The Seton Family



'Hazard Yet Forward'

Motto of the Seton's of Cariston

The Seton's of Cariston, of Treskerby Manor in Cornwall, and of Australia and Canada.

Branches include: Kennoway and the Baron Baillie's of the Barony of Kennoway; Drummaird, Balgonie, Blackhall,  Markinch, Potterhill; of Dublin in Ireland; of Pontefract in Yorkshire, of Grimesthorp Hall in Yorkshire; and Lords of the Manors of Treskerby, Trevornoe, Nanpean, and Little Treravel in Cornwall; of Calcutta and Bombay in India; of France and Flanders.

John Seton 1st Baron of Cariston, 2nd son of George, 6th Lord Seton, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of John, Lord Yester, m. Isabel, dau. and heiress of Balfour of Cariston, co. Fife. 

During the absence of his brother George, 7th Lord Seton, abroad, a report of his lordship's decease having reached Scotland, John was put in possession of his whole estate, as appears by a charter under the Great Seal, dated 1545.  He also assumed the titles of Lord Seton, and sat in parliament as a peer; but, on his brother's return, was justly dispossessed of both estates and honours, but stepped aside honourably and returned to his estate of Cariston. He had two sons,

George, his heir.

John (Sir). Knt., a capt. in the Scots guards in France, m. a dau. of the Count de Bourbon, by whom he had a dau., who in. Adinston, of that ilk. The elder son,

George Seton, 2nd Baron of Cariston, m. a dau. of John Ayton, of that ilk, co. Fife, and had besides four daughters, four sons, Alexander, Andrew (who followed his uncle and settled in Flanders), Christopher; and his successor, George.

George Seton, 3rd Baron of Cariston, who m. Cecilia, dau. of Kynynmond, of that ilk, and Craighall, co. Fife, and by her had three sons and three dau's.,

George, his heir.

David, m. and settled in Yorkshire, and had issue.

Alexander, m. the widow of Binning of Dunino.

Isabella, m. to Seton of Parbroath.

Cecilia. Ami .-.

His son and successor,

George Seton, 4th Baron of Cariston, m. Margaret, eldest dau. of Sir Thomas Seton, of Olivestob, 4th son of Robert, 1st Earl of Winton, and left (with three daus., viz., Mary, m. to Binning, of Dunino; Elizabeth; and Anne) six sons, viz.,

I. George, d. young. n. Christopher, his heir.

in. Alexander, m. a dau. of Lindesay, of Pitkandlie, co. Forfar.

iv. David, m. Marjory, dau. and heiress of Archibald, of Blackhall, co. Fife, and had several children, of whom, David, m. Christian- 2nd dau. of Sir John Clerk, Bart, of Penicuick, co. Edinburgh, and left issue (besides other children) a son, Henry, capt. in the French regt. of Chasseurs Britonniques, with which corps he served in the Americas war, where he was severely wounded. He m. Margaret, dau. of George, 7th baron of Cariston.

v. John, killed in a scuffle at Falkland, by a party of Cromwell's troopers. vi. William. The 4th baron d. 1683, and was suc. by his son,

Christopher Seton, 5th Baron of Cariston and was heir to the Seton's of Olivestob and the Baronetcy of Olivestob through Right of his mother., who m1st. Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Patrick Lindesay, of Woolmenton, co. Fife, by whom he had, with one dau., Catharine, m. to John Lindsay, of Kirkforthar, two sons, and m2nd Helen Watson (dau of Watson of Atherny and had 8 children, most of whom died young.

George, his heir.

Christopher, who m. Elizabeth, dau. of Mr. John Adair, geographer for Scotland, and had several children, of whom, Robert (6. 1722: d. 1795), m. Margaret, dau. of Richard Cox. Esq. of Dublin, by whom he had (with two daus., Sarah, m. to Miles Marley, Esq., and Juliana, who d. unm.) four sons, I. Robert-Eglinton, an officer in toe army, killed in the American war; u. Winton ; in. Christopher-Melville, who both d. in childhood; iv. William-Carden, Col C.B., b. 1775, who commanded the 88th regt. at Bartajos and Salamanca; he d. 24 March. IA42, having m. Margaret, dau. of C. Hazlem, Esq., by whom he had (with two daus., Juliana-Josephine, m. to the Rev. W.-H. M'AIpine, and Margaret, d. unm.) four sons, 1 Miles-charles Seton, Esq. of Treskerby, Camborne, Cornwall, formerly an officer in the 85th regt., 6.23 Sept. 1808; m. 1st, 1832, Ann-Maria, dau. and heir of Josias Cocke, Esq. of Camborne, by whom he had, William Carden, Leut. 82nd regt., 6.4 Feb. 1836; Miles-Charles Capt. 67th regt., b. 17 Nov. 1838; and Julia, who is »,; he m. 2ndly, 1841, Mary-Ursula, eldest dau. of William, 2nd Viscount Sidmouth, by whom he has Henry Cariston, b. 22 Jan. 1842,Bertram-William, b. 12 March, 1845, Leonard-Miles, 6. 20 Feb. 1847, Malcolm-Robert, b. 10 July, 1850, Ronald, 6. 18 March, 1853, Edith-Mary. Margaret, Ursula, and Eva: 2 William-Carden. major in the army, m. 1847, Anna-Shaw, only dau. of Henry-Shaw Jones, Esq. of Dollardstown, co. Meath. and has two sons, Henry-Carden and Robert-Eglinton; 3 John Harris: 4 Robert-Eglinton, Capt. city of Dublin militia, st. Jane Garnett. Jean, m. George, 7th Baron of Cariston.

The 6th Baron m. 2ndly, Helen, dau. of Watson, of Atherov, and by her had Issue, David, Robert, James, who all d. young; Anne; Margaret; Mary, m. to Mr. Lamont, surgeon; and Jean, m. to Christopher, son of Lamont, of Newton, lie d, 1718, aged 73, and was s. by his eldest son,

George Seton, 6th Baron of Cariston, who in. 1st, Margaret, eldest dau. of David Boswell, of Balmuto, co. Fife, by whom he had one son, George, his heir. He m. 2ndly, Margaret, dau. of James Law, of Brunton, co. Fife, and by her had (with three daus., Margaret, d. young; Elizabeth, m. to Capt. George Lindsay, of Kirkforthar; and Margaret, d. tuna. 1748) three1 sons, viz.,

Christopher, who d. at sea, leaving no issue.

James, an officer in the army engaged in the '45, m. a dau. of Simpson of Brunton, and had one dau., Anne, who d. young.

John, capt. of a West India merchant ship.

The 6th Baron d. 1760, and was s. by his son,

George Seton, 7th Baron of Cariston, who m. Jean, eldest dau. of his uncle, Christopher, and had (with six daus.) three sons, the eldest of whom d. young. He d. 1762, and was *. by his eldest surviving son,

George Seton, 8th Baron, and last proprietor of Cariston, who d. unm. 1767, aged 45, and was s. in the representation of the family by his brother, Christopher, at whose death, a. 1819, it devolved on the descendants of their sister,

Margaret, who m. Henry Seton, grandson of David Seton, of Blackhall, 4th son of George, 4th Baron of Cariston, and had (with two daus., viz., Jean, tn. to William Blair, Esq.; and Melville, m. to William Dawson, Esq. of Tayside, Perth) two sons, David, a capt. in the army. d. s. p. 1826: and

George Seton, of Bombay, who m. 12 Jan. 1819. Margaret, 2nd dau. of James Hunter, Esq. of Seaside, co. Perth, and d. 1825, leaving one son and two daus.:

George, Esq., M.A., Oxon, the representative of line.

Elizabeth, m. July, 1838, to Edward-James Jackson, Esq., and has issue.

Margaret, m. 9 July. 1845, to John Buchanan-Hamilton. Esq. of Leny, Spittal, and Bardowie, chief of the clan Buchanan, and has issue.

George Seton, Esq., M.A., Oxon, representative of the Setons of Cariston, co. Fife, b. 25 June, 1822; called to the Scottish Bar 1846; m. 26 Sept. 1819, Sarah-Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of James Hunter, Esq. of Thurston, co. Haddington, and has issue,

i. George, b. 13 Feb. 1852.

i. Elizabeth-Lindsay. n. Margaret-Montgomerie.

in. Mary-Stuart.

Window of the old Church of St. Kea, Cornwall, with the Arms of Seton of Cariston.Annals of the Setons of Cariston and Treskerby and their Descendants in Australia and Canada / by Peter Cariston Fitzhardinge-Seton


The late Surveyor of the General Post Office, and Postmaster of Glasgow, was a son of the late Mr. Miles Charles Seton (male line representative of the Cariston (Fife) branch of the family of Seton), of Treskerby Manor, Cornwall, and formerly of the 85th Regiment, by his second wife the Hon. Mary Ursula, eldest daughter of the second Viscount Sidmouth.

Born in 1845, he was educated for the army, but the fact that he had three elder brothers already in the service changed his plans.

In May, 1867, after taking first place in the competitive examination, he was appointed to the Receiver and Accountant General's Office of the G.P.O. in London. With the object of entering a branch of the Civil Service in the West-end, he passed another examination in the following year, and in consequence received an appointment to the Board of Trade.

He was then offered an appointment as Assistant-Surveyor of the second-class in the Post Office, and the higher pay, and prospect of country life, led him to accept it.

Accordingly he served in Ireland under Sir Reginald Guinness, formerly Surveyor in the G.P.O., and afterwards Chairman of Guinness' Brewery, till in 1878 he was promoted to an Assistant Surveyorship of the First-Class, and transferred to the North-Eastern or York district. Eight years later he was appointed Surveyor of the Southern District of Ireland, in succession to his former chief, Sir Reginald Guinness.

In 1891 he left Ireland, and had charge for short periods of the North Wales, South Midland, Eastern, and South-Eastern Districts successively. From 1895 to 1900 he remained in the Western (Exeter) District; then, being tired of travelling, he obtained the appointment of Postmaster of Glasgow.

After coming to Glasgow Mr. Seton introduced several valuable reforms. These included the granting of a Saturday half-holiday to the postmen, the betterment of certain Saturday attendances of the sorting clerks, and the establishment of a practice of personally and thoroughly investigating all cases of alleged injustice and hardship. These arrangements were of the greatest value to the army of hard-wrought men under his command, and have certainly not diminished the efficiency of the public service.

Mr. Seton retired from the Civil Service in September, 1906, and died at Stockbridge, Hampshire, on the 19th March, 1907. He married, in 1869, Isabella Mary, second daughter of Nelson Kearney Cotter, M.D., of Buttevant, County Cork, and grand-daughter of Sir James Cotter, second baronet, of Rockforest, Mallow, County Cork. He is survived by his widow and their only child, Mr. Malcolm Seton, of the India Office, London.











Arms —  (Orig.) 1st and 4th, Seton. Or, three crescents, within a double tressure, flowered and counter-flowered, gu.; 2nd and 3rd, Balfour, gu., on a chevron, or, betwixt two otters' heads, in chief, and a fleur-de-lis in base, of the second, an otter's head, erased, of the first.

Crest—On a ducal coronet, a dragon, vert, wings elevated, spouting fire, ppr.. and charged with a star, arg.

Motto—Hazard, yet forward.

The family have sometimes been in the habit of adding the crest of Balfour with the Seton arms, viz., - Or, three crescents, within a double tressure, flowered and counterflowered, gu., and in the centre an otters head, sa, for Balfour.

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