The Seton's of Parbroath Descent

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1. Sir Alexander de Seton (III), famed Captain and Governor of Berwick, King David II gave the Heiress of Parbroath to him in recognition of his service and sacrifice, to bestow upon one of his sons (d. c1350)
  m. Christian Cheyne (dau of Francis le Chen of Straloch)
  A. Thomas de Seton (dsp 1333)
  B. William de Seton (dsp 1333)
  C. Sir Alexander de Seton (IV), also Keeper of Berwick Castle (d. shortly after his father).
  m. Margaret Murray, sister of Sir William Murray, Captain of Edinburgh Castle.
  i. Sir William Seton of Seton, 1st Lord Seton - Lords Seton Line
  m. Catherine St. Clair, dau of Sir William St. Clair (Sinclair) of Herdmanston
  ii. Henry de Wyntoun of Wrychhouses, continued the Winton name and line.
    m ?
  iii. Christiana de Seton
    m. George, 10th Earl of Dunbar, 3rd Earl of March.
  D. Sir John de Seton, (d 1327), 1st Baron of Parbroath.  His father bestowed on him the Heiress of Parbroath, which gift of an heiress was provided by King David II of the House of Bruce.
    m. Elizabeth Ramsay, Heiress of Parbroath
  i. Alexander Seton, 2nd of Parbroath
  m. Mary Vipont (de Veteriponte - or Vieux-Pont) of Langton, Berwickshire.
  a. Sir Gilbert Seton, 3rd of Parbroath
    m. Marion Pitcairn
  (1) Sir Alexander Seton, 4th of Parbroath (d. 1512).
    m. Helen Murray (dau of Sir William Murray of Tullibardine)
  (A) Alexander Seton, of Parbroath (d. 1512).  He predeceased his father in the same year, but left issue.
  m. Catherine Lindsay (dau of Patrick, 4th Lord Lindsay of the Byres).
  (i) John Seton, 5th of Parbroath, (a. 1512, dsp. 09.09.1513).  He succeeded his grandfather, but died at the Battle of Flodden beside his Chief, George Seton, 5th Lord Seton.
  (ii) Andrew Seton, 6th of Parbroath (d. 1563).  He was noted in the gallant capture of Broughty Castle from the English, 23.06.1549.
  m. ? Balfour (dau of Baron Balfour of Burleigh).
  (a) Gilbert Seton (d. 09.1547) He died along with many of his kinsmen at the Battle of Pinkie, 1547, and predeceased his father.
  m. Helen Leslie (dau of 4th Earl of Rothes)
  ((1)) David Seton, 7th of Parbroath, (d.24.11.1601) He succeeded his grandfather in 1563.  He was Ranger of East and West Lomonds of Falkland, as well as Falkland Palace and was Comptroller of the Scottish Revenue from 1589 to 1595.  A faithful adherent to Queen Mary Stuart, he was noted for his assisting and fortifying the Castle and City of Edinburgh along with Chatellerault, Huntly, Kirkaldy of Grange and other against the Regent Moray, for the interest of the infant son of Queen Mary, King James VI, for which he was later pardoned.
  m. Mary Gray (dau of the 6th Lord Gray of Broxmouth and Mary Stewart, dau of Robert, Earl of Orkney).
  ((A)) George Seton, 8th and Last Baron of Parbroath.  He sold the vast Barony of Parbroath, with it's extended lands in Fife to the Lindsays before 1633.
  m1. Jean Sinclair (dau of Henry Sinclair, 3rd Lord Sinclair), she and her young children died at Dysart, Fife after 1609.
  ((i)) son Seton (d. young).
  ((ii)) daughter Seton (d. young).
  m2. Isabella Seton (also called Isobel, dau of George Seton, 3rd Baron of Cariston)
  ((iii)) James Seton, he died in Spain, unmarried, sp.
  ((iv)) Robert Seton, Rep. of Parbroath.  He settled in Hawick, Roxburghshire
  m. unknown, local gentleman's daughter in Hawick.
  ((a)) James Seton, Rep of Parbroath.  He settled in London, but later traveled to he West Indies, or Caribbean.  He was to have sent for his family, but was killed in an uprising of slaves at Cape Francais, San Domingo.
  m. Margaret Newton
  (((1))) John Seton, Rep of Parbroath. (b.1712, d.), he lived in Camberwell, County Surrey before engaging in merchant business in London.
    m. Elizabeth Seton of Belshies (b.17.02.1719, d. 02.08.1797).  (dau of James Seton of Belshes (below) who was active in 1745 and imprisoned and forfeited, who's son James Seton of Hillside was for many years Director of the Bank of Scotland; James Seton of Belsies was the son of John Seton, Clerk of Burntisland).  She died and was buried in 1797, at Brompton, Yorkshire, England.
  (((A))) John Seton, Rep of Parbroath. (d.12.1768), he emigrated to the British West Indies and died unmarried in the parish of St. James in Barbados.
  (((B))) William Seton, Rep. of Parbroath (b.24.04.1746, d.09.06.1798).  Born in Scotland, but raised in Kirkbridge, Yorkshire, he traveled throughout France and Spain, before settling in New York in America at the instance of his brother-in-law Andrew Seton of the family or Barnes.  He was the first Cashier and Officer of the Bank of New York, and partner in the famed mercantile: Seton, Maitland & Co. with it's many political connections, and was nominated to be the first President of the United States, declining out of political consideration for Mr. Washington.
    m1. (02.03.1767) Rebecca Curzon (dau of Richard Curzon, Esq., of New York).
  (((i))) William Seton, Rep of Parbroath. (b.20.04.1768, d.), he adopted the name William Magee Seton.  He was born at sea on the ship Edward.  After extensive travel, he engaged in business in New York and made a significant fortune, but lost it due to ill-health.  He died while traveling to Italy.
    m. (25.01.1797) Elizabeth Ann Bayley.  She converted to Catholicism and founded the Sisters of Charity.  She later became Canonized as St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, 1st American Saint.
  (((a))) Lieutenant William Seton U.S.N., Rep of Parbroath. (b.25.11.1796, d. 13.01.1868).
  m. (17.07.1832) Emily Prime (dau of Nathaniel Prime, Esq.).
  ((((1)))) Captain William Seton, Rep of Parbroath. (b. 28.01.1835, d.15.03.1905), after serving in the 16th Artillery during the American Civil War, he became a writer and LL.D. of Saint Mary's College, and left a small Scholarship fund to the college.
  m. (03.01.1884) Sarah Redwood Parrish of Philadelphia (d.1895).
  ((((A)))) William Seton (d. young).
  ((((2)))) Major Henry Seton, he served in the Austrian Army, under the Duke of Wurtemburg, as well as variously in the American Army.
  m. (27.04.1870) Ann Foster (dau of Major-General John Gray Foster).
  ((((A)))) Corporal John Seton (d. 08.11.1897, sp).
  ((((B)))) Dr. William Seton, M.D. (b. 11.07.1873, d.c. 1901, sp.).
  ((((3)))) Archbishop Robert Seton (b.28.08.1839, d?), as a Catholic Priest he was a trustee of Seton Hall College and a noted writer and genealogist.
  ((((4)))) George Seton, died young.
  ((((5)))) Emily Seton (d. 09.09.1861), she died while preparing to become a Nun.
  ((((6)))) Elizabeth Seton, writer, died unmarried.
  ((((7)))) Helen Seton, a Nun of the Order of Mercy, she was also a Convent Teacher.
  ((((8)))) Isabella Seton
  m. (19.04.1870) Thomas Jevons, Esq.
  ((((A)))) the Seton-Jevon's
  ((((9)))) dau Seton (d. young).
  (((b))) Richard Seton of New York (b.20.07.1798, d.26.06.1823), he died while on travels throughout Europe and Africa, dsp.
  (((c))) Anna-Maria Seton (b.03.05.1795, d.12.03.1812).
  (((d))) Rebecca Seton (b.20.07.1802, d. 03.11.1816).
  (((e))) Mother Catherine Seton (b. 28.06.1800, d. 03.04.1891), she became a nun.
  (((ii))) Major James Seton of New York (b.28.08.1770, d.18??), he was sponsored in baptism by James Seton of Edinburgh, for whom he was named.  His father obtained a commission for him as Ensign in the British Army.  He was stationed with the 74th Regiment at Halifax, Nova Scotia, and later he became a U.S. citizen, and a Major in the New York Militia.
    m. (20.03.1792) Mary Gillon Hoffman (dau of Nicholas Hoffman of New York).
  (((a))) Alfred Seton of Westchester, New York.  (b.17??, d.18??). He was a Clerk and an explorer in the North-American northwest with the Pacific Fur Company in the early 1800's in Oregon.  He was long attached to Fort Astoria, before returning to New York to engage in business.
  m. Frances Barnewall
  ((((1)))) Alfred Ludlow Seton (b.15.10.1825, d.06.12.1902).
  m. Helena Schmidt
  ((((A)))) Alfred Seton of New York and Tuxedo Park, Rep of Parbroath (b.20.10.1853, d.19??).
  m. Mary Louise Barbey
  ((((i)))) Second Lieutenant Henry Seton of Tuxedo Park, New York. (b.04.07.1874, d.08.1974). Born in Massachusetts, he was a noted scholar of Harvard University and a member of the "Friends of France" in 1916. He died at Concorde, Middlesex, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
    m. unknown
    ((((a))))  Seton
  ((((ii)))) Mary Dorothy Seton (b.22.12.1890, d.19??)
  ((((iii)))) Helen Seton (b.25.02.1893, d.19??)
  ((((B)))) Laura Seton (b.11.08.1855, d.20.09.1898, p.v.), she died in Germany.
  m. (29.04.1875) Prussian Officer, Wilhelm Von Kettler.
  ((((2)))) Mary Seton, died unmarried.
  ((((3)))) Frances Seton
  m. Rt. Rev. Alonzo Potter
  ((((4)))) Euretta Barnwall Seton
  m. Walter Bean Post
  ((((5)))) Eliza Anderson Seton
  m. George Washington Coster
  (((b))) William Seton, died unmarried.
  (((c))) Emma Seton, died unmarried.
  (((d))) Ethelinda Seton, died unmarried.
  (((e))) Mary Hammond Seton.
  m. Henry Ogden, Esq., of New York
  ((((1)))) Ogdens in New York
  (((f))) Serena Seton, died unmarried.
  (((g))) Sarah Seton, died unmarried.
  (((iii))) John Seton
    m. Ms. Wise, of Summerhill, Alexandria, Virginia, in America.
  (((a))) daughter Seton.
  (((b))) daughter Seton.
  (((iv))) Lieutenant Henry Seton, USN.  dsp, unmarried.
  (((v))) Second-Lieutenant Benjamin Seton, graduated from West Point Military Academy, died on-duty, unmarried, dsp 1822..
  (((vi))) William-Henry Seton (dsp, unmarried).
  (((vii))) Anna Maria Seton
    m. Hon. John Middleton Vining of Delaware, U.S. Senator.
    m2. (29.11.1776) Anna Maria Curzon (dau of Richard Curzon, Esq., of New York).
  (((viii))) Samuel Waddington Seton (b.23.01.1789, dsp.), he traveled to China on expedition, and was later Superintendent of the Public Schools of New York.
    m. to dau of Clergyman, on her deathbed.
  (((ix))) Edward Augustus Seton (b.25.04.1790, d?), a talented artist and painter, he was a society favourite of New York.
    m. unknown.
  (((a))) Lieutenant ? Seton.  He dsp. in a Battle before Richmond, in 1862.
  (((x))) Charlotte Seton (b.01.05.1786, d?)
    m. Gouverneur Ogden, Esq..  They settled and founded Ogdensburg, New York.
  (((xi))) Elizabeth Seton (b.07.04.1779, d.?).
    m. (1797) James Maitland, Esq. of New York.
  (((xii))) Mary Seton
    m. unknown?
  (((xiii))) Rebecca Seton (b.20.12.1780, d.08.07.1804).
  (((xiv)) Henrietta Seton, known as Harriet (b.27.12.1787, d.23.12.1809)
  (((xv))) Cecilia Seton (b.09.08.1791, d.29.04.1810).
  (((C))) Isabella Seton
    m. Sir Thomas Cayley, Bart., of Yorkshire, England.
  (((D))) Jane Seton (d.1821).
    m. (1770) Sir Walter Synnot, Kt, of Ballymoyer House, County Armagh, Ireland.
  (((E))) Elizabeth Seton
    m. Robert Berry, Esq.
  (((F))) Margaret Seton (b.?, d.1818).
    m. (1760) Andrew Seton, of the Seton's of Barnes.  They settled in Long Island and also Brooklyn, New York, in America in 1773, before eventually settling in Florida, in America. (b.?, d.1794).
  (((G))) Barbara Seton
    m. George Seton, Esq, younger of Abercorn.
  (((i))) Barbara Seton, called "Bab", she was their only child.
    m. Mr. Bannister.  They lived in Honiton, Devon, England.
  (((2))) Mary Seton
    m. Dr. William Robertson of County Surrey, England.
  (((3))) Margaret Seton
    m. Dundas of Manour.
  ((B)) Andrew Seton, witness to a Royal Charter dated at Edinburgh in 1598.
  ((C)) Robert Seton, witness to a Charter of his father, 9th May, 1601, and noted as Executor-dated Surrogate of his father's will, dated 1601.
  ((D)) William Seton, mentioned in a Charter confirmed at Holyroodhouse, 2nd December, 1602,
  ((E)) Captain David Seton, 1st of Kinglass (Kingask) and Ravenscraig (d.c. 1646-8).
    m. Jane Kinninmonth, she m. 2nd John Lymburner.
  ((i)) David Seton (tutored by George Seton of Cariston).
  m. unknown.
  ((a)) James Seton
  ((ii)) Jean Seton
  ((F)) John Seton (b.1616, d?), he settled for a time in London before emigrating to Virginia, in America.  He left aboard the a ship called, "The Globe", on 07.08.1635. Acquired lands on the James River, Virginia.
    m. unknown.
  ((i)) son Seton (?).
  ((ii)) George Seaton (d.c. 1682), he settled in Westmoreland, Virginia, Justice of the Peace in Gloucester Co., Virginia.  He is noted in the lists of Bacon's Rebellion of 1676
  m. unknown.
  ((a)) (?) George Seaton. Gloucester, Virginia.
  (((1))) son's Seaton - had issue in America
  ((G)) Margaret Seton
    m. Sir John Scrimgeour, 1st Viscount of Dudhope (circa 1641), created Hereditary Standard Bearer of Scotland.
  ((H)) Mary Seton
    m. David Skene of Potterton.
  ((I)) Elizabeth Seton, Lady Abergeldie, she had a Charter from her father which provided for her support, and is noted in Aberdeenshire Judicial Court records c1630-1632.
    m. William Gordon 6th of Abergeldie (d.1630).
  ((2)) Marion Seton
  m. David Kynnynmond of Kynnynmond and Craighall, Fife.
  ((A)) various issue.
  ((B)) Cecilia Kynnynmond (oldest daughter).
    m. (1620) George Seton, 3rd Baron of Cariston.
  ((3)) Janet Seton
  m. (1567) James Hamilton of Sammuelson.
  (b) John Seton (d. 15??), in "Urquharts", in Fife.
  m. Agnes Ramsay
  ((1)) David Seton, of Dunbarrow, Fife. He acquired the lands of Dunbarrow c.1626 from the Earl of Rothes and had two sons.
  m. unknown
  ((A)) John Seton, of Dunbarrow, who succeeded his father, was a Writer and held the appointment of Notary Public and Town Clerk of Burntisland from 1683 to 1712, and was a Burgess of Edinburgh.
  m. (c.1686) Janet Angus
  ((i)) David Seton, who pre-deceased his father, sp.
  ((ii)) James Seton of Belsis and Belsislands (or Belshes) (b.168?, d.17??).  He was an Edinburgh Merchant and was made a Burgess in 1710, and a member of the Merchant's Company in 1714. He was noted as being successful in business, and between 1715 and 1721 he bought the lands of Belsis (or Belshes) and Belsislands in Haddingtonshire from George and Richard Lothian.  In 1731, he became a Baillie of Edinburgh and served for three years. By his wife Jean, he had numerous daughters and two sons.
  m. (1716) Jean Boog, dau of Thomas Boog, Brewer.
  ((a)) John Seton (b.1717, d.17??). Merchant in London, he was "out" in the rebellion of 1745 and taken prisoner and held in the Tolbooth in Edinburgh for nine months.  Although his property was confiscated, he was freed and allowed to go to America.
  m. unknown
  (((1))) son's Seton/Seaton in America
  ((b)) James Seton of Hillside (b.12.06.1724, d.03.1784).  He was admitted a Burgess of of Edinburgh in 1743, and two years later was a member of the Merchants company.  He later became a successful Edinburgh Banker in the firm of Seton, Houston and Co.; later Seton, Wallace, and Co.; and was for many years Director of the Bank of Scotland.  He resided at the residence of Hillside, which was that of his father-in-law, Mr. James Grant (and which was sold to the Allan family).
  m. Agnes Grant, dau of James Grant, Merchant.
  (((1))) James Seton of Seton House (b.27.03.1753, d.22.05.1851). He succeeded his father and lived chiefly at the farm of Redside in North Berwick.  He was noted as a great follower of hounds, and later leased "Seton House Castle" from the Earl of Wemyss after it was extricated from Lieutenant Alexander MacKenzie who had demolished the Palace of Seton and contracted the famed Architect Robert Adam to use the remains to build Seton Castle.  By his wife, Mary, he had four sons, all of whom died without issue and the line failed in 1877, whereupon the Representation fell to the line of John Seton "of the Slate House".
    m. Mary Somners (b.1773, d.24.10.1843)
  (((A))) Lieutenant James Grant Seton (b.1795, d.16.12.1862), R.N., dsp
  (((B))) Lieutenant Colonel Richard Somners Seton (b.179?, d.11.08.1872), of the Madras Horse Artillery, who retired in 1863 and died in 1872, sp.
  (((C))) George Somners Seton, Doctor.  He served in the H.E.I.C., and  died at Neacolly, Calcutta in India, sp.
  (((D))) Frances Charteris Seton (b.1805, d.30.07.1877.  He was named after the Earl of Wemyss, and later served with the Royal Bank. He died in 1877, sp, and as the last heir, passed the family property,  including Seton Lodge, to his neice, "Mrs. Honeyman".
  (((E))) Agnes Seton, dsp.
    m. Dr. Fletcher
  (((F))) Frances Seton
    m. Mr. Hector
  (((i))) Frances Hector,
    m. Michael Honeyman, C.A., Glasgow.
  (((G))) Margaret Seton, died unmarried, 15.07.1862.
  (((2))) Grant Seton (b.1756, d.17??).  He died unmarried, sp.
  (((3))) Margaret Seton (b.1758, d.17??).  She was educated in London, and was a noted transcriber.
    m. (1785) George Veitch
  (((A))) George Seton Veitch, of Friarshall, Paisley.  Merchant in Edinburgh
    m. Catherine Jane Haswell
  (((i))) son Veitch (b.18.05.1865, d.19??)
    m. unknown
  (((a))) Colonel Robert Seton Marshall, H.M. Colonial Service, Trinidad, West Indies. He died at Edinburgh after service in the Honorable East India Company
  (((ii))) Georgiana Agnes Lochead Veitch (b.11.03.1867, d.19??), born in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  (((iii))) Isabella Jane Veitch (b.31.03.1869, d.19??), born in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  (((iv))) Catherine Evelyn Veitch (b.04.02.1871, d.19??), born in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  (((v))) Frances Charteris Seton Veitch (b.31.07.1873, d.19??)
  (((B))) James Seton Veitch (b.24.01.1800, d.18??).  He was married at Dumbarton, Scotland.
    m. Isabella Romanes
  (((i))) Margaret Veitch (b.30.06.1836, d.19??)
    m. Robert Semple (?)
  (((ii))) Jemima Isobella Veitch (b.07.04.1838, d.19??)
    m. James Adams Wenley
  (((C))) Agnes Seton Veitch (b.21.01.1787, d.18??)
    m. unknown
  ((c)) Elizabeth Seton of Belshies (b.17.02.1719, d. 02.08.1797).
  m. John Seton, Rep of Parbroath (above). (b.1712, d.), He lived in Camberwell, County Surrey before engaging in merchant business in London.
  (((1))) son's Seton's of Parbroath in America noted above
  ((d+)) dau's Seton of Belshies
  ((iii)) John Seton "of the Slate House" on the Island of Bute, younger of Belshes, (b.1689, d.02.1741). By profession he was a Barber and Wigmaker, and was admitted a Burgess of Edinburgh in 1710.  His designation was derived from the small property in Bute.  He and his wife had only two children, one son and one daughter.
  m. (1714) Helen Gilchrist, dau of Dougal Gilchrist in Rothesay
  ((a)) Daniel Seton (b.1719, d.1732) of Powderhall, Lace Merchant in Edinbugh.  He amassed a considerable fortune and acquired the affluent property, the Estate of Powderhall, near Edinburgh.  His name appears in the records as a Creditor of Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat (to the extent of 192lbs for good suplied to him in the years 1741/1745). He married the Heiress of the Kippilaw Estate who had inherited it upon the death of her brothers (last of whom was Andrew Ramsay Karr, Governor of Bombay), and they had 12 children. Incredibly, he married secondly and had 7 more children by his second wife.
  m1st. (1740) Jean Ramsay (b.1720, d.1766), dau of Gilbert Ramsay and Katherine Karr (of Kippilaw).  She was Heiress of both her parents lines'.
  (((1))) John Seton-Karr of Kippilaw (b.1741, d.1815).  Upon the death of his mother's brother, Andrew Ramsay Karr, Governor of Bombay (1799), he succeeded to the Estate of Kippilaw, co. Roxburghshire, Scotland, the result of which he was granted the additional surname of Karr by Royal License.  He was a vast improver of his Estate, and died sp.
  (((2))) Daniel Seton, Lieutenant-Governor of Surat (b.174?, d.1803)
    m. Sarah Stratton, dau of William Stratton of Bombay.
  (((A))) Andrew Seton (later Seton-Karr) of Kippilaw.  He was serving in the East India Company in Bengal, living at Commercolly, Haripal and later at Maldah, when he succeeded his uncle, and obtained for himself and his heirs the same dual-surname of Seton-Karr, also by Royal License. He served in the Civil Service from 1791 to 1811). He married at Saint Mary, St. Marylebone, London, England.
    m. (05.08.1812) Alicia Anne Rawlinson, dau of William Rawlinson, Esq. of Ancoats Hall, Lancaster.
  (((i))) Rev. John Seton-Karr of Kippilaw (b.1813, d.1884), Vicar of Berkeley, Gloucester. He resided at Strachur on Loch Fyne, and was engaged in Yachting, renting Kippilaw, much to the detriment of the Estate. He dsp, and was succeeded by his nephew.
    m. Anna Douglas, dau of Archiblad Douglas of Glenfinnart. Argyll.
  (((ii))) George Berkeley Seton-Karr (b.1818, d.1862).  He was educated at Haileybury and entered the Civil Service in Bombay in 1837 and greatly distinguished himself at Belgaum during the Indian Mutiny. He was Resident of Baroda, during Colonel James Outram's absence in England. Later a Collector of Belgaum and Political Agent in the Southern Mahratta country, and was noted for being responsible for his heroic services rendered there, and awarded the 'Order of the Tower and the Sword', by the King of Portugal.
    m. Eleanor Usborne (or Osborne), dau of Henry Usborne (Osborne) of Branches Park, Suffolk
  (((a))) Andrew Seton-Karr (b.30.10.1851, d.1862), Born at Nasick, Bombay, India, died young, sp.
  (((b))) Sir Henry Seton-Karr of Kippilaw, Kt. (b.05.02.1853, d.7.05.1914)  C.M.G., J. P. and D.L. for co. Roxburgh, M.P. for St. Helens.  Barrister at Law (Oxon), he was educated at Harrow, and Corpus Christie College, Oxford, taking a second-class honours degree in law in 1876.  He succeeded his uncle to the Estate of Kippilaw in 1884.  He was called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn in 1879 and joined the northern Circuit for he practiced for 3 years. He was later MP for St. Helen's., and was a noted writer, traveler, big game hunter and socialite, and explored much of America and Canada, and in particular that of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada.  He died aboard the shipwreck of the Empress of Ireland in the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada.
  m1st. (11.11.1880) Edith Eliza Pilkington (b.1860, d.1884), dau of William Pilkington, Esq of Roby Hall, Liverpool, J. P.
  ((((1)))) George Bernard Seton-Karr (b.12.09.1881, d.02.04.1896), dsp.
  ((((2)))) Captain Henry Malcolm (born Malcolm Henry) Seton-Karr of Kippilaw (b.21.10.1882, d.1953).  He was an early aviator. In December 1908 he ordered a Howard Wright bi-plane which he flew at Fambridge and from Camber Sands at Rye in Sussex. He was commissioned into the Royal Monmouthshire Militia Royal Engineers aged 18, on 2 July 1901 and transferred to the 2nd Dragoons on 25 March 1902. He was commissioned into the 2nd Dragoons, Royal Scots Greys the 5th September 1914, on the Reserve of Officer List. On 9th May 1915 he was transferred to the 1st Life Guards, as a 2Lt. On 9th September 1916, he was made Captain in the 1st Life Guards and appointed to the Household Battalion. In April 1917, he was made Captain of the Machine Gun Corps (Cavalry), which he retained until October, 1918. Following the close of the War, he was Assistant Administrator with the Royal Air Force, until 26th January 1919, dspv.
  m. unknown
  ((((3)))) Edith Muriel Seton (b.1884, d.1898), died unmarried.
  m2nd (1886) Jane Jarvie Thorburn, dau of William Thorburn, Esq. in Edinburgh, MP. She was born 28.01.1862  in Shanghai, China
  ((((4)))) Lieutenant Kenneth William Seton-Karr of Kippilaw (b.21.03.1897, d.1961).  He was born in Chelsea, London, England and succeeded his brother to the Estate of Kippilaw, and served in the Great War in the 6th Battalion Kings Royal Rifle Corps in 1915.  He died in Cheshire England.
  m. (1923) Ms MacMahon, married in at St. George Hanover Square, London.
  ((((A)))) Seton's
    son Seton
  m. (1943) Ms. Bouch (or Schwalm) married in Chelsea, London.
  ((((B)))) Seton's
    son Seton
  ((((5)))) Helen Mary (Molly) Seton (b.06.10.1888, d.19??)
  (((c))) Lieutenant Heywood (Haywood) Walter Seton-Karr (b.1859, d.12.01.1938). He was born in India, and later was noted as of St Paul’s Mansions, Hammersmith, London. He was an Officer in the Gordon Highlanders, as well as a noted explorer and traveler and big game hunter in Europe and America, and Western Canada, and writer of several books on sport. He spent considerable years devoted to Archeology, and that of flint tools of Stone Age man in Europe and Africa.  He was listed in 1881 at being resident at Sandhurst, Berkshire, England, and later still dsp, 12.01.1938 and buried at Fulham cemetery, Mortlake, Surrey.
  (((d))) Eleanor Seton-Karr (b.14.02.1849, d.194?).
  (((e))) Mary Seton-Karr (b.1854, d.19??).
  m. (1879) Frederick W. Chance, Esq., of Morton, Carlisle.
  (((iii))) Walter Scott Seton-Karr, Esq., of Bramshott, Hants (b.23.01.1822, d.22.11.1910). He entered Rugby School in 1836, and was noted also as a Cricketeer, in his youth, was a god-son of Sir Walter Scott. He later became a Puisne Judge of the High Court of Justice in Bengal, Calcutta; Foreign Sec. to Govt, of India during both the administrations of Lord Lawrence and Lord Mayo; Vice Chancellor of Calcutta University.  Entered the Bengal Civil Service and held many judicial and political appointments.  He wrote an account of the Mutiny, and Life of Lord Cornwallis.  His only two sons, reverted their surname to the Patronymic "Seton".
    m. Eleanor Katherine Cockayne Gust (d.1903), dau of the Hon. and Rev. Henry Cockayne Gust
  (((a))) Robert George Seton (b.03.12.1860, d.19??), M.A., Esq, Barrister at Law at Inner Temple (1885), Recorder of Devizes (Oxon), of Bramshott, Fleet, Hants.  He was born at Calcutta, India, and later attended Eton, New College, Oxford, and matriculated on 16, Oct. 1879, aged 18.  He achieved his B.A. in 1885, and his M.A. 1886.
  m. (07.09.1899) Janet Gertrude McTaggart-Stewart, dau of Sir Mark McTaggart-Stewart, Bt, of Southwick, MP.
  ((((1)))) Robert Walter Scott Seton (b.1900, d.19??), Gent. 
  m. Janet Gertrude Stewart, dau of Mark John Hathorn Stewart.
  ((((A)))) Seton's
  m. unknown
    son Seton
  ((((2)))) John Archibald Seton (b.1906, d.1979), Gent. Attended Downing College, Cambridge, like his father and brother, and upon his marriage in 1945, drew up a will that included a provision for Downing College. He later re-wrote his Will in 1979, leaving £10,000 in memory of his brother William and himself, to be used to offer financial assistance to Downing students.

Furthermore he left his residuary estate upon his wife’s death to the College. He named it the Seton Cavendish Bequest and, as stated in his Will, it will be “in memory of my parents and their four children. The income to be used to further the educational standards of the College by grants for research study.” In 2011, almost 70 years after his original Will, the generosity of John Archibald Seton and his determination over many years to remember Downing in his Will have resulted in a bequest worth just over £1.5 million. It has made an invaluable and lasting impact on the future of the College as, no doubt, Mr Seton had hoped it would.

  m. unknown
  ((((A)))) Seton's
  m. unknown
    son Seton
  ((((B)))) Seton's
  m. unknown
    son Seton
  ((((C)))) Seton's
  m. unknown
    son Seton
  ((((D)))) Seton's
  m. unknown
    son Seton
  ((((3)))) William George Stewart Seton (b.1909, d.19??), Gent. Attended Downing College, Cambridge, like his father and brother.
  m. unknown
  ((((4)))) Eleanor Katherine Seton.
  m. unknown
  (((b))) Captain Walter John Seton, Esq. (b.1864, d.1912).  Barrister at Law, who served in the South African War in the East Surrey Regiment.  Like his brother, he likewise attended New College and matriculated on 12, Oct.1883 aged 18.  He achieved his B.A. in 1887.
  (((iv))) Ellen Mary Seton-Karr
    m. William Dent Dent of Shortflatt Tower, Bolam, Northumberland.
  (((v))) Alicia Catherine Seton-Karr (b.1784, d.1794)
  (((vi))) 3rd dau, Seton-Karr
  (((B))) Daniel Seton.  He was serving in the East India Company in the Bengal Service along with his brother, but was lost aboard the ship "Skelton Castle" that floundered with all hands in 1805, and dsp.
  (((C))) Sarah Seton
    m. (1805) Capt. Sir Matthew Onslow, Coldstream Guards Bt.
  (((D))) Catherine Seton
    m1st. Mr. Parker
    m2nd. Campbell Marjoriebanks, Esq. (of the Bart of Lees and Baron's Tweedmouth family)
  (((E))) Anna Seton (d.1834)
    m. Charles Flint
  (((3))) Henry Seton (b.1756, d.????)
  (((4))) James Seton, of Oklford Manor, Hadley, Herts (b.1757, d.1836)
    m. Sarah Elizabeth Wilmot, only dau of Henry Wilmot, Esq. of Farnsborough Park, Hants.
  (((A))) Sir Henry Wilmot Seton (b.1785, d.1848). He was a celebrated and noted Judge of the Supreme Court at Calcutta, dsp.
  (((B))) James Garden Seton (b.18.08.1789, d.20.12.1870), of the Hanaper Office in the Court of Chancery. In his later years, he reside at Boulogne-Sur-Mer, France, where he died in 1870.
    m. Georgiana Bourchier (d.1862), eldest dau of Charles Bourcheir, Esq.
  (((i))) Capt James Bourchier Seton, dsp in India.
  (((ii))) Wilmot Seton, of the Treasury Dept (B.1820, d.18??), of Cotsford House, Brackley. He married at Saint Mary Lebone, Middlesex, England, leaving an only son.
    m. (01.02.1841) Maria Ramsay, dau and Heiress of Andrew Sandeford Ramsay, Esq.
  (((a))) Rev. Andrew Ramsay (Ramsey) Wilmot Seton, M.A., of Cuckfield, Sussex, Kensington (b.1852, d.192?). He was educated at Pembroke College and Matriculated 25th Oct., 1871 at age 19.  He graduated with a B.A. in 1877, and achieved his M.A. in 1878 and was Vicar of Stow, Upland, Suffolk in 1883, and a Councillor of Halsingden, Manchester (1878).  He was also Rector of Elsted with Treyford and Diding in Sussex, and later engaged in the colonization of South Africa and noted in the Edinburgh Gazette of April 2, 1897 as being being previously from Cornwall Gardens, South Kensington, and now in South Africa as a Clerk on Holy Orders.
  m. Emily Georgina ? (later Seton)
  ((((1)))) Sir Claude Ramsey Wilmot Seton, Kt. M.C. (b.30.06.1888, d.195?). He was born on 30 June 1888 at Elsted, Sussex near Margate, Kent. Prior to World War I he became a Solicitor in London and passed the bar at Gray's Inn. During the War, he served with distinction and was twice mentioned in dispatches and being awarded the MC.  After the war, he pursued a legal career qualified as a Barrister and took up a series of senior judicial roles abroad, including: President of the District Court, Jaffa from 1920-26, after which he took on the post of Judicial Adviser to Transjordan, and during this time, he wrote a book called “Legislation of Transjordan 1918-1930”, which was published in 1931.  He was also President of District Court, Haifa, Palestine in 1931; Puisne (senior) Judge in Jamaica in 1935; Chief Justice, Nyasaland in 1941; Chief Justice in Fiji, and Chief Judicial Commissioner for the Western Pacific from 1945.  He married at Oxcombe, Lincoln, England and was knighted in 1944.
  m. 12.07.1933) Mary Eleanor Bennett, dau of Francis Sowerby Bennett
  ((((A)))) David Ramsey Wilmot Seton (b.1923, d.24.11.2011).  He died in New Zealand
  ((((B)))) Peter Wilmot Seton, New Zealand
  ((((C)))) Guy Harman Wilmot Seton, New Zealand
  ((((D)))) Richard James Wilmot Seton
  ((((2)))) Guy Edmund Montague Wilmot Seton, (b.31.10.1889, d.12.10.1972).  He was born in Elsted, Surrey, England, was married in Ashurst, New Zealand and died and was buried at Tirau, Waikato, New Zealand.
  m. (20.02.1918) Leila Emily Inez Pemberton (b.02.08.1891, d.01.02.1990) (She died and was buried in Titau, Waikato, New Zealand)
  ((((A)))) Robert Wilmot Seton (b.13.12.1918, d.18.01.1995)
  m. Barbara Tiarks (b.09.01.1920, d.03.09.2000) After her husband died, she resided and died at Bundaberg, Australia.
  ((((i)))) son Seton
    m.Diana Roma Forrest Clay
    ((((a)))) son Seton
    ((((b)))) son Seton
  ((((ii)))) son Seton
    m. unknown
    ((((a)))) son Seton
    ((((b)))) dau Seton
  ((((iii)))) dau Seton
    m. Rawdon Briggs
  ((((v)))) dau Seton
    m. David Wright-Webster
  ((((B)))) 2nd son Wilmot Seton
  m1st. Val Webster
  m2nd. Vivien Janet MacKenzie
  ((((i)))) son Seton
    m. Peggy King
    ((((a)))) son Seton
      m. unknown
  ((((ii)))) son Seton
    m. Kethleen McEntee
    ((((a)))) son Seton
    ((((b)))) son Seton
    ((((c)))) dau Seton
  ((((iii)))) son Seton
    m. Ingrid Cornelieous
    ((((a)))) dau Seton
  ((((C)))) 3rd son Wilmot Seton
  m1st. Beverly Hammond
  m2nd. Juliet Mary Bush (b.19??, d.21.04.1984)
  ((((i)))) son Seton
    m. Barbara Pensebene
    ((((a)))) son Seton
      m. unknown
    ((((b)))) dau Seton
      m. unknown
  ((((ii)))) son Seton
    m. unknown
    ((((a)))) son Seton
      m. unknown
    ((((b)))) Samantha Seton
      m. unknown
  ((((iii)))) dau Seton
    m. Frank Lawton
  ((((D)))) dau Wilmot Seton
  m. unknown
  (((iii))) Frederick Bourchier Seton (b.1817, d.18.10.1835), Coronet in the 7th Madras Light Calvary, he drowned in a boat capsizing at Bangalore, dsp in India.
  (((iv))) Georgiana Mary Seton
    m. Edward Kater, Esq.
  (((v))) Mary Seton,
  (((vi))) Barbarina Catherine Seton
    m. John Dury, Esq.
  (((vii))) Gertrude Elizabeth Seton
  (((C))) Elizabeth (Eliza) Seton (b.1783, d.1859)
  (((D))) Sarah Caroline Seton (b.1787, 1845)
    m1st. (1806) Thomas Christopher, of Norton, Durham, England.
  (((i))) Henry Seton Christopher (b.13.01.1850, d.19??). He was Midshipman R.N. 1864-67 and married into Spanish nobility.
    m. Julia Lucena, younger dau of Rev. Lorenzo Lucena and and Dofia Micaella de Aguilar (grand-dau of Baron de Aguilar de la Frontera, Spain (dec. of Gonzalo Fernandez de Aguilar, Duke of Terrano and Marquis of St. Angelo)
  (((a))) George Seton Christopher (b.29.05.1876, d.19??).
  m. unknown.
  ((((1)))) The Seton Christopher line 1
  (((b))) Charles Mordaunt de Aguilar Christopher (b.03.07.1887, d.19??)
  (((c))) Ada Fanny Lucena Christopher
  (((d))) Eleanor Caroline Christopher
  (((e))) Edith Julia Christopher
  (((ii))) Alfred Wilmot Christopher.
  (((iii))) Capt. Alfred Charles Seton-Christopher (b.20.03.1856, d.19??). Educated at Christ Church, Oxford, he later joined the Seaforth Highlanders where he attained his commission.  He served in southern Afghanistan (1880 Mdeal), and as A.D.C. to the Governor of Bombay (1881-82), and Recruiting Staff Office N.W. District from 1892 onwards. He assumed the prefix-surname of Seton to become "Seton-Christopher", in 1893.
    m. 07.07.1892) Melesina Ethel Maude Chenevix-Trench, yougest dau of Philip Chenevix-Trench of Botley.
  (((a))) son Seton,
  ((((1)))) The Seton-Christopher line 2
  (((iv))) Caroline Eliza Christopher.
    m2nd, Philip Harden, R.N. of Hadley House, Herts
  (((v))) Henry Seton-Karr Harden (b.01.07.1807, d.13.11.1824) Ensign in the Army.
  (((vi+))) Harden line.
  (((5))) Gilbert Seton, Merchant in Edinburgh, admitted a Burgess on 27th Oct, 1773.
  (((6))) Walter Seton (b.1750, d.1780), also a Merchant in Edinburgh.  Died in Edinburgh in May, 1780, aged thirty.
  (((7))) Alexander Seton, admitted a Burgess of Edinburgh in 1780.
  (((8))) Robert Seton
  (((9))) Jean Seton
  (((10))) Helen Seton
  (((11))) Catherine Seton
  (((12))) 12th child name unknown, Seton
  m2nd. Rebecca Megget, and who's children all died in India
  (((13))) David Seton, Governor of Surat
  (((14))) Michael Seton
  (((15))) Edward Seton
  (((16))) Thomas Seton, present at the Seige of Seringapatam in 1799.
  (((17))) Walter Seton
  (((18))) Marion Seton, died unmarried.
  (((19))) Rebecca Seton
    m. Alexander Briggs (partner in the firm of Briggs, Crichton and Co., Wine Merchants)
  ((b)) Janet Seton (b.1716, d.17??). Only dau of John Seton of the Slate House. She died unmarried, sp.
  ((iv)) daughter Seton (d. young).
  ((B)) David Seton, of Bruntisland, 'of Dunbarrow', (b.c.1626, d.07.1670). In the Edinburgh Register of Apprentices he is listed as the son of the deceased David Seton of Dunbarrow.  He was a merchant in Edinburgh, and in 1647 he became a Burgess of Burntisland, and a Baillie in 1656.

He was also noted for signing the Declaration of Union in 1652 along with his cousins, Sir George Seaton of Haillis and George Seaton of Hadding (3rd of Barnes).

I, David Seatoun, Deputed of Brunt Hand, Doe in my owne Feb. 28, name and of those I doe represent, In Answere to ye ppositions of the Date the 24 February 1651, delivered to me by the honoble Comissioners of the Parliament of the Comon Wealth of England.
First, I, in my owne name and in behalfe as aforesaid, doe cheerefully assent and accquiesse to the Parliam't Tender in theire declaracon, that Scotland be made one Comonwealth with England, that thereby the same goument that is established in England without Kinge and house of Lords under a free state and Comon wealth may be receaved and embraced by the people of Scotland, and holds the uniting of the two nations into one Comon wealth Under one supreame Authority haveinge the same Comon priviledges and interests, the excellent blessinge of god. And are much convinced that this through his blessinge can only effect unto the longe desired settlem' of this Hand in a firme and constant peace.
Secondly, wee shall live peaceably undr and yeeld obedience unto the Authority of the Parliament of the Common Wealth of England excercised in Scotland untill ye Union be with conveniencye and safety rendred practicable.
Thirdly, wee shall be ready to tender such ppositions when we shall be required as wee shall conceaue most requisite for bringing to effect the Union and settlement with safe speed and best satisfaccon to ye people of Scotland. In witnes whereof I haue subscribed these p'sents w0i my hand at Dalkeith this 28th of February 1651.
D. Seton.
Vera copia: Jo. Phelpes, Seer. Endorsed:—Brunt Islande Burgh, Deputies Assent, February 28,1651.

In 1661 he was made a Burgess of Edinburgh, and from 1665 to the date of his death in July, 1670, he was a member of the Scots Parliament, and was also a Commissioner of Excise in fife.  The writer, Lamont, in his Diary,noting his death in 1670, styles him 'Baylie Seytoun in Bruntelland'.

  m.(1648) Beatrix Richardson
  ((i)) John Seton, was a Writer and held the appointment of Notary Public and Town Clerk of Burntisland from 1683 to 1712. He was also Burgess of Edinburgh.
  m. (c.1686) Janet Angus
  ((a)) David Seton, who predeceased his father, sp.
  ((b)) James Seton
  m. unknown
  ((c)) John Seton, of the Slate House, Bute.
  ((ii)) David Stewart Seton, Clerk of Fife, who was alive in 1715, and left at least three sons.
  m. unknown
  ((a)) son Seton
  m. unknown
  ((b)) son Seton
  m. unknown
  (((1))) son Seton
    m. unknown
  ((c)) son Seton
  m. unknown
  ((d)) other issue Seton
  ((iii)) Captain Michael Seton, Baillie of Burntisland, (b.16??, d.1691).  In 1680 he was a witness in a case in which Captain John Niven was charged with uttering slanderous speeches against James, Duke of Albany (afterwards, King James VII and II).
  ((iv)) dau (s) Seton
  ((2)) Michael Seton, of "Nether Urqharts"
  ((A)) son Seton
  ((i)) son Seton
  ((ii)) daughter Seton
  (c) Margaret Seton
  m. (01.1549) Thomas Lumsden of Airdrie.
  (d) Christian Seton
  m. David Pitcairn of Forthir.
  (iii) David Seton
  m. unknown.
  (iv) Janet Seton
  m. unknown.
  (B) Andrew Seton, Vicar of Strathmiglo, c.1534.
  (C) Gilbert Seton, last Catholic Vicar of Strathmiglo, (d.c.01.1573).
  (D) dau Seton.
  (E) dau Seton.
  (2) William Seton, Younger of Parbroath
    m. unknown
  (A) William Seton, 1st of Rumgavie (also called Ramgallie).
  m. Catherine Butler, Heiress of Rumgavie
  (i) William Seton, 2nd of Rumgavie (d. 09.1547).  He died along with many of his kinsmen at the Battle of Pinkie, 1547.
  m. Catherine Auchmuty
  (a) David Seton of Rumgavie
  m. unknown
  ((1)) son Seton of Rumgavie.
  m. unknown
  (ii) William Seton, younger of Rumgavie (noted in Testament Records of Edinburgh, Jan. 30th, 1565).
  (3) John Seton, 1st of Lathrisk and Balbirnie, Sheriff of Fife. Acquired the Lands of Wester Lathrisk in Charter from his father-in-law on 27 November 1483.
    m. Jonet Lathrisk, Heiress of Alexander Lathrisk of Fairliesland
  (A) John Seton, 2nd of Lathrisk (b.14??, d. before September, 1557).  In his Minority, he had a Charter of the Lands of Lathrisk, Cuthland, Denork and Orky upon his parents Resignation dated 11th April 1495.
  m. Janet Auchmuty (dau of Alexander Auchmouthie of Auchmouthie).
  (i) John Seton, 3rd of Lathrisk.  Had a Charter from his father for the Lands of Wester Lathrisk, Cuthland and Darroch and others, confirmed under the Great Seal on 7th May 1551. Had a Charter with his spouse under the Great Seal for the Lands of Wester Lathrisk.
  m.c. 21.03.1552 Alice Bonar (dau of William Bonar of Rossie)
  (a) George Seton, Younger of Lathrisk, (d.c.1575-77), pre-deceased his father.
  m. unknown.
  ((1)) John Seton, 4th of Lathrisk (b.?, d.1598/1603). He had a Charter from his father for the Lands of Lumquhat on 4th February 1558, and succeeded his grandfather.
  m. Margaret Ross, (dau of Thomas Ross 6th of Craigie).
  ((A)) Patrick Seton, 5th of Lathrisk (b.15??, d.14.10.1665), succeeded his great-grandfather. He and his wife were infeft in the Lands of Wester Lathrisk, Cuthland, Darroch, Easter Lathrisk ad others, on 5th April 1599.
  m (c23.05.1598). Barbara Arnot (dau of Robert Arnot of Newton Falkland)
  ((i)) John Seton 6th of Lathrisk. Mentioned in a Charter of King Charles I, 19.08.1642, as fiar of Lathrisk. On 18th June 1669 he had a charter of the lands of Wester and Easter Lathrisk, incorporated into a single barony in favour of himself and his 2nd wife, Agnes Beatoun.
  m1st. (m. 08.10.1646) at Edinburgh, Jean Stuart (Stewart)
  ((a)) Patrick Seton, 7th of Lathrisk. He succeeded his fathe and was also out in the '15 and was forfeited as a result. He is also noted in a Bond containing Tack from Patrick Seton of Lathrisk; 24 June 1717.  Report to the Treasury from the Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland, he invested in the Darien Expedition and is noted on the Perfect List of Subscribers.
  m. unknown
  (((1))) Robert Seton of Lathrisk.  Had a Bond to Charles Hamilton, Gentleman of Horse to His Grace, the Duke of Hamilton.
    m. Marion Pitcairn, youngest dau of umql Alexander Pitcairn of that ilk; Marriage Contract; 11 July 1727.
  (((A))) Robert Seton
  (((2))) Andrew Seton, Apprenticed in Edinburgh, to Henry Bethune, Goldsmith in Edinburgh on 06 November, 1706.
    m. unknown
  (((A))) issue
  (((3))) Patrick Seton of Lathrisk, 3rd and surviving son of Patrick Seton of Lathrisk, Warrant dated July, 1738 - "Of the lands of Lathrisk, forfeited by Patrick Seton, attainted as above, to Patrick Seton, third and surviving son of said Patrick, all in further pursuance and rectification, &c., as above".  Merchant in Edinburgh and resident of Dalquhorn in Feb, 1739.
    m. unknown
  (((A))) John Seton, Baxter of Kennoway (sold interest in the estate of Lathrisk, circa 1720 and noted in the captured prisoners of 1745)
    m. unknown
  (((i))) issue unknown
  (((B))) Christopher Seton, Merchant of Methill, (noted in the captured prisoners of 1745), As the Lathrisk estates had been forfeited he became a merchant in Methil, Fife. He came out in
the '45, with his son Alexander, and was employed in collecting funds for the Prince.
    m. unknown
  (((i))) Alexander Seton. He was described as "paymaster general to the Rebells" and as "Collector "of Excise" under the Earl of Kellie. After Culloden
he hid in Atholl and ultimately got abroad.
    m. unknown
  (((a))) issue Seton
  (((ii))) William Seton. A non-juring Minister of Forfar, he was imprisoned in Montrose on 19th May 1746 for "preaching "a rebellious sermon". He was released in August.
    m. unknown
  (((a))) issue Seton
  (((C))) Andrew Seton, Chapman of Alyth, (noted in the captured prisoners of 1745)
    m. unknown
  (((i))) issue unknown
  (((D))) dau (s) Seton
  (((4))) Jean Seton
    m. unknown
  ((b)) John Seton. He joined the Royal Army at Dunfermline in 1715, and was nearly captured by a party of Argyle's force under Colonel Cathcart. He died about 1720.
  m. unknown
  m2nd. Agnes Bethune (Beaton), (06.12.1656) at Kilrennie, 2nd dau of John Bethune of Balfour and Katherine Halyburton of Pitcur.
  ((c)) James Seton, Minister of Creich.  He graduated from the University of St. Andrews with a Master of Arts on 24th July 1679, and was ordained Minister of Creich in 1685, but was deprived by Privy Council in 1690 for refusing to read the Proclamation of the Estates.
  m. unknown
  ((d)) Ann Seton
  m. (c1667) Thomas Marjoriebanks of that Ilk (as his 2nd wife, he married 1st Margaret, dau of John Sandilands, 4th Lord Torphichen). d.1704.
  ((ii)) Alexander Seton (Seaton) ' younger of Lathrisk', Admiral and Governor of Stralsund in Sweden. Raised a soldier in Holland, he assisted in the Funeral of Chancellor Alexander Seton, 1st Earl of Dunfermline in 1622, before he joined the Scottish contingent sent to German wars in the Thirty Years War, and entered the service of Christian IV of Denmark, and advanced to the rank of a Captain of infantry on the 8th April 1626.  Later, upon request by the Danish king to the Scottish Privy Council, they allowed Seaton to levy 500 Scottish soldiers on the 30th June, and after service there as Colonel, on the 28th of February 1627, he was advanced to the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel.

After a period of leave and involvement in the Ulster Plantatin, in 1645 he had returned and had been advanced to the rank of a Colonel in the Norwegian army and navy. Later that year he took over eight ships of the Danish navy to fight Sweden, and there was promoted to the rank of Admiral: the last appointment of a British-Scot in Christian IV's service.  With these ships, he took part in the "Norwegian response", attacking Gothenburg (Göteborg) from the sea.  His assault took place in August, just before the Treaty of Brömsebro ended the Danish-Swedish war in favour of Sweden, on 13/23 August 1645.  The last record of him is on 19 April 1649, in the Norwegian army, where he was supposedly killed.

He is said to have married the daughter of a Swedish naval officer who blew up his ship in an action at Danzig to escape capture.

  m. unknown
  ((a)) David Seton
  ((b)) Other issue Seton
  ((iii)) Henry Seton
  m. unknown
  ((a)) issue unknown
  ((iv)) James Seton
  m. unknown
  ((a)) issue unknown
  ((v)) Anna Seton
  ((vi)) Isobel Seton
  ((vii)) Katherine Seton, Lady Myres.  After the death of her second husband Gen. John Leslie, she resided in her later years at Pitmedden (c.1663).
  m1st (1629), Andrew Montcrieff of Readie (Reidie)
  m2nd (1645) General John Leslie of Myres
  ((viii)) Margaret Seton
  ((ix)) Barbara Seton
  m.05.05.1648 Francis Hay of Strowie, at Kettle
  ((B)) Elizabeth Seton
  m. William Ballingall, son and Heir of Thomas Ballingall of Riggs, with whom they had a Charter of Joint Infeftment in the lands of Riggs on 28th April, 1603.
  ((2)) Andrew Seton, younger of Lathrisk.  Noted in a Charter dated at Orkye 4th January, 1576 from his brother John Seytoun of Wester Lauthrisk, of the lands of Easter Lathrisk.
  m. unknown
  ((A)) issue Seton
  m. unknown
  (b) James Seton, younger of Lathrisk, and later of Ramelrie (b.c.1536, d.1590) - noted in Testament Records of Edinburgh, Oct. 22nd, 1580).
  m. Isobel Balfour, Lady Carrelstoun (widow of John Seton of Cariston)
  ((1)) George Seton of Ramelrie, or also as "of Rameldrie" (Charter to his brother John Seton, and his uncle Patrick Seton, of the vicarage of Strathmiglo, dated 1590)
  ((2)) John Seton of Strathmiglo (Charter dated 1590), heir of his uncle, Captain Patrick Seton.
  m. unknown
  ((A)) Alexander Seton "in Strameglo", listed in a Retour and Inquest of Cupar, dated Sept. 6, 1592, along with his uncles William and John.
  ((i)) son Seton
  ((B)) Christopher Seton "in Strameglo"
  ((i)) son Seton
  ((3)) Isabella Seton (b.c.1566, d?).
  m. Robert Maxwell of Calderwood.  They settled in Kilbride, County Armagh, Ireland.
  ((4)) Jane Seton (b.c.1580, d16??).
  m. Robert Echlin of Pitaddro (b.1576, d.1635).  He was later, in 1601, Minister of Inverkeithing in Fife, and in 1613 became Bishop of Down and Connor in Ireland.  They settled in Ardquin, County Down, Ireland.
  (c) William Seton of Leith (listed in a Retour and Inquest of Cupar, dated Sept. 6, 1592)
  m. unknown
  ((1)) Seton's of Leith
  (d) John Seton of Auchmutie (Auchmuty or Auchtermuchie), heir to his brother in 1590, listed in a Retour and Inquest of Cupar, dated Sept. 6, 1592
  m. unknown
  ((1))  issue
  (e) Captain Patrick Seton, served in the Gens d'Armes Eccossais en France (Scots Guards) and Usan of the King of France's Guards (dsp.16.02.1600).  He was the youngest male of five males in his family, and served in the Scots Guards in France.  He never married, though died wealthy, which is noted in his will.  He died in the Elgin residence of Chancellor Alexander Seton, Lord Fyvie and 1st Earl of Dunfermline.
  (f) dau Seton.
  (ii) Patrick Seton, along with his brothers George and Andrew were substitute heris to their elder brother John Seton in the Lands of Lumquhat on 3 November, 1549.
  (iii) George Seton, a witness with his father to a Charter by Mr. John Spens of Condie for the Lands of Barclay-Struie to Mr. William Seton, his brother, on 2 October 1556, and from whom his nephew and namesake George Seton was retoured heir in the churchlands of Strathmiglo, on 28th April, 1590.
  (iv) Andrew Seton, witness to a Charter by George Seton, Lord Seton to Mark Ker, Commendatore of Newbattle on 13th May 1567, and had a Charter from John Seton of Lathrisk, his brother, for the lands of Langflett on 4th January, 1576.
  (v) Christopher Seton, a Priest and Vicar of Strathmiglo. Charter from his brother as brother-german of John Seton of Lathrisk, granted a Charter of the Lands of Randerston to Alexander Myrton and Christian Seton his spouse on 9th August 1557.  He obtained the churchlands of Strathmiglo by 18th May 1572, which he disponed or fell to his brothers Mr. George Seton and Mr. David Seton.
  m. n/a
  (a) natural son - Alexander Seton, had letters of Legitimation under the Great Seal on 15 January 1556.  With his father, he had a Charter from Alison Charteris, relict of Thomas Fotheringham of Powrie for the lands or Tarsappy on 16th May 1555, and is named with his father in letters of regression granted to Sir William Scott of Balwearie for the lands of Petlour and Wester Achnarie dated 18th May, 1572.
  m. unknown
  ((1)) issue
  (vi) David Seton, appointed Vicar of Strathmiglo, and dsp prior to 30 May, 1590.
  (vii) William Seton, had a Charter by Mr. John Spens of Condie for the Lands of Barclay-Struie with his brother Mr. George Seton, on 2 October 1556.
  m. unknown
  (a) George Seton 'of Strathmiglo', had a Charter of Confirmation under the Great Seal for the churchlands of Strathmiglo which had previously pertained to his deceased uncles Mr. David Seton and Mr. George Seton and in which he is styled as son of the deceased William Seton.  He afterwards disponed these lands to his cousin, Captain Patrick Seton in 1590.
  m. unknown
  ((1)) issue
  (viii) Alexander Seton, styled as 'brother of the Laird of Lathrisk', when witness to a Charter by Alexander Seton, Prior of Pluscarden (later 1st Earl of Dunfermline), in favour of James Geddie in Urquhart on 28th October 1582.
  m. unknown
  (a) David Seton, infeft in an annualrent of 10 Merks from the lands of Woddersbie by James Sandilands younger of Saint Monans, on 16th June 1576, and is styled as son of Alexander Seton, "brother of John Seton of Lathrisk".
  m. unknown
  ((1)) issue
  (ix) Elizabeth Seton.
  m. James Spens of Lathallan (d.1595)
  (x) Janet Seton, to whom her father granted the Lands of Kilmarone on 12 October 1552.
  m. Bernard Oliphant (of the family Aberdalgie).
  (xi) Margaret Seton.
  m. Robert Hunter of Newton Rires.
  (xii) Christian Seton.
  m. Alexander Myrton of Randerston
  (B) John Seton, 1st of Balbirny, styled as son of John Seton of Lathrisk as witness to Charter of Matthew Quite of Kilmarone on April 25th 1513, and as brother of John Seton of Lathrisk in 1521.
  m. Margaret Balbirny (heiress of John Balbirny of that Ilk).
  (i) Alexander Seton of Balbirny, retoured heir to his mother in the middle-part of the Lands of Balbirny on July 26 1559, which he disponed June 6th 1565.
  m. unknown
  (a) dau. Seton
  m. John Orrock in Burntisland (styled as son-in-law to Alexander Seaton of Balbirny, 6th June 1565.
  (C) David Seton, of Balbirny, witness to Charter of Matthew Quite of Kilmarone of the Lands of Kilmarone in favour of Mr. Alexander Seton, Vicar of Bothelny 25th April 1513.
  m. unknown
  (i) issue
  m. unknown
  (a) unknown
  (4) Gilbert Seton, a Master Clerk, Priest and a scholar who died in Rome.
  (5) David Seton, a Priest, the noted Rector of Fettercairn and Balhelny who studied at the University of Paris.  He was a Doctor of Civil and Canon Law and was highly esteemed by King James III, and likewise served King James IV.
  (3) dau Seton
    m. John Strachan of Claypotts, brother to the Vicar of Strathmiglo (c 1498).
  E Christopher de Seton (illeg. dsp 1333)
  ((1)) Sir Alexander (or John) de Seton (dsp c1346)
m. (1346) Margaret de Ruthven (dau of William de Ruthven of that ilk).