The Seton's of Touch Descent

(revised November 2013)

B. Sir Alexander de Seton, 1st Lord Gordon (d 1440)
m. (1408) Elizabeth Gordon of Gordon (d 16.03.1438-9, dau of Sir Adam Gordon of that ilk)
i. Alexander Seton, 1st Earl of Huntly (d 15.07.1470)
m1. (c08.01.1426-7, div) Egidia Hay (dau of Sir John Hay of Tullibody)
a. Sir Alexander Seton, 1st Baron of Touch and Tullibody (a 1488, recieved the lands of Gordon and Greenknowe in the Borders as his patrimonial estate), appointed Hereditary Armour Bearer to the King, in a Charter dated November, 1488, which title continued through the Seton's of Touch).
m. Elizabeth Erskine (dau of Thomas Erskine, 2nd Lord)
(1) Sir Alexander Seton, 2nd of Touch (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
m. Elizabeth Home (a 'natural' dau of Alexander, Lord Home)
(A) Sir Ninian Seton, Kt, 3rd of Touch (b.150?, d. 05.1546). He first married one Matilda Grahame, but on 26th  Aug. 1516 the Consistorial Court of St. Andrews granted him a release on the ground that, before marrying Ninian she had had relations with William, Earl of Montrose who was related to Ninian within the fourth degree of con- sanguinity .( "^ By this marriage there was no issue. He married, secondly, Janet, daughter of Sir Edward Chisholm of Cromlix, and widow of Sir Alexander Napier of Merchiston, and by her had five children. But again he appealed to St. Andrews, and, on 13th May 1535 the marriage was annulled on precisely the same grounds as the first one, owing to her having had relations, before her marriage, with one John Buchanan, who was related to Ninian within the prohibited degrees,
m1st. Matilda Graham - no issue (marriage was dissolved)
m2nd. Janet Chisholm (dau of Sir Edward Chisholm of Cromlix)
(i) Sir Walter Seton, Kt, 4th of Touch, Sheriff of Stirling (b.1519, d.10.1568). His father Sir Ninian, on the 14th January 1534/35 had handed over to him the lands and baronies of Touch and of Tullibody. On his father's death he succeeded to the estates in Gargunnock which had been acquired by his grandfather, this was only one sixth of the estate, and Walter Seton then proceeded to buy from John Seton of Gargunnock his half of the property, and the barony and mill thereof, and obtained a Royal Charter of confirmation on 29 August 1547.
m.(c.1541) Elizabeth Erskine (dau of John, 5th Lord Erskine, and sister of the 6t Lord Erkine and Earl of Mar)
(a) James Seton, 5th of Touch (builder of Greenknowe Tower in the Borders; involved in the Raid of Ruthven, but pardoned by King James VI from Stirling, 24.10.1583).
m1. Janet Cranstoun
((1)) John Seton, 6th of Touch (d. 1622)
m. Elizabeth Home (dau of Sir George Home of Wedderburn).
((A)) James Seton, 7th of Touch (d. 1630)
m. (02.11.1615) Barbara Cranstoun, (dau of Sir William Cranstoun of that ilk)
((i)) James Seton, 8th of Touch (a. April 23rd, 1630, d.1680)
m. Rebecca Murray (daughter of Sir James Murray of Kilbaberton).  Marriage contracts dated 2nd and 19th January 1638.
((a)) James Seton, 9th of Touch (b.c.1640, d.1702)
m1st. Elizabeth Maule. (daughter of Henry Maule Keeper of the Signet and Grizel Seton whose identity is unknown). She died in 1663, without issue.
m2nd. Anne Stewart of Grandtully. (daughter of Sir Thomas Stewart of Grandtully). She died in 1668, without issue .
m3rd. Elizabeth Stirling. (daughter of Sir Archibald Stirling of Keir and Garden), by whom he had issue.
(((1))) Archibald Seton, 10th of Touch (a. 11.1702, d. 1726)
m. Barbara Hunter (dau and heiress of Alexander Hunter of Muirhouse), married in 1721.
(((A))) James Seton, 11th of Touch (dsp. 1742)
(((B))) Elizabeth Seton, heiress of Touch.
m. Hugh Smith - he took the name of Seton and became Hugh Seton, 12th of Touch. (he was Grand Master Mason of Scotland 1748-49).
(((i))) Archibald Seton, 13th of Touch, Governor of Penang and Member of the Supreme Council Bengal, & Governor of Prince of Wales' Island.  He was also Heritable Armour Bearer & Squire of the King's body.
(((ii))) Lillian Seton - heiress of Touch (b. ?, d. 1835)
m. Sir Alan-Henry Steuart, 1st Baronet of Allanton, married 1787 he adopted the Seton name and became Seton-Steuart. (b. ?, d, 1836)
(((a))) Elizabeth-Margaret Seton-Steuart - heiress of Allanton and Touch (as the only child, her ladyship held the hereditary office of Heritable Armour Bearer to the Queen and Squire of the Royal Body), married 1812, inherited Touch from her mother in 1835. (b. 31.10.1790, d. 02.08.1866)
m. Sir Reginald Macdonald, 2nd Bart of Staffa, inherited the Allanton Baronetcy  from his father-in-law and became Sir Reginald Macdonald Seton-Steuart, 2nd Bart of Staffa, and of Allanton and Touch. (b. ?, d. 15.04.1835).
((((1)))) Sir Henry-James Seton-Steuart, 3rd Bart of Allanton and Touch, Heritable Armour Bearer to the King and Squire of the Royal Body (b. 5 Nov 1812, dsp. 6 Dec 1884)
m. Elizabeth Montgomerie.
((((2)))) Archibald Seton-Steuart, Esq. (b. 18 May 1814 d. 21 Oct 1872).
m. Katherine Stein (d. 12.1872).
((((A)))) Sir Alan-Henry Seton-Steuart, 4th Baronet of Allanton and Touch, Heritable Armour Bearer to the King and Squire of the Royal Body (b. 23.04.1856, dsp. 03.04.1913).
((((B)))) Sir Douglas Archibald Seton-Steuart, 5th and last Baronet of Allanton and Touch, Heritable Armour Bearer to the King and Squire of the Royal Body (b. 20.08.1857, dsp. 19.02.1930).
((((3)))) Colin-Reginald Seton-Steuart (dsp.)
((((4)))) Isabella Seton-Steuart (dsp. 08.08.1893).
m. Rev. John Lockhart Rose.
((((5)))) Lillias-Margaret Seton-Steuart (dsp. 05.07.1866).
m. Mr. Urquhart
(((iii))) Barbara Seton (d.10.01.1835), known as Barbara Brotherston Seton of Touch, noted as of Bath, Co. Somerset, England, she died a widow in Stirlingshire, Scotland.
m. Lewis Brotherson, of St. Christopher's.
(((2))) George Seton, He was a doctor by profession, and an active Jacobite. The  name of his wife is not known but he had a daughter, Lucy, born in 1676. He died sometime after 1708, when he was in hiding, in connection with the abortive 'Rising', after 1721.
m. unknown
(((A))) Lucy Seton (b. 03.1676)
m. unknown
(((3))) Lilias Seton, She never married, and was a devoted guardian to her nephew and nieces after the death of Archibald, and acted as factrix of Touch, at least until 1742. She was, alive in 1748.
(((4))) Charlotte Seton, (b.????, died,1738).
(((5))) Grizell Seton. She married George Moir of Leckie, They both died circa 1721, leaving a son James Moir who succeeded his father.
m. George Moir of Leckie
p. mother (dau of the family of Keith)
(((6))) illegit. Keith Seton, "called younger of Touch", he fled to Sweden after the "Rising" of 1715 with his cousin, Sir George Stirling of Sinclair and others, in 1716, and noted in the Newcastle Courant for 1716.  The escape via Caithness and Kirkwall to Sweden of 120 rebels, among them Lord Duffus, Sir George Stirling of Sinclair and Keith Seaton of Touch, appeared on 3 March. A journal of the proceedings of captured rebels from Edinburgh to London, written by a Scots prisoner in the Marshal Sea, was published in instalments. ESTC records 9 holdings of the Newcastle Courant in Britain, but none in Scotland.
m. unknown
((b)) Euphemia Seton.
m. unknown
((ii)) Euphemia Seton. She married, firstly, Patrick Hamilton of Livingston, and secondly William, 1st Earl of Dumfries, by whom she had issue.
m1st. Patrick Hamilton of Peel of Livingston
m2. William Crichton of Darnhaunch, 9th Lord of Sanquhar, 1st Earl of Dumfries (d 1642-3)
((B)) William Seton, Curator to the young James Seton, 8th of Touch. Little is known of him except that on 16th Dec. 1618 he was involved in a serious quarrel with one John Baillie, which is referred to in contemporary records, and that he married Elizabeth Forrester, by whom he had a daughter Margaret .He died in August 1662 and was buried in Greyfriars Churchyard.
m. Elizabeth Forrester
((i)) Margaret Seton
m. unknown
p. mother unknown
((C)) illegit.  Christopher Seton, natural son of John Seton, 6th of Touch, apprenticed with George Waldye in Edinburgh, as a skinner, 4th Jan. 1609.
((D)) illegit.  James Seton, natural son of John Seton, 6th of Touch, apprenticed with John Porterfield in Edinburgh, as a merchant, 27.03.1611.
m2. Eline-Jane Edmonston (dau of Edmonston of Edmonston and Ednam, Roxburgh)
((2)) Sir Alexander Seton of Gargunnock and Culcreuch, Lord Kilcreuch, Knighted by Charles I in 1633
m.Marion Maule (dau of William Maule of Glaster, of the Panmure Family)
the Seton's of Graden, Abercorn, Gargunnock, Preston and Ekolsund, etc... The Seton's of Abercorn line now respresents the line of the Seton's of Touch.
see the Seton's of Abercorn line of descent
((3)) Robert Seton. He was made burgess and guild-brother of Stirling on 3rd Dec . 1600 "without any composition payit.. in respect of the grit paynes and travellis tane by the sd Robert in beitting (mending) of the brig of Tullibody".
m. unknown.
((4)) James Seton, Rector of Aberfoyle
m. unknown.
((5)) George Seton, of Redhall (Reidhall in the Barony of Touch, or also called 'West Kers').  (b16??, d.1634) Dsp.
m. unknown.
((6)) William Seton, younger of Touch.
m. unknown.
illeg   William Seton, Apprenticed to James Cunningham, Tailor, Dec.06, 1648 in Edinburgh.
m. unknown
(b) Cristell Seton (Christopher), curator with his brother James to son of John, 8th Lord Forbes and his sister, James Forbes of Kilconquar on 15 April 1580, He had a letter of gift of the escheat of goods which belonged to James Hopper, who was convicted of the slaughter of William Malice on 04th August 1580. He died in 1596, leaving an estate of 1588.
m. Rebecca Cornell
((1)) Archibald Seton
m. unknown
((2)) Walter Seton
m. unknown
((3)) Margaret Seton
m. unknown
((4)) Elspeth Seton
m. unknown
((5)) Geilis Seton (d.1600).
m. Patrick Ogilvy of Inchmartin
p. mother unknown
illegit  John Seton
m. unknown
(c) Robert Seton (b.15??, d.11.1610). He was Vicar of Logie, and on 27th November 1562 he had a letter appointing him "prebendar" or vicar of the parish of Logie in the diocese of Dunblane, vacant by the decease of John Forfar. This was ratified at Holyroodhouse 3rd March 1581/82. Along with his brother James he took part in the "Raid of Ruthven" in August 1582, and ultimately had a pardon dated Stirling 24th October 1583. He also administered to the affairs of his mother and for her Testament and was noted as her Executor.
m. unknown
((1)) Henry Seton, he was Vicar of Aberfoyle in 1569.
m. unknown
((2)) James Seton, he benefitted from the will of his grandmother, Lady Erskine long survived her husband and died at Touch on 5th June 1598. Her testament which is in the Commissariot Registers of Edinburgh, was made up by her son Robert, and James inheriting a sum to the amount of 1.
m. unknown
(d) William Seton.
m. unknown
(e) Janet (Jean) Seton (d 02.02.1616), her marriage contract was signed by Queen Mary Stuart with a promise of 1000 merks tocher.
m1. Sir John Bellenden of Auchnoull
m2. (before 15.07.1579/80) John Forbes, 8th Lord (b 03.07.1542, d 29.06.1606)
(f) Elspeth Seton
m1st. John Buchannan (div 1575).
m2nd. James Reddock and had a daughter Katherine.
(g) Geilis Seton. She is mentioned in John' Muschet ' s Protocol Book (1562-1586) . She married John Lennox of Woodhead, and had two sons "Jells" and a daughter Elizabeth.
m. John Lennox of Woodhead
(ii) Archibald Seton. He had a dispute with his elder brother about a tack in Kepdarroch, in Feb. 1565.
m. Jonet Spittell
(a) issue
(iii) Alexander Seton, 'of Touch'.  He was joint tenant of the lands of Nether-Lanerk in Perthshire, and described in a process of ejectment in November 1569, as "brother to the deceased Walter Seytoun of Touch".
m. unknown
(a) issue
(vi) Margaret Seton
m. David Sommerville of Piean (as his second wife)
(v) daughter Seton, of the family of Touch.
p. mother unknown
(vi) illegit. Christopher Seton.  The Privy Seal Register in 1590 contained a precept of legitimation to Christopher Seytoun "sone natural" of the late Sir Ninian Seton of Tullibody, Knight. This legitimation belated, as Ninian had been dead 44 years.
m. unknown
(a) issue
m. known
(B) Alexander Seaton, Friar, personal priest to King James V, and noted Scottish Protestant Reformer, Chaplain to Duke of Suffolk. He was a Dominican friar, and chaplain and confessor to James V. About 1534 he began, according to John Knox, "to tax the corrupt doctrine of the papacy, maintaining that the law of God had of many years not been truly taught". He was, inconsequence of his statements, compelled to leave the country. He fled to London and then became
chaplain to Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk. In 1541, he recanted publicly in London, at St. Paul's Cross; and died the following year, dsp.
(C) James Seton of Touch. Little is known of him, except that he was murdered by the "Baron of Bordlandis", who was put to the horn and escheited in 1545.
m. dau Drummond of Malcolm Drummond, 1st of Kilbride and Meggar
(i) issue
p. mother unknown
(D) illegit. John Seton of Gargunnock and 'of Tullibody'. In the Privy Seal Register there is a precept for legitimation, dated Stirling 31st Jan. 1530/31 to "John Seytoun of Gargunnock, Bastard son natural of umquhile Alexander Setoun of Tullibody". On the other hand in a charter of 1526 he is styled "brother german" of Ninian. In December 1526, John was appointed a "gentleman of the King's House" with a salary of 40 yearly during his lifetime." He married married one of the two co-heiresses of Gargunnock, Janet Turnbull; on 23rd November 1515 they had a charter under the Great Seal of "the fourth part of the lands and mill of Gargunnock and 3-pound lands of Plane, Stirlingshire; and half of the seventh part of the lands of Fordale, Fifeshire, which the said Janet resigned". By his marriage he had a son John "Younger of Gargunnock" who married Helen Callander, and in 1536 had a charter in conjunct fee of "half of the lands and barony of Gargunnock, with half the mill thereof., which belonged heritably to the said John, and were personally resigned by him in the hands of the King at Stirling.
m. Janet Turnbull
(i) John Seton of Tullibody
m. Helen Callander
(a) Walter Seton of Tullibody
m. unknown
((1)) Seton of Tullibody
m. unknown
(ii) James Seton of Tullibody
m. unknown
(a) son Seton
m. unknown
((1)) son Seton
m. unknown
(2) dau's Seton