patrick Seton, (b.c.1629, d.17??), Minister of Auchterless. M.A.; inst. before 31st Oct. 1676 ; trans, to Auchterless. M.A. (King s  College, Aberdeen, 19th July 1665) ; schoolmaster at St Andrews ; passed trials before the Presb. there and was certified, 13th .Sept. 1671, for licence: adm. to D.vee before ,31st Oct. 1676; trans, and adm. in 1682 ; dep. 21st Aug. 1694 for drunkenness, etc., and went to Ireland. Also noted as Rev'd P. Seaton, who was  Presbyterian Minister at Dyce, Belhelvie, in Aberdeenshire until he was forcibly deposed.  He went to Ireland and settled at Belfast.
  m. (10.1676) Catherine, daughter of James Wood, sometime of Grange.
  a. Rev'd Charles Seaton.  He was born at Dyce in Aberdeenshire and later undertook his license at Belfast, before becoming the Presbyterian Minister for the community at Anahilt, (also called Lisburn), Hillsborough, County Down, Ireland, on Dec. 9, 1708.  He died in this charge on 27th August 1737 and is buried at Anahilt Cemetery in Down.
  b. other issue, Seaton, in Ireland.
  v. John Seton, "of Cuttlecraigs", (b.1633, d.16??), called "of the Family of Meldrum"
  m. unknown
  a. Rev'd Alexander Seaton (b. 1652. d.06.04.1707). He was born at Cuttlecraigs, on the Lumphart Estate in Daviot Parish, near Lethenty in Aberdeenshire.  He studied at the King's College at the University of Aberdeen as an Episcopalian Minister. M.A. (1670) ; was the appearing mm. at Insch 6th Aug. 1682; pres. by James, Bishop of Dunblane, 16th Nov. that year ; coll. 5th, and inst. 14th April 1683; died 6th April 1707, aged about 57, and noted in the Aberdeenshire Poll- Book, i., 431 ; G. R. Horninys, 27th March 1689. He recieved his M.A. in 1670, journeyed to Dublin, Ireland in 1680 as a Quaker teacher, presented Inc at Insch 6 Aug 1682 but not appointed; he was Inc at Leochel 14 april, 1683 until 1707, became a celebrated Quaker Minister in Hillsborough, Co. Down, Ireland.
  m.1st Margaret (?)
  (1) Captain Thomas Seaton, (b. 09. 1677. d. 18.08.1741) (also spelt Seton) born in Banff Parish, Aberdeenshire, he later settled in Co. Down, Ireland.
  m. unknown
  (A) issue sons - Seaton's in Ireland (descent to follow at a later date)
  (A) issue dau's - Seaton's in Ireland
  m 2nd. Janet Simpson, only daughter and heiress of William Simpson (also as 'Seimson'), gardener in Erskine, an Instrument of Sasine dated 3 March 1705.  Noted in the book: Scots-Irish Links 1575-1725m Part Five, by David Dobson.
  (2) John Seaton, involved in the "Rising" of 1715, he fled to Ireland, there learned the tailor trade in Newry, County Down, Ireland,  Emigrated from Ireland circa 1729, to Boxford, Massachussett's before settling at Amherst, New Hampshire, U.S.A. He brought with him, a copy of the family's coat of Arms borne in Co. Tyrone, Ireland and which was brought to America and passed throughout the family.
  m. Jane Edwards of Scotland.
  (A) Captain James Seaton, b.(1718)-1723, Ireland; d. 1779.  He first settled at St. Paul's Parish, Stafford Co. Virginia and later died on January 6, 1779 in Carmichaels, Greene Co. Pennsylvania. It has been written erroneously  that he was born in 1718, and where no records bear evidence and where his Will dates his birth as 1723. He located for a time near Andover, Massachusetts. The records of the city state: "Married, May 5, 1748, James Seatown to Elizabeth Robinson, by Rev. Barnard."  His family record was preserved in the family Bible, and published in, "The Tenmile Country and Its Pioneer Families, By Howard L. Leckey, Leckey".  The Gregg family Bible also states that James Seaton was twice married, and had two sons from his first marriage, and then eight sons (actually 9) and four daughters from his second.  It also appears that he married Mary Ann Kenner as his first wife, and then her sister Betty as his second. However, as public postings of various James Seaton's appear to have been inter-twined, the record of his decendants below can only be used as a comparative and not as an absolute Descent at the present time.
  ?? - m1st. (May 05, 1748.) Elizabeth Robinson, daughter of Joseph Robinson and Elizabeth Stevens. She was the youngest of a large family whose births were recorded in Andover up to 1723, and she was baptized in the North Church, in 1727.
  ?? - m1st. Mary Ann Kenner, daughter of Howson Francis Kenner and Margaret Eskridge (dau of George and Hannah {Ashton} Eskridge).
  (i) George Seaton. He settled into Kentucky and was a Revolutionary soldier.
  m. unknown
  (ii) John Seaton. He settled into Kentucky with his brothers.
  m. unknown
  ?? - m2nd. Elizabeth (Betty) Kenner, daughter of Howson Francis Kenner and Margaret Eskridge (dau of George and Hannah {Ashton} Eskridge).
  (iii) James Seaton. He was born July 19, 1751 in Stafford,VA, and died March 2, 1830 in Carmichaels, Greene, PA.  He served as Clerk in Captain William Crawford's Company, Washington County, Pennsylvania, Millitia.
  m. Mary Clark
  (a) Sgt. George Clark Seaton, born June 2, 1783, died September 13, 1849.
  m1st. Isabella McClelland (d.February 27, 1820)
  ((1)) James McClleland Seaton, he died at Newton, Jasper, Iowa.
  m. Sarah Roberts
  ((A)) John A Seaton, born 1840.
  m. Ms Bevan
  ((B)) James Bascom Seaton, b.1851.
  m. Ms Grier
  ((2)) John B. Seaton
  m. unknown
  m2nd. Esther Shotwell Smith
  ((3)) issue Seaton
  (b) James Seaton, born March 17, 1793, died April 18, 1876.
  m. Mary (surname unknown)
  ((1)) issue - Seaton
  m. unknown
  (c) Thomas Prather Seaton, born May 24, 1797.
  m. Elizabeth Braun/Brown (04.07.1827)
  ((1)) James Seaton, (20.08.1829, d.22.08.1904)
  m1st. Isabelle Ewart
  ((A)) issue - Seaton
  m. unknown
  m2nd. Sarah (or Sally) Sibert.  Her first husband was a Mr. George Washington Williams, and James Seaton was her second husband.
  ((A)) issue - Seaton
  m. unknown
  ((2)) Frankllin M. Seaton, (1832, d.1903), he died in Iowa.
  m. unknown
  ((3)) George Washington Seaton (03.05.1837, d.01.02.1893)
  m. Eliza J. Anders (c.1847)
  ((4)) Samuel E. Seaton, (b.12.06.1838, d.27.02.1919)
  m. Emmaline Ruse
  ((5)) Mary Charles Seaton
  m. Jonas Emery
  ((6)) Barbary Jane Seaton (b.05.11.1837, d.18.08.1851)
  ((7)) Elizabeth Ann Seaton (b.1844)
  ((8)) Mariah Seaton (b.1847)
  (d) Margaret Seaton, born May 14, 1790, died July 13, 1793.
  (e) Janet Seaton
  m. Mr. Hewitt
  (f) Elizabeth (Betty) Seaton
  m. Mr. Cunningham
  (iv) Kenner Seaton.  Born in Virginia, March 13, 1753, he was a soldier in the American War of Independence.  He later settled into Jefferson Co. Kentucky.
  m. Elizabeth Sliger at Andover, Massachussetts.
  (a) Hon. George Seaton, Judge-Magistrate and founder of 'Seatonville' in Kentucky. He was born near what became Seatonville, on April 3, 1781, and died July 6, 1835.
  m. unknown
  ((1)) son. Seaton
  m. unknown
  ((2)) Elizabeth H. Seaton
  m. Major Simpson Seaton Reynolds
  (b) James Kenner Seaton,
  m1st. Rachel Chenoweth (1772), dau of John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert (or Smith). She was born May 7, 1754 and died July 4, 1807 in Jefferson Co. KY.
  ((1)) George Seaton (b.23.04.1781)
  m. unknown
  ((2)) James Kenner Seaton (b.06.03.1783)
  m. unknown
  ((3)) Richard Seaton (b.10.01.1790)
  m. unknown
  ((3)) Rodham Bonham Seaton (b.1796, d.1872)
  m. unknown
  ((3)) James Davis Seaton (b.1804, d.1879)
  m. unknown
  ((4)) Elizabeth Rose Seaton (b.14.02.1773)
  ((5)) Mary Seaton (b.04.04.1775)
  ((6)) Margaret Elizabeth Seaton (b.23.05.1777)
  ((7)) Rebecca Patterson Seaton (b.30.06.1779)
  ((8)) Sarah Sally Seaton (b.27.10.1787)
  m2nd. Jane Mundell, July 30, 1808 in Shelby Co. Kentucky. She died in 1838 in Adams, Illinois.
  (c) Richard Seaton,
  m. unknown
  (d) Elizabeth Seaton,
  (e) Margaret Seaton,
  (f) Rebecca Seaton,
  (g) Sarah Seaton,
  (v) Richard Seaton. He served in Captain William Crawford's Militia Company.
  (vi) Rodham Seaton.  He was born c.1757, noted as a very pious man and belonged to a Baptist Church. He died suddenly in 1788, rupturing a blood vessel trying to move a fallen tree from a storm.
  m. Mary Curry, dau of Thomas Curry of Virginia.
  (a) Thomas Curry Seaton,
  m. unknown
  (b) Kenner Seaton
  m. unknown
  ((1)) Kenner (?) Seaton
  m. unknown
  ((2)) Doctor John S. Seaton
  m. unknown
  ((3)) Charles Allen Seaton, he was born January 8, 1836 and was a Magistrate and Deputy Marshal.
  m. Mary E. Kelley, dau of Captain Samuel Kelley of Jefferson Co., an officer in the War of 1812.
  ((4)) William Chesley Seaton, he was born October 22, 1847.
  m. unknown
  ((5)) Elizabeth Seaton
  m. Henry W. Mills
  ((6)) Sarah Seaton, born March 3, 1828.
  m. J. W. Jean, of Henry Co. Kentucky.
  ((7)) dau Seaton
  m. unknown
  (c) Sarah Seaton
  (d) Elizabeth (Betty) Kenner Seaton
  (vii) Howson Seaton (also called as Hanson and Harrison).  He died in Kentucky in 1803
  m. Sarah Kenner Pritchard
  (a) James Seaton,
  m. Nancy Wilhite
  ((1)) issue Seaton
  ((2)) issue Seaton
  ((3)) issue Seaton
  ((4)) issue Seaton
  ((5)) issue Seaton
  ((6)) issue Seaton
  ((7)) issue Seaton
  ((8)) issue Seaton
  ((9)) issue Seaton
  ((10)) issue Seaton
  (b) William Seaton,
  m1st. Rebecca Stewart
  ((1)) James Hervey Seaton, he died age 3.
  ((2)) Eleanor Scott Seaton
  m. Jefferson Durley
  ((3)) Sarah K.P. Seaton
  m. Mr. Burnham
  ((4)) Damarius Seaton
  m. Mr. Kay
  m2nd. Ellen Booth
  ((5)) James Hervey Seaton
  ((6)) William Thompson Seaton, he lived in Alaska, unmarried.
  (c) Hervey Seaton, He was a Chief of Police in Louisville, KY.
  m1st. Anna Cambell
  ((1)) issue Seaton
  m. unknown
  ((2)) issue Seaton
  m. unknown
  ((3)) issue Seaton
  m. unknown
  ((4)) issue Seaton
  m. unknown
  m2nd, unknown.
  (d) Pritchard Seaton, he died young
  (e) Sarah Seaton,
  m. William Zenor
  (f) Elizabeth (Betsy) Seaton,
  m. James Rose, who owned a Plantation in Virginia.
  (viii) Francis Seaton. He was born in Virginia, and died later in Knox County, Indiana in the autumn of 1820, near Vincennes.
  m. Rebecca Gregg (also as Gragg)
  (a) James C. Seaton, born October 26, 1780.
  m. Elizabeth Swan
  ((1)) Hiram Seaton, born October 1, 1801.
  m. (December 4, 1823) Sarah Vorhees
  ((2)) Francis Seaton, born May 6, 1803, died Sept 15, 1826.
  m. unknown
  ((3)) Marchant Seaton, born Sept 21, 1814, died October 22, 1831.
  m. unknown
  ((4)) James C. Seaton, Jnr., born August 3, 1819, died Sept. 9, 1851.
  m. unknown
  ((5)) John S. Seaton, born September 12, 1823.
  m. (Nov. 26, 1846) Emma Rawls
  ((6)) Susannah Seaton, born December 10, 18-05, died January 11, 1879.
  m. Daniel Collier
  ((7)) Sarah Seaton, born December 16, 1807, died October 23, 1858.
  m. William Crawford
  ((8)) Mary Seaton, born June 23, 1810.
  m. (June 2, 1831) William Inghram, she was his second wife.
  ((9)) Rebecca Seaton, born July 18, 1812.
  m. (May 1835) George Martin
  ((10)) Juliet Seaton, born March 31, 1817.
  m. (Nov 20, 1834) Robert L. Barry
  (ix) Samuel Seaton, he died in Pennsylvania.
  (x) William Seaton, born in Virginia in 1770, he later died in 1814 at Greene County, Pennsylvania.
  m. Sarah Myers
  (a) Myers Seaton, born March 2, 1804.
  m. Elizabeth C. Dill
  ((1)) George Myers Seaton, of Oakland, California. He was born August 5, 1830, at Carmichael, Greene county, Pennsylvania. He married Mary S. Anderson, at Keokuk, Iowa, September 16, 1861. They had no children. He retired as a merchant, and resided at Oakland for thirty years. dsp.
  m. Mary S. Anderson
  ((2)) James Alexander Seaton, of Richmond, Indiana
  m. unknown
  ((3)) Leroy Seaton, died young
  ((4)) Joseph Henry Seaton, of San Luis Obispo, California.  A physician at San Luis Obispo, California, having graduated from Louisville KY. Medical College, in 1857. He was born July 29, 1836, at Centerville,  Indiana. He lived at San Luis Obispo since 1877, to which city he moved from Keokuk, Iowa, where he had made his home for about twenty years, leaving there in August, 1875. He was Surgeon of the Twenty-first Missouri Infantry, Volunteers, for about three years, 1862-3-4, during the War of the Rebellion.
  m. Josephine Blount, on January 7, 1879, at Colusa, California.
  ((A)) Joseph Henry Seaton, Jnr., born July 23, 1883.
  m. unknown
  ((5)) Samuel Clark Seaton, of Burlington, Iowa
  m. unknown
  ((6)) William Dill Seaton, of Indianapolis, Indiana.  He was born October 28, 1845, at Centerville, Indiana. In 1872 he married Alice M. Howland, at Indianapolis, Indiana, who traced her family back to the Mayflower. They have four children : William H., bom in 1873; Helen, bom in 1876; Albert C, born in 1884; and Mary, born in 1890. William was in the hat business in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he resided for thirty-nine years, having formerly lived in Keokuk, Iowa, and in Colorado.
  m. Alice M. Howland
  ((A)) Wiliam H. Seaton, born 1873.
  m. unknown
  ((B)) Albert C. Seaton, born 1884.
  m. unknown
  ((C)) Helen Seaton, born 1876.
  ((D)) Mary Seaton, born 1890.
  ((7)) Mary Seaton, died young
  ((8)) Adeline Russell Seaton
  m. Rev. A. C. Stilson, of Los Angeles, California.
  (b) Samuel Clark Seaton, Born November 28, 1807.
  m. unknown
  (c) Rhoda Seaton, born February 15, 1793.
  m. William Watt
  (d) Maria Seaton, born February 1, 1795.
  m. Aaron Gregg
  (e) Sarah Seaton, born December 27, 1797.
  m. Nathan Crouch
  (f) Elizabeth (Betty) Seaton, born May 1, 1801.
  m. Joseph Gilbert
  (xi) Thomas Washington Seaton, he served in Captain Syme's Company in the Tenth Virginia Regiment in the American War, commanded by Colonel Edward Stevens.  He died, leaving an only son, Peter.
  m. Barby Zinks (she married secondly, Joseph Perisho)
  (a) Peter Seaton,
  m. unknown
  (xii) Elizabeth (called Betty) Seaton, b.July 13, 1754 in Andover, MA.
  m1st. Major James Carmichaels of the Militia under Colonel Henry Enochs in the Second Battalion, Washington County, Pennsylvania Militia.
  m. 2nd. Jay Thompson, Justice of the Peace
  (xiii) Rebecca Seaton
  m. Samuel Hyde, Administrator of the Carmichael Estate.
  (xiv) Margaret Seaton, died young.
  (xv) Sarah Seaton
  m. John Boreman, First Prothonotary, Register of Wills and Recorder of Deeds in Greene Co., VA.
  (B) John Seaton, 2nd, Deacon in the Congregational (or Presbyterian) Church. He was b.1724, Ireland; later of Boxford, Massachussetts; d. April 1793. He married his cousin, Isemenia Seaton (below), daughter of Andrew Seaton and Jane Blake. The intention of John Seatown of Boxford to marry Ismenia Seaton, his cousin, and daughter of Andrew Seaton of Andover, was published in the latter place in October, 1744, according to the records of the town. He moved to Souhegan West in the same year of the marriage, his father-in-law, Andrew, locating there at about the same time, and his brothers, Samuel and James, a short time afterward. Their names are all found on the tax lists of Amherst in 1760. He was a Deacon in the church at the time of his marriage, and continued to serve in that capacity there until 1783, when he resigned and moved to Washington, New Hampshire, where he died in 1793.  He owned the old Seaton homestead at Amherst, having purchased it from his father, and, in course of time, sold it to his son, John 3d, just prior to moving to Washington in the same State. His name appears on petitions dated May 13, 1767, and others in 1778 and 1783, and on the Committee of Safety in 1778, and from other records it is certain that he was prominent in church affairs in 1779.
  m. Isemenia Seaton
  (i) Andrew Seaton, b. August 22, 1748; d. January 10, 1749.
  (ii) John Seaton, 3rd (called John James), Deacon in the same Congregational (or Presbyterian) Church. He was b. April 08, 1756, Amherst, NH; d. October 03, 1836, Amherst, NH, age 80, at his residence.  He and his wife had 4 children.
  m. Rebecca Kendall, April 28, 1787, in Amherst, NH, (b. September 1763; d. August 1839, Greenup, Kentucky)
  (a) John Seaton,
  m. unknown
  ((1)) issue Seaton
  (b) Captain Nathan Kendall Seaton, b.October 24, 1794.  He was a Customs Officer in the Boston Custom House for 12 years under Jackson and Van Buren up to 1840. He died on March 11, 1859, in Greenupsburg, Kentucky.
  m. Nancy Richardson
  ((1)) issue Seaton
  (c) Samuel Seaton, b.July 3, 1796 at Amherst, NH and died March 29, 1860 at Greenup County, KY.  He studied Law and was admitted to the bar at Piketon, Pike Co. OH in 1818, and founded the 'Seaton Academy'.
  m. Hannah Eddy, dau of Nathaniel Eddye and Hannah Shepardson
  ((1)) John Seaton, Judge, born in 1823 at the "old Boone House", near Greenup, KY.
  ((2)) issue Seaton
  (d) Ambrose Seaton, Born September 27, 1804 at Amherst, New Hampshire, he died April 9, 1866 in Maysville, Kentucky, USA.
  m. Mary Rand Goss (or Grosse)
  ((1)) John Ambrose Seaton
  m. unknown
  ((2)) Nathan Kendall Seaton, b.01.01.1835, d.12.10.1835
  ((3)) Charles Stewart Seaton, b. 1849, d.1899.  He was born in Marysville, Kentucky and died at Cleveland, Ohio.
  m. Sarah Hollenback
  ((A)) Charles Ambrose Seaton, b.1875, d.19??
  m. unknown
  ((i)) issue Seaton
  ((B)) Elizabeth Seaton
  m. unknown
  ((C)) Carolline (Carrie) Seaton, b.1871, d.Jan.1942
  m. Frederick (Fredie) Hodges
  ((4)) Mary Elizabeth Seaton, b.1829, d.1909.  She died in Ronceverte, West Virginia, on July 27, 1909.
  ((5)) Helen Augusta Seaton, b.1837, d.1887.  She died on February 26, 1887 in Greenup, Kentucky.
  m. Alfred D. Debard
  ((6)) Anna Martha Seaton, b.1840, d.1848
  ((7)) Sarah Frances Seaton, b.1842, d.1848
  (iii) Andrew Seaton, was born November 04, 1762 in Amherst, MA, lived Hancock, NH, and died September 12, 1826 in Medina, OH, age 63.  He was a man of great business-industry, owning several Stage Coach lines.
  m. Mary Bowers (called Polly), daughter of Isaac Bowers and Elizabeth. She was born Bet. 1764 - 1765 in NH, and died October 11, 1851 in Diamond Lake, IL, age 86.
  (a) James Seaton, b. March 31, 1792, Nottingham West, NH; clerk in the Navy Yard, Charlestown, MA. He never married and died January 06, 1834, in Charlestown, MA, sp.
  (b) John Seaton, b. June 06, 1795, Hancock, NH; d. Abt. 1821, He went to sea in January, 1821 & was lost in his vessel. sp.
  (c) Andrew Seaton, b. December 13, 1796, Hancock, NH; d. September 11, 1800, age 3 yrs. 9 mos..
  (d) Andrew Seaton, b. August 18, 1800, Hancock, NH or Boston, MA; d. January 20, 1841, Franklin House at Cleveland, OH.  He married at age 40.
  m. Celinda Nabors (or Neighbor), OH; b. NJ; d. New Philadelphia, OH
  ((1)) issue Seaton
  (e) Tyler Seaton, b. October 26, 1802, Hancock, NH; left home before death of father; d. New Orleans--Lake Ponchatrain, LA, or Limestone Co., Texas..
  (f) Reed Page Seaton, b. July 25, 1805, prob. Worchester/Charleston, MA; d. July 13, 1877, Medina, OH;
  m. Frances Henrietta Abbott, m. November 27, 1833, Medina Co., OH
  (g) Isaac Bowers Seaton, b. March 14, 1809; d. August 21, 1866, (The History of Hanover says d. at home of his sister, Mary Greenleaf, in St. Louis. One source says he d. 8/21 Ft. Dodge, IA.)
  (h) Mary Seaton, b. August 14, 1790, Merrimack, NH; d. September 24, 1790, died in infancy.
  (i) Ismenia Seaton, b. September 10, 1793, Nottingham West, NH; d. August 1870, sister Mary E.'s home in MO, age abt. 77. no children
  m. James Moore, between December 1815 - January 1816
  (j) Mary E. Seaton, b. December 09, 1798, Hancock, NH; d. May 03, 1873, Lebanon, MO
  m1st. Jesse Hawley; d. Dunham, Quebec, Canada
  m2nd. Thomas Rowell Greenleaf, September 11, 1826, Medina, OH; marriage recorded ( V.A, p.43) Medina, by Rev. Woodruff "Mrs. Mary E. Hawley"
  (iv) James Seaton, b. Unknown; d. His father John lived with them 1783-1793 until his father died.  He himself dsp.
  m. Abigail Stevens, Washington, NH.
  (v) Elizabeth Seaton, b. November 08, 1744, prob. Amherst, NH; d. November 08, 1819;
  m1st. Richard Godman; d. Abt. 1776
  m2nd. Henry Hendley (or Hawley)
  (vi) Jane Seaton, b. October 06, 1746, She was adopted by Uncle Andrew Seaton & his 2nd wife Peggy Wood (below), d. October 06, 1746, in Amherst, New Hampshire.
  m. Samuel Stanley, May 03, 1774, Adoptive siblings. They had 7 children
  (vii) Mary Seaton, b. January 14, 1749/50, Amherst, New Hampshire.
  m. Peter Robinson, soldier of Revolution, they had 6 children.
  (viii) Margaret Seaton, b. April 22, 1752; d. unknown.
  m1st.Daniel Densmore (Dunsmore)
  m2nd. Timothy Hartsham (or Hartshorn), they had 1 daughter, Peggy Hartshorn
  (ix) Martha Seaton, b. February 27, 1754;
  m. Jesse Stevens, April 13, 1786, Had 4 children.
  (x) Ann Seaton, b. July 05, 1760, Amherst, MA, d. October 04, 1834, Antrim, NH, age 75. She married at age 40 and had no children.
  m. Captain and Deacon, the Hon. John Duncan. Their marriage was performed by Reed Paige
  (C) Samuel Seaton. They were published in Andover, Massachusetts, in November 1756, as both being of Andover.
  m. Ruth Smith
  (i) Sarah Seaton, their only child, b. September 23, 1761.
  m. Henry Kimball of Andover, Massachussetts, a Hatter by profession.
  (D) Mary Seaton, b. Scotland or Ireland; d. December 03, 1737.
  m. John Mann
  (E) Martha Seaton, d. (had 8 children).
  m. John Wasson
  (F) Elizabeth Seaton. The city records show that there was "Born, July 13, 1750, Elizabeth, daughter of James and Elizabeth Seatown."
  m. Ebenezer Ellinwood
  (G) Jane Seaton
  m. John Henderson
  (3) James Seaton, (b. c. 1686, d.17??), he was born in Edinburgh and was later settled into what was known as 'Dranity' in Co. Tyrone.  He became involved in the Linen manufacturing in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland before emigrating from Ireland to Amherst, New Hampshire, U.S.A. circa 1727.
  m. Martha (surname unknown), they had 12 children, all boys.
  (A) First Sergeant Alexander Seaton, like his brother's George and Thomas, he also fought in the Revolutionary War, under Layfayette's division. He settled with his brothers in Johnstown, Westmoreland Co. PA.
  m. unknown
  (B) John Seaton
  m. unknown
  (C) James Seaton
  m. unknown
  (D) Captain George Seaton.  He married in Ireland and they emigrated to America and settled in the Ligonier Valley, near Greensburg, and like his father had 12 children.  He fought in the Revolutionary War, under Layfayette's division, and later settled in Westmoreland Co. and became well-to-do.  After the death of his first wife Nancy Amberson, George married for his second wife Martha Ausstraw, a widow, whose maiden name was Martha James, daughter of Henry James, of Coimty, Derry, where Martha was born. By her George Seaton had two sons David, bom in 1802, and Alexander White Seaton, born in 1804.
  m1st. Nancy Amberson, dau of Francis Amberson. Her family were Lutheran, and so they eloped and came to America.
  (i) Doctor John Seaton.  He married, and died in Washington, D.C.
  m. unknown
  (a) issue Seaton
  (ii) William Seaton, he was a preacher of the Methodist Episcopal Church
  m. Jane Huston
  (iii) Robert M. Seaton, he was a tanner ; had two sons and died in the West.
  m. unknown
  (a) son Seaton
  (b) son Seaton
  (iv) Thomas Seaton (b.1778, d.1841).  He was born in Co. Tyrone, Ireland and died at Franklin, Venango Co., Pennsylvania.
  m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Mavis (b.1792, d.1852)
  (a) Robert Seaton
  (b) Jackson Seaton
  (c) Margaret Seaton (b.1815, d.1911)
  m. Robert Lamberton (b.1809, d.1885)
  (v) Jackson Seaton, he had a large family, all married, and living in Franklin and other places in the Keystone State.
  m. unknown
  (a) issue Seaton +
  (vi) George Seaton, Jr.; became a hatter, and married a Miss Maher, They had seven children, only one of whom appears in notes, Jane Seaton, who in 1816 married a Mr. Morrow, of Altoona, PA
  m. Miss Maher
  (a) issue Seaton 6+
  (b) Jane Seaton
  m. Mr. Morrow of Altoona, PA
  (vii) Amberson Seaton, he learned the tailor trade. He married, and died in Steubenville, Ohio, his wife dying within a few minutes after her husband. They had an only child and son, Edward, who had an only daughter.
  m. Kathern Delana Sandford
  (a) Edward (Eddie) Amberson Seaton (b.1862, d.1944)
  m. Edna Isabella Henry
  ((1)) Flora Mae Seaton
    m. Mr. Robertson
  (viii) Elizabeth Seaton, died age 12.
  (ix) Jane Seaton
  m. Robert Jackson
  (x) Mary Seaton (also called 'Polly')
  m. Mr. Alexander
  (xi) Nancy Seaton
  m. Mr. McClellan
  (xii) Martha Seaton
  m. John Ausstraw
  m2nd. Martha James (previously a widow as Mrs. Martha Ausstraw)
  (xiii) David Seaton (b.22.02.1802).  He settled in Ohio.
  m. Catherine Piper (26.11.1826)
  (a) Uriah C. Seaton, he died in Colorado, leaving a widow and daughter.
  m. unknown
  ((1)) dau Seaton
  (b) Peter Piper Seaton, born January 20, 1831.  He enlisted in the army during the Civil War, and was never heard from afterward by his friends, and is thought to have been one of the thousands killed and buried in the field.
  (c) George Washington Seaton,
  m. Martha Pureell
  ((1)) John Henry Calaway Seaton, who lived at Day, Taney county, Missouri.
  m. unknown
  ((2)) William Ernest Seaton, who lived at Kansas City, Kansas.
  m. unknown
  ((3)) Jonathan Seaton, born September 23, 1836.
  m. unknown
  ((4)) Washington Seaton, born August 16, 1839.
  m. unknown
  ((5)) William Henry Seaton, born May 2, 1847 in the 'Buckeye State'.  His widow, Mrs. Georgia Seaton, lived at Crane, Stone County, Missouri; William having died on the 19th of June, 1901.
  m. Georgia ?
  ((A)) Howard Mortimer Seaton, born January 1886
  m. unknown
  ((B)) Floyd Washington, born February 11, 1892.
  m. unknown
  ((C)) Delia Alvina Seaton, born January 6, 1884
  ((D)) Iva Ethel Frances Seaton, born December 27, 1889
  ((6)) Martha Seaton Seaton, born May 30, 1841.
  ((7)) Mary Catherine Seaton, who was born February 7, 1844.
  ((8)) Elizabeth Jane Seaton
  ((9)) Mary Ellen Seaton
  ((10)) Nancy Catherine Seaton
  (xiv) Alexander White Seaton (b.1804)
  m. Phoebe Griffin
  (a) George Seaton, born December 4, 1835
  m. unknown
  (b) Amberson Seaton, born October 8, 1837 at born at Carna, Oklahoma, has resided there for thirteen years. He volunteered in 1861, and served three years in Company H, Sixteenth Ohio, in the Civil War.
  m. Sarah Ann Still, of Benton Co., Arkansas
  ((1)) George Seaton, born December 12, 1881, died February 12, 1882
  ((2)) Samuel A. Seaton, born in 1883
  m. unknown
  ((3)) Alexander Wright Jackson Seaton, who was bom in 1887
  m. unknown
  ((A)) issue, a son Seaton
  m. unknown
  (c) Wright J. Seaton, born February 1, 1840
  m. unknown
  (d) Alexander White Seaton, 2d, born April 4, 1850
  m. unknown
  (e) William F. Seaton, born November 2, 1852
  m. unknown
  (f) Catharine Seaton, born February 19, 1842
  (g) Mary Jane Seaton, born August 4, 1844
  (h) Ann Eliza Seaton, born October 22, 1846
  (E) Lieutenant Thomas Seaton, like his brother George, he also fought in the Revolutionary War, under Layfayette's division with his brothers and settled with his brothers in Johnstown, Westmoreland Co. PA.
  m. unknown
  (F) William Seaton, never married, originally went to America and made a small fortune before returning to Ireland and purchased a farm near Stranorlar, Country Donegal, Ireland, near his brother Jeremiah who had also settled in Co. Donegal.
  (G) David Seaton
  m. unknown
  (H) Robert Seaton
  m. unknown
  (I) Joel Seaton
  m. unknown
  (J) Nathaniel Seaton
  m. unknown
  (K) Hezekiah Seaton
  m. unknown
  (L) Jared Seaton (called Jeremiah), he settled in Donegal, Ireland.
  m. Nancy Neal, and they had a large family.
  (i) Samuel Seaton.
  m. unknown
  (ii) issue Seaton +
  m. unknown
  (4) Andrew Seaton,  the 4th and youngest son of Alexander, was active in the "Rising" of 1715 along with his brothers. As a result, his property was confiscated and he fled with his brothers to Ireland, where he kept a Public House in Newtownstewart, or Tullaghogue, County Tyrone (called 'Tullahoago') and became quite wealthy, "so much so that he said when he left Ireland he could have given each of his children their weight in gold as their portion". He married 1st Jane Blake and had six children by her, and they left to join his brothers in America in 1737 intending on settling in Boston, on a heavily laden "snow-vessel" similar to a "brig" called the "Catherine". He commissioned the ship from Workington, Cumbria, England, and it set sail from Portrush, Antrim, Ireland, filled with valuable merchandise and was one of the richest vessels to cross the ocean at that time, enroute to Boston, Massachussetts. However, he was shipwrecked during the voyage at the east end of Sable Island off the coast of Nova Scotia, on July 17th, 1737.

There were 98 people who died as a result of the wreck, the 100 plus survivors made it ashore to Sable Island where they used the main sail of the vessel to construct a tent. The ship's long boat had washed ashore but was somewhat damaged, and over the next two days it was repaired and on the third day the master, mate and others sailed it to Canso. Despite the survivors enduring nine days of hardship without food, "except a gill of dough and a thimbleful of butter to each individual per day", they were finally rescued by residents of Canso, who mounted a successful rescue operation. While Andrew had the misfortune of having his lower jaw broken during the wreck, and he and his children survived, his youngest daughter, Anna, was for a time lost and thought drowned, but was later found washed ashore about two miles from the wreck, half-buried in the sand, but alive. Andrew's wife Jane, however, sadly died on the journey from the island to the mainland. They journeyed from Sable Island, to Canso, Nova Scotia, and from thence to Cape Ann and onwards finally to Boxford, Massachussetts. Andrew nevertheless settled in America and later married 2nd, to Miss Peggy Wood, and she adopted two children from her step-daughter, Ismenia Seaton.
  m. 1st Jane Blake (d.1740).
  (A) Andrew Seaton, 2nd. He made the voyage to America with his father's family. In "New Hampshire State Papers, '* Vol. XXVII, page 65, is a petition from the inhabitants of Amherst, dated at "Souhegan West No. 3, January ye 27, 1748," signed among others, by Andrew Seeton, Jr. ; and in Wyman's "Charlestown Record of Families," he is mentioned as keeping a tavern called Indian Chief Tavern, on what is now the site of Harvard Church, near Charlestown Square. It is also recorded there that he sold some town lots to one Jonathan Bailey, a distiller, in August, 1766, and in 1809 he sold out his holdings and bought other land of Thomas Crown, on Washington street.
  m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Gordon
  (B) Richard Seaton.  He was raised by his step-mother and her second husband, Joseph Sewler.
  m. unknown
  (D) Sarah Seaton.  After her father's death, as the eldest child of her father she traveled to England and enlisted lawyer Nathan Haislup to settle her father's estate, and she was later appointed Guardian of Andrew Seaton Sr.'s children.
  m. Joseph Chaplin
  (E) Isemenia Seaton, she married her cousin, John Seaton, Deacon (above).
  m. John Seaton, Deacon.
  (C) Elizabeth Seaton. 
  m. Richard Kimball of Boxford. MA.
  (F) Anna Seaton
  m1st. Andrew Nicols
  m2nd. James Donaldson
  m. 2nd Miss Peggy Wood (she adopted 2 children of Ismenia Seaton).  She married 2nd. Mr. Joseph Sewler.
  (5) Isabel Seaton
  m. Alexander Lumsden of Boghead of Kintore, Taxman.
  (6) Ruth Seaton, Emigrated from Ireland to Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
  m. James Miller, as his second wife in 1734.
  b. son Seton
  c. dau Seton
  vi. Isobel Seton, (b.1637, d.16??)
  m. William Fyfe, Baillie of Banff
  vii. Marie Seton, (b.1638, d.16??)
  viii. Janet Seton, (b.1640, d.16??)
  C.+ Margaret Seton
  James Buchan of Auchmacoy (d before 20.04.1661)
  D.+ eight other daughters