The Seton Viscounts of Kingston Descent

  (1) Sir Alexander Seton of Craigiehall, 1st Viscount Kingston, Lord Kingston and Lord Craigiehall, Baron Whittingehame and Stoneypath (b 13.03.1620, d 21.10.1691), he acquired the lands and baronies of Whittingehame and Stoneypath from his second marriage.
  m1. Jean Fletcher (dau of Sir George Fletcher)
  (A) Charles Seton, Master of Kingston (b 04.04.1653, dsp unm 07.06.1682)
  (B) George Seton (b 29.07.1654, dsp unm 05.1678)
  (C) Alexander Seton (b 04.11.1655, dsp unm 06.10.1676)
  (D) Jean (Agnes or Ann) Seton (b 24.04.1651)
  m. James Douglas, 3rd Lord Mordington (b 1651, a 12.1677)
  (i) George Douglas, 4th Lord Mordington (d 10.06.1741)
    m. (01.04.1715) Catherine Launder (d 06.1741, dau of Rev Robert Launder)
  (a) Charles Douglas, 5th Lord Mordington (dsp before 1791)
  (b) Mary Douglas, Baroness Mordington (d 22.07.1791)
  m. (after 1741) William Weaver (b before 1717, d 28.04.1796)
  (c) Campbellina Douglas
  (E) Isabel Seton (b 18.11.1656, d 16.06.1677)
  (F) Barbara Seton (b 04.09.1659, d 05.11.1679)
  m2. (c1661) Elizabeth Douglas (b c1636, d 1668, dau of Sir Archibald Douglas of Whittinghame)
  (G) Archibald Seton, 2nd Viscount Kingston (b 05.10.1661, dsp unm 1714)
  (H) James Seton, 3rd Viscount Kingston (b 29.01.1667, d c1726), dsp.
  m. (before 16.04.1714) Anne Lindsay (bpt 20.05.1674, d 03.02.1743, dau of Colin, 3rd Earl of Balcarres)
  (I) Arthur Seton (b 30.12.1665, d 23.10.1691)
  (J) John Seton (b 11.10.1666, d 29.04.1674)
  (K) Elizabeth Seton (b 21.04.1668)
  m. (23.11.1695) William Hay of Drumelzier (b 12.1649, d 1726)
  (i) Alexander Hay of Drumelzier and Whittinghame (b 1701, d 13.03.1789)
  m1. Anne Stewart (d 03.1743, dau of Alexander Stewart, 5th Lord Blantyre)
  (a) Margaret Hay (d 02.03.1809), eldest child
  m. (c1770) Sir Henry Seton of Culbeg, 4th Bart of Abercorn (d 29.06.1788) Captain in 17th Regiment of Foot, served in North America for the Reduction of Canada, aid-de-camp to the Hon. Major-Gen. Moncton.
  ((1)) Sir Alexander Seton, 5th Bart of Abercorn (b 04.05.1772, d 04.02.1810)
  m. (20.05.1795) Lydia Blunt (d 23.02.1851, dau of Sir Charles William Blunt, 3rd Bart)
  ((A)) Sir Henry John Seton, 6th Bart of Abercorn (b 04.04.1796, d unm 21.07.1868)
  ((B)) Sir Charles Hay Seton, 7th Bart of Abercorn (b 14.11.1797, d 11.06.1869) had issue
  m. (19.05.1829) Caroline Hodges (d 17.11.1868, dau of Walter Parry Hodges)
  ((C)) Bruce Seton (b 25.0.1799, d 27.11.1876, Colonel) had issue
  m1. (17.06.1825, sp) Jane Elphinstone (dau of John Elphinstone)
  m2. (1839) Emma Orton (d 25.09.1889)
  ((D)) James Seton (b 02.10.1803, d unm 1834)
  ((E)) Alexander Seton (b 14.12.1805, d unm 1831)
  ((F)) Anna Maria (d infant)
  (b) William Hay (dsp)
  (c) Alexander Hay (d 06.12.1758)
  (d) Robert Hay of Drumelzier, Whittinghame and Linplum (b 18.04.1731, d 21.08.1807, 3rd son)
  m. (07.02.1787) Janet Erskine (d 29.08.1808, dau of James Erskine of Cardross)
  ((1)) William Hay of Duns Castle (b 29.02.1788, d 16.05.1876, Convenor of Berwick) had issue
  m. (13.05.1816) Mary Garstin (d 10.06.1863, dau of John Bradstreet Garstin)
  ((2)) James Hay of Linplum (d 02.05.1790, d 02.12.1819)
  ((3)) Alexander Hay of Nunraw (b 06.09.1796, d Waterloo 18.06.1815)
  ((4)) Robert Hay of Linplum and Nunraw (d 04.11.1863) had issue
  m. (1828) Kalitza Psaraki (d 05.06.0885, dau of Alexandros Psaraki of Crete)
  ((5)) Charles Erskine Hay of Nunraw (b 20.10.1801, d 05.05.1827)
  ((6)) Christian Hay (d unm 25.05.1886)
  ((7)) Henrietta Hay (d 06.08.1854)
  m. (29.01.1822) Charles Alexander Moir of Leckie
  ((8)) Anne Hay (d unm 27.02.1882)
  ((9)) Elizabeth Seton Hay (d unm 08.03.1858)
  (e) James Hay of Nunraw
  (f) John Hay
  (g) Anne Hay (d 14.10.1807)
  m1. (14.11.1751) Sir Patrick Hepburn-Murray, 4th Bart of Balmanno (d 05.04.1756)
  m2. (07.10.1762) Archibald Stirling of Keir (dsp 1783)
  m2. (21.03.1752) Jean Hay (dsp 09.10.1764, dau of David Hay of Belton)
  (ii) William Hay (dsp)
  (iii) Margaret Hay (b c1697, d 13.12.1782)
  m. Robert Stewart, 7th Lord Blantyre (d 17.11.1743)
  m3. Elizabeth Hamilton, sp (dau of John Hamilton, 1st Lord Belhaven)
  m4. (03/4.08.1686) Margaret Douglas, sp (b 09.1651, d 10.1699/12.10.1692, dau of Archibald, Earl of Angus)