The Seton's of Cariston Descent

(revised December 2013)

The Hon John Seton, 1st of Cariston (a 1553), was in 1545 temporarily served as heir to his brother George, 7th Lord Seton when a false report of his death reached Scotland.  He sat in Parliament as a peer as Lord Seton, before dispossesed of the title and estates of Seton upon his brother's return from Flanders.
m. Isabel Balfour (niece of David Balfour of Carraldstoun ie. Cariston), she m2 James Seton of Ramelrie.
1. George Seton, 2nd of Cariston
  m. Margaret Ayton (dau of John Ayton of that ilk)
  A. George Seton, 3rd of Cariston.  His kinsman Robert, Earl of Winton, left his father 1000 merks "to be laid for profeit upon land or annual rents", for the benefit of this George Seton of Cariston. At the funeral of Alexander Seton Earl of Dunfermline in 1622 he carried the arms of the Earl of Winton.
  m. (1620) Cecilia Kynynmond (dau of David Kynynmond of that Ilk and of Craighall in Fife)
  i. George Seton, 4th of Cariston (b c1622, d 1688), Co-heir of Sir Thomas Seton of Olivestob.  As a boy he was brought up with Lord Seton, son of the third Earl of Winton. He was a close friend also of his kinsman Charles second Earl of Dunfermline, through whom he had an offer of a knighthood, which he declined. He must have been a man of considerable attainments as in 1673 he was on the leet for being a Lord of Session; Dunfermline's death however stopped his getting it. The Cariston family papers show that he managed the affairs of the Regality of Dunfermline,
of which the Earls had the heritable bailiary.

Against his own inclinations George Seton found himself involved in the activities of the Fife Covenanters, and took part in the battle of Kilsyth in 1645, where Montrose won his brilliant victory over them. During the Cromwellian occupation he was wrongfully accused of being implicated with his brother David in the affair of the English troopers mentioned above, and his estate was sequestrated for some years. Never a confirmed Covenanter this treatment meta-morphosed his outlook and, in 1679, he and his son Christopher were serving against the Covenanters, with
the Earl of Winton, and were present at the action of Bothwell Brig. He was a man of hasty temper, and Lauder of Fountainhall reports of him that, in 1674, "falling at variance with another man he gave command to his servant to shoot him; who did so, and the man with much difficulty recovered". Again, in October 1680, two of his daughters raised a libel for aliment against him on the ground that he "had used them most barbarously".
  m. (1638) Margaret Seton (eldest dau of Sir Thomas Seton of Olivestob, Baronet, 4th son of Robert Seton, 1st Earl of Winton)
  a. George Seton (d young)
  b. Christopher Seton, 5th of Cariston (b c1645, d 1718) and Lineal and Male Representative of the Seton's of Olivestob, and Heir to the Baronetcy of Olivestob.  He was a Royalist, and in 1679 he took part, with his father, in the action at Bothwell Brig,
in the Lothian Militia under the command of the Earl of Winton. He also had some military experience as Lieutenant in a troop of horse raised by Colin, Earl of Balcarres, during the reign of James VII.

He was a personal friend of the Earl of Winton, and was one of his Commissioners for the management of the Winton estates during the Earl's frequent absences abroad.  He died in 1718 aged seventy three.
  m1. (29.10.1685) Elizabeth Lindsay (dau of Patrick Lindsay of Woolmerston)
  (1) George Seton, 6th of Cariston (b c1688, d 1760). Practically nothing is known of him, except that he visited Padua University in 1725 and signed the Register there.
  m1st. Margaret Boswell (dau of David Boswell of Balmuto, Fife)
  (A) George Seton, 7th of Cariston (b c1714, d 1762). He succeeded his father in 1760 and only held the estate for two years. He married his cousin Jean, daughter of Christopher Seton and Elizabeth Adair.
  m. Jean Seton (dau of Christopher Seton) @1@ below
  (i) George Seton, 8th of Cariston (b c1742, d unm 1797). Lieutenant in the 50th Regiment and a Captain in the 78th Highlanders in the West Indies.  He was forced to sell the Estate of Cariston due to poor management. 1752-1797
The affairs of the family were now seriously em- barrassed, and the Court of Session authorised James Seton, uncle and tutor-in-law to the young Cariston to dispose of part of the estate viz. Rumeldrie and Milton Hill. In later years, in 1774, after he had attained his majority, he sold the remainder, and nothing remained of the inheritance. In 1780 he entered the Army and served in the 50th Regt. and the 78th Highlanders, in India. His health broke down and he came home and settled down in 1793 at Rumgallie near Cupar, where he died, unmarried, in 1797
  (ii) Major Christopher Seton (b.1754, dspv 1819), Representative and 9th of Cariston. Served in the 54th Regiment of Foot in the American War in 1776, and later in Flanders. Born 1754, he served in the 54th Regiment, in which his uncle James was serving. He went through the American War, the Flanders campaign 1794/5, and in the West Indies against the French. In the latter he was severely wounded. In 1792 he was tried by court martial, as paymaster of his regiment, along with two other
officers, on a trumped up charge, and acquitted. He retired as a Major, and on his brother's death in 1797 he became representative of the family.
  m. (10.08.1797) Catherine / Katherine Lindsay (heiress of her brother David, and dau of George Lindsay of Kirkforthar)
  (a) George James Lindsay Seton (d infant)
  (iii) 3rd son, dsp.
  (iv) Elizabeth Seton (d unm)
  (v) Margaret Seton, Heiress of the Seton of Cariston direct-line
  m. Henry Seton (b 1741), grandson of David Seton of Blackhall @2@ below
  (vi) Christian Seton
  m. Thomas Barland of Rosebank
  (vii) Ann Seton (d unm)
  (vii) Jean Seton (d unm)
  m2nd. (1722) Margaret Law (dau of James Law of Brunton, Fife)
  (B) Christopher Seton, dsp. He died at sea off Guinea about 1744.
  (C) James Seton (b c1730, d 1817), Lieutenant in the 105th Regiment of Foot, and engaged in the Rising of 1745 and having been wounded and captured was sent to Carlisle for trial and sentenced to hang. He was saved via the Interest of John Earl of Crawford with Frederick Prince of Hesse he was released on account of his extreme youth, and went abroad. He later served in the Dutch Service in Holland at the Seige of Bergen-op-Zoom in 1747.  In 1761 he secured a commission in the British Army, first in the 105th and later in the 54th Regiment, and retired and sold his commission in 1774. He spent part of his leisure in later years in compiling the article of the Setons of Cariston, which appears in the Douglas Baronage of Scotland. On the death of the 7th Bart in 1762, he became tutor to his nephew, George, 8th Bart, and after returning from the army, resided at the family estate of Cariston for some time.  He died at Markinch, Fife In 1817.
  m. (1783) Anne Simpson (dau of John Simpson of Brunton)
  (i) Commander George Seton of Potterhill, Perth (b.17xx, d.1842), served with the private shipping firm of Forbes and Co., Bombay, and was appointed Commander of the vessel "Lowgee Family". He was executor of the estate of David Miller, mariner who d.1812.  By 1825 he had returned to Scotland and married Isabella Bruce, and purchased the property of Potterhill in Perth in 1823, and died in 1842.
  m. (1825) Isabella Bruce
  (a) Isabella Seton
  m. (1852) Dr Bruce Allan Bremner, later settled and practiced in Bombay.
  (b) Ann-Joan Seton
  (ii) Anne Seton (d 1803)
  (D) John Seton, Captain of West Indies merchant ship - later settled in Dublin, Ireland.
  m. Lucinda Causier (dau of Capt. Causier of the Revenue Service)
  (i) John Seton
  m. unknown
  (a) issue unknown in Ireland
  (ii)+ 3 daughters
  (E) Margaret Seton (d young)
  (F) Elizabeth Seton (dsp 1750/1
  m. (1750) George Lindsay of Kirkforthar (d 14.12.1758, Captain)
  (G) Margaret Seton (d unm 1748)
  (2) Christopher Seton, (b.169?, d.08.08.1767).  He was bred to be a merchant.
  m. Elizabeth Adair (dau of John Adair, geographer)
  (A) Alexander Seton, he engaged in the "Rising of 1745" and had an only son.
  m. Amelia Malcolm, dau of Michael Malcolm of Balbedie
  (i) Alexander Seton, died at sea, sp.
  (B) Robert Seton (b 1722, d 1795).  Noted as "bred to the sea".
  m. Margaret Cox (dau of Richard Cox of Dublin)
  (i) Robert Eglinton Seton, Officer in the Army, killed in the American War.
  (ii) Winton Seton (d young)
  (iii) Christopher Melville Seton (d young)
  (iv) William Carden Seton, C.B. (b. 1775, d. 24.03.1842). Representative-corrective 10th of Cariston. He first served as a volunteer in Holland under the Duke of York, and later was Colonel of 88th Regiment of Foot at Badajoz and Salamanca, and other Peninsula Wars.
  m. Margaret Hazlett (dau of C. Hazlett)
  (a) Miles Charles Seton, Esq. of Cariston and Treskerby in Camborne, Cornwall. Representative-corrective 11th of Cariston. Lieutenant in the 85th Regiment of Foot, King's Light Infantry (b. 23.09.1808, d.18.09.1877)
  m1. (15.08.1832) Ann Maria Cocke (d.1838), daughter and heiress of Josias Cocke, Esq., of Camborne and Treskerby, at the Church of St. Andrew, Buckland, Dover.
  ((1)) William Carden Seton of Treskerby, Cornwall (b.06.03.1836, d.1909). Representative-corrective 12th of Cariston. Lieutenant in the 82nd Regiment, christened at Paddington, Lord of the Manors of Treskerby, Trevornoe, Nanpean, and Little Treravel.
  m. (1871) Amy Isabel Forsyth, dau of James Forsyth, Esq., of Dunach and Glengorm, Argyllshire
  ((A)) Miles Charles Cariston Seton, C.B. (b.1874, d.13.01.1919). Representative-corrective 13th of Cariston. Captain, Cape Medical Staff Corps and Civil Surgeon S. African Field Force. He was murdered in 1919, dsp.
  ((B)) James Nigel Seton, died in Canada. (b.18??, d.29.01.1929). Representative-corrective 14th of Cariston.
  ((C)) Isobel Margaret Seton
  ((D)) Amy Magdelen Seton
  ((E)) Dorothy Eva Seton
  ((2)) Miles Charles Seton II (b. 27.11.1838, d.unknown), christened at Paddington, Colonel in the Hampshire Regiment, Lord of the Manors of Treskerby, Trevornoe, Nanpean, and Little Treravel.  Lt . Col 67th (Hampshire) Regt. had war service in China, Afghanistan, and Burma.
  ((3)) Julia Seton (b.04.1837, d.unknown), christened at Paddington
  m. (04.09.1858) Caesar Hastings Otway
  m2. (15.04.1841) Mary Ursula Addington (d 11.10.1899, eldest dau of William Leonard Addington, 2nd Viscount Sidmouth)
  ((4)) Henry-Cariston Seton (b. 22.01.1842, d.11.09.1880). Dsp.
  ((5)) Bertram William Seton (b.12.03.1845, d.19.03.1907), Surveyor of the General Post Office, and Postmaster of Glasgow.
  m. (1869) Isabella Mary Cotter, (second daughter of Nelson Kearney Cotter, M.D., of Buttevant, County Cork, and grand-dau of Sir James Cotter, 2nd Baronet of Rockforest, Mallow, County Cork)
  ((A)) Sir Malcolm Cotter Cariston Seton, Knight. Representative-corrective 15th of Cariston. (b. 13.11.1872, d.07.04.1940), of the India Office, London; Deputy Secretary of State for India - (only child).
    m. (09.04.1901) Frances Eveleen Bruce, daughter of Jonathan Bruce of Miltoun Castle, Charleville, Ireland.
  ((6)) Leonard Miles Cariston Seton (b.20.02.1847, d.?). Representative-corrective 16th of Cariston. He initially went to Australia, before settling in Canada.
  m. Eleanor Wyndham (Hugh Wyndham of Bukkulla, of the Australian Wyndham's)
  ((A)) Bertram Wyndham Seton. Representative-corrective 17th of Cariston. Professor of Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester., later resident in Canada.
  m. Joan Broadbent (?)
  ((i)) Leonard Seton, Advocate, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Current Representative - 18th of Cariston.
  ((B)) Henry Cariston Seton
  m. unknown
  ((C)) Edmund Seton. He was a Lieutenant in the Australian Artillery.
  m. unknown
  ((D)) Captain Leonard Cariston Seton, M.C., Lieutenant, 29 Battalion, Volunteer Defence Corps, Moree, Australia. Captain in Australian Artillery during the Great War, and got Military Cross & Bar.
  m. unknown
  ((E)) Carden Wyndham Seton (b.14.06.1901, d.24.10.1970), distinguished Australian Coastwatcher and Reserve Guerilla Captain during WWII.
  m. (21.05.1929) Kate Walker Cameron (b.1900), married at Matheson, New South Wales, Australia
  ((i)) Donald Seton (b.1931)
  ((ii)) Dougal Seton (b.1932)
  ((F)) Edith Eleanor Seton
  m. William Eustace Wilkinson
  ((G)) dau Seton
  ((H)) dau Seton
  ((I)) dau Seton
  ((J)) dau Seton
  ((K)) dau Seton
  ((7)) Malcolm Robert Seton (b.10.07.1850, d.?)
  m. unknown
  ((8)) Ronald Cariston Seton (b.18.03.1853, d.?)
  m. Augusta Christie
  ((A)) Hubert Addington Cariston Seton
  m. unknown
  ((B)) Ronald Miles Cariston Seton
  m. unknown
  ((C)) Charles Henry Cariston Seton
  m. unknown
  ((D)) Archibald Eardley Cariston Seton
  m. unknown
  ((9)) Basil Seton. Born 1858, he married first on 21st Oct. 1886 Helen Georgina daughter of Col. Logan Home of Broomhouse and Edrom Berwick. She died 1915, and he married secondly in 1917 Evelyn
daughter of Admiral Cordale R.N.
  m1st. Helen Georgina Home
  m2nd. Evelyn Cordale
  ((10)) Winton Cariston Seton. Born 1862, married 20th Oct. 1906 Frances daughter of Thomas Goldie Dickson C.A.
  m. Frances Dickson
  ((11)) Edith-Mary Seton. She married George Dickson, Sheriff  Substitute Berwickshire
  m. George Dickson
  ((12)) Margaret Seton
  m. A. Cowan
  ((13)) Eva Basil Seton, Writer, of St. Mary's Mansion's, London.
  m. Colonel George Ninian Logan Home
  ((14)) Ursula Seton
  m. George Dickson, Advocate, Sherrif Substitute of Berwickshire and Galloway.
  (b) William Carden Seton (b 1813, Major of the 94th Regiment) had issue
  m. (1847) Anna Shaw Jones (dau of Henry Shaw Jones, Esq. of Dollardstown, Co. Meath, Ireland)
  ((1)) Henry-Carden Seton. Born 1849
  m. unknown
  ((A)) issue
  ((2)) Robert-Eglinton Seton. He was in the Peninsilar & Oriental Co. Service and went to Australia and predeceased his father (?).
  (c) John Harris Seton (b 1817, d 1844), Transported in 1839 to Australia for seven years
  (d) Lt. Colonel Robert Eglinton Seton, former Captain in the City of Dublin Militia. Served in 93rd Highlanders, and later commanded 4th Battn. Dublin Fusiliers and became Hon. Colonel. He married Jane, 'daughter of Henry Garnett of Green Park, Co. Meath.
  m. Jane Garnett (dau of Henry Garnett of Green Park)
  ((1)) Winton Seton. Born in 1854, he was a Major in the Leinster Regt. He married in 1885 Ethelreda, daughter of Col. James Fitzgerald, Indian Staff Corps
  m. Ethelreda Fitzgerald
  ((A)) Bruce Eglinton 1890-1916, served in the 53rd Sikhs in Mesopotamia in the Great War and was killed 13th Jan. 1916.
  ((B)) Ethelreda Hermionie 1886-1913.
  ((D)) Robert Eglinton Douglas died 1887 unmarried.
  ((E)) Mar garet died 1878.
  ((2)) Augustus St. John Seton. 1856-1900, Captain 8th King's Regiment, served in Burma War in 1885 and died 1900. He married first Bessie, daughter of General Colin Troup and widow of Lieut. Tucker R.A. and had two daughters:
  m1st. Bessie Troup
  ((A)) Linda Seton. Shemarried W. Webb, Canadian Pacific Ry.
  ((B)) Mary Seton. She married Dr. G.F. Burnell, Truro.
  m2nd. Eva Cumings, who survived him.
  ((3)) Carden Henry entered the Worcestershire Regt. through the ranks, became Lieut. Colonel, served in Gallipoli during the Great War and was wounded.
  ((4)) Robert Eglinton Douglas Seton. He died 1887 unmarried.
  ((5)) Margaret Seton, died 1878.
  ((6)) Florence Mary Seton. She married and had a son Claude .
  m. unknown
  ((6)) Linda Seton. She married James Kennedy, and died in 1890 leaving a daughter.
  m. James Kennedy
  (e) Juliana Josephine Seton
  m. Rev. W.H. McAlpine
  (f) Margaret Seton (d unm)
  (v) Sarah Seton
  m. Miles Marley, Esq.
  (vi) Juliana Seton (d unm)
  (C) 3rd son Seton
  m. unknown
  (D) Jean Seton
  m. George Seton, 7th of Cariston (b c1714, d 1762) @1@ above
  (E) 3 dau's Seton
  (3) Catherine Seton
  m. (mcrt 15.09.1711) John Lindsay of Kirkforthar (d before 1740)
  m2. Helen Watson (dau of Watson of Atherny)
  (4) David Seton (d young)
  (5) Robert Seton (d young)
  (6) James Seton (d young)
  (7) Christian Seton
  m. ? Graham (in Perth)
  (8) Anne Seton
  (9) Margaret Seton
  (10) Mary (Marie) Seton
  m. John Lamont (surgeon)
  (11) Jean Seton
  m. Christopher Lamont (son of Lamont of Newton)
  c. Captain Alexander Seton, known as "of Seaton House" in Kennoway, Fife.  Officer in General Dalyell's Troop of Horse (dspv). Noted Captain Seaton who Archbishop Sharpe stayed with.
  m. Isabella Lindsay (dau of Lindsay of Pitskanly / Pitskandlie in Forfar)
  (1) child (d young)
  d. David Seton of Blackhall, Fife.  He inherited Blackhall by right of his wife.  Born 1653, acquired the lands of Blackhall by marriage with one Mary Archibald, and by her had a large family, descendants of whom still exist. To this family probably belonged
some of the Setons mentioned in Lamont's Diary, such as Thomas "Excyse man" and Captain Seaton who commanded a "caper" vessel.
  m. Marjory Archibald (dau of Alexander Archibald of Blackhall, Fife)
  (1) Alexander Seton of Blackhall, Fife, succeeded his father, dsp.
  (2) Robert Seton, Merchant in Kennoway.  Disp and Assigned in favour of his brother David, Baillie in Kennoway, 05.09.1754.
  (3) Christopher Seton, Writer in Kennoway, Factor to Patrons of Wood Hospital in Largo, c.1732.
  (4) James Seton of Drummaird (Drumaird), Kennoway
  (5) illeg. David Seton, Stewart-Deputy of Fife, Baron Baillie of the Barony of Kennoway, Fife, Writer in Falkland, and merchant-baker.
  m 1st. Christian Clerk (dau of Sir John Clerk, Bart of Penicuik)
  (A) David Seton, dsp.
  (B) John Seton, dsp.
  (C) Henry Seton (b 1741), Captain in the French Regiment of Chasseur Britanniques and served in the American War, where he was severely wounded.
  m. Margaret Seton (dau of George Seton, 7th of Cariston) @2@ above
  (i) Captain David Seton (b.1768, d.09.1826), of Kennoway, Fife. He served as a ships carpenter at sea for some years, but, in 1797 obtained a Commission as Ensign in the 71st Regiment,
and served later in the 40th. He exchanged into the West India Regiment and became Captain. He died without issue in September 1826.
  m. Marion Mitchell
  (ii) George Seton (b. 1769, d 1825). Commander and Merchant in the Honourable East India Sea Service (called "George Seton of Bombay"). He Entered the East India Company's Navy and became a Commander. In 1806 he
went to Penang but returned home in 1811 and settled in Perth.
  m. (12.01.1819) Margaret Hunter (dau of James Hunter of Seaside, Perthshire)
  (a) George Seton, M.A. Oxon, Esq. Claimed to be Heir of Line, as 10th of Cariston, which was falsely written, ignoring the entire Cariston Descent. (b 25.06.1822, d.14.11.1908), Lawyer, Author, Member of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, and Member of the Royal Archer's (Her Majesty's bodyguard beyond the Tweed). He was the noted author of several Seton-History books, noting the Memoir of Chancellor Alexander Seton, Earl of Dunfermline; the 2 vol set of the History of the Family of Seton During Eight Centuries; as well as many other books and his famed Treatise on Heraldry.
  m. (26.09.1849) Sarah Elizabeth Hunter (d.1883) 2nd dau of James Hunter of Thurston
  ((1)) George Seton (b.13.02.1852, d.1929). He was for some years in business in Calcutta. He married in 1895 Amy, daughter of Charles Moore of Boston U.S.A. She died without issue in 1903. He died 24th Feb.
  m. 2nd  Amy Geraldine Moore of Boston, U.S.A., daughter of Charles Moore.
  ((2)) Elizabeth-Lindsay Seton (b.1850, d.19??).  Married William Watson of Ayton, Perthshire and had a son Robert William , born on 20th Aug. 1879, who has assumed the surname of Seton-Watson . He is an eminent
authority on the problems of the Middle East, regarding which he was a prolific writer.
    m. William Livingston Watson, merchant in Calcutta, India.
  ((A)) Robert William Seton-Watson, later of Kyle House, Skye (b.20.08.1879, d. 25.07.1951) known as RW Seton-Watson, Professor, Eastern-European Author, Historian and Political Activist and Advisor.
    m. (1911) Marion Esther Stack
    ((i)) George Hugh Nicholas Seton-Watson of London, England, (b.15.02.1916, d.Washington, DC, USA, 19.12.1984), Author and Russian Historian.
    ((ii)) Christopher Ivan William Seton-Watson of Oxford, England, (b.06.08.1918, d.08.09.2007, sp), MC and bar, Author and Italian Historian.
    ((iii)) dau Seton-Watson
    Seton-Watson line
  ((C)) issue
  ((3)) Margaret Montgomerie Seton (b.1854, d.25.09.1890, in Shanghai).
    m. (12.1886) Vivyan Wintle (Wurtle), son of General Wurtle, Artillery - settled in Shanghai, China
  ((4)) Mary-Stuart Seton. Born 1856, married in 1896, d. 19??.
    m. Charles Bruce.
  (b) Elizabeth Seton (b.1820, d 28.04.1885)
  m. (25.07.1838) Edward James Jackson (or Jenkins), Esq., of Upwell and The Priory (d 1878)
  (c) Margaret Seton (d 05.07.1892)
  m. (09.07.1845) John Buchanan-Hamilton of Spittal, Bardowie and Leny, Chief of the Clan Buchanan (b 14.02.1822, d 16.05.1903)
  (iii) Christopher Seton, of Pittenweem, Surgeon
  m. unknown
  (a) David Seton
  m. unknown
  ((1)) George Seton.
  (b) James Seton
  m. unknown
  (c) Christopher Seton
  m. unknown
  ((1)) Janet Seton (b.27.06.1835, d ?)
  ((2)) Maria Seton (b.24.03.1837, d ?)
  ((3)) Joana Seton (b.26.02.1843, d ?)
  (iii) Jean Seton
  m. William Blair
  (iv) Margaret Melville Seton
  m. William Dawson of Tayside
  (D) Christian Seton
  (E) Marjory Seton
  (F) Susanna Seton
  m. William Grandison, Merchant in Leven
  m 2nd. Isobel Williamson
  (G) Robert Seton
  (H) James Seton of Dumaird (Drummaird), Kennoway, Fife.
  m. Anna Brown ? (she married 1st Captain James Wemyss of Cariston, Fife; she d.1807)
  (i) issue Seton
  m. unknown
  (a) issue Seton,
  (I) Christopher Seton, Merchant in Kennoway
  (J) Ann Seton
  (K) Mary Seton
  (6) Elizabeth Seton
  (7) Rachel Seton, as relict of her husband Alexander Williamson, granted a Discharge to her brothers and sisters, 13.10.1767.
  m. Alexander Williamson
  (8) Marjory Seton
  e. John Seton, killed during a scuffle at Falkland with Cromwells troops in 1683.
  f. William Seton (d 1698)
  g. Mary Seton
  m. Binning of Dunino
  h. Elizabeth Seton
  i. Anne Seton, died young.
  ii. David Seton (Seaton in Yorkshire).  He got into serious trouble in connexion with some encounters with Cromwell's troopers, which forced him to leave the country. The result of which he settled in Yorkshire, and Douglas, writing in 1798, says his descendants were still there.
  a. Robert Seaton of Grimesthorp Hall (b c1638, d 1716)
  (1) son
  (A) John Seaton, Banker of Huddersfield, in Pontefract in Yorkshire, UK.
    m. unknown.
  (i) John Fox Seaton of Pontefract, Banker and Mayor (c1784) of Pontefract in Yorkshire, UK.
    m. Anne Brown (b. 14.11.1782, d.20.03.1821), St Vedast
  (a) Major-General Sir Thomas Seaton K.C.B. (b 1806, d.?), Ackworth House, East Bergholt, Suffolk, UK.  He served in India, and wrote the book "From Cadet to Colonel".
  m1. Caroline Caulfield
  m2. Elizabeth Harriman
  ((1)) Lieutenant George Michael Seaton (b. 07.1846, d.12.01.1878), Born at Agra, he took ill during the Jowaki expedition 1877-8.  His grave is at Attock - "Sacred to the memory of George Michael Seaton Lieut and Adjt 2nd Battalion 9th Regiment son of the late Major General Sir Thomas Seaton K.C.B. who died at Attock of typhoid fever on the 12th January 1878 aged 31 years and 6 months."
  ((2)) Francis Harriman Seaton (b. 02.11.1848, d?), Simla-Calcutta, West Bengal, India
  m. unknown
  ((A)) issue
  ((3)) Elizabeth Jane Seaton (b. 1844)
  m1. George Henry Arnold (b. 01.11.1828, d.?)
  m2. Lt-General Dunham Massy, CB
  ((4)) Alice Seaton (b. 1847).
  m. Colonel Francis Massy, served in India
  (c) Colonel Douglas Seaton, distinguished Officer in India
  m. unknown
  (b) George Seaton of Gothenburg
  m. (1835) Eleanor McKillop
  ((1)) George Seaton
  ((2)) Douglas Seaton
  ((3)) Arthur Edward Seaton in Gothenburg
  (c) Edward Seaton (b. 05.01.1815, d.?)
  m. unknown
  (d) John Fox Seaton (b. 20.03.1819, d.?)
  m. Jane Wilkes
  ((1)) Edward Macalister Seaton (b.?, d. 18.02.1901), of Cleveland Gardens, West London, UK.
  m. Eugenie Constance Lawrence Brown b. 11.08.1857, d.?)
  ((A)) Capt John Arthur Macalister Seaton, Royal North Lances
    m1. Kathleen Robinson
    ((i)) Edward John Macalister Seaton (b. 05.1922, d.?)
    m2. Gladys English
  ((B)) Constance Margaret Seaton (b. 29.04.1884, d.1957)
    m. Major Maurice Hayes Simonds, Indian Army, Director of Barclays Bank
  ((C)) Mary Louise Macalister Seaton b. 17.08.1885, d. 1973)
  ((2)) John Fox Seaton
  m. unknown
  (e) Elizabeth Seaton of Pontefract, Yorkshire (b. 27.07.1810, d.15.10.1834)
  m. Edward Brown, East India Broker (b. 16.04.1807, d.?)
  (f) Mary Seaton (b. 24.10.1804, d.?)
  m. Mr, Vernon
  (ii) Robert Seaton of Wentbridge, Banker of Pontefract in Yorkshire, UK.
    m. Sarah Beever of Heckmondwike, Yorkshire.
  (iii) Charles Gervas Seaton, Banker of Pontefract in Yorkshire, UK.
    m. unknown.
  (a)  Seaton K.C.B. (b 1806, d.?),
  ((1))  Seaton (b. 07.1846, d.12.01.1878)
  ((2)) Seaton (b. 02.11.1848, d?),
  m. unknown
  ((A)) had issue
  iii. Alexander Seton in St. Andrews.  He was a magistrate in St. Andrews, and was twice married and left a large family.
  m1st. unknown
  a.+ issue Seton
  m2nd. Helen Napier (widow of Binning of Dunino)
  b.+ David Seton
  m. Anne Watson (dau of Watson of Atherny ?)
  (1) Margaret Seton, christ. 8.08.1699 at Markinch, Fife.
  (2)+ 3 daughters
  b. Cecil Seton, christ., 29.12.1657 at Dunino.
  c. Agnes Seton, christ., 16.11.1666 at Dunino.
  d. Helen Seton, christ., 17.09.1669 at Dunino.
  iv. Anne Seton (d. unmarried)
  v. Isabella Seton
  m. George Seton (representative of the Seton's of Parbroath line)
  vi. Cecilia Seton
  m. David Craigengelt
  B. Captain Alexander Seton. Like his brother, he served initially in Flanders and transferred as soldier of fortune to the German Wars in Sweden. On 30th July 1622 he was reported to the' King of Sweden as lying wounded in' camp at Mitau, and as having had no pay for a year.
  C. Andrew Seton (b.a.1585, d.16??), soldier in the Scots Brigade under Livingstone's Regiment, settled in Flanders at Oudewater (the Low Countries, later called the Netherlands)
  m. (22.04.1610, at Tiel) Jenneke Jans(dr) van Thijel
  i. Griffel Andryes Seton (b.1611 d.1652), of Oudewater
  m. Trijntgen Pieters Huijgen (b1612, d.a.1638) of Oudewater
  a. Cornelis Griffinszn.Seton (b.16??, d.17.11.1638), dsp.
  b. Pieter Griffens Sitton (Seton), of Oudewater (b.1634, d.1673)
  m. Geertje Gerrits van Oudewater
  (1) Griffel Pieters Seton of Oudewater
  m. unknown
  (A) Pieter Sitton of Oudewater, later of Schiedam (b.16??, d.03.08.1748)
  m. (17.12.1719) Neeltje Cornelisdr, Goudsblom, of Schiedam (d.09.12.1757)
  (i) Pieter Sitton (bt.25.03.1727, d.07.02.1801), of Schiedam
    m. Cornelia Coren (bt.28.10.1733, d.12.05.1808)
  (a) Pieter Sitton (1), (b.07.11.1762, d.23.08.1763)
  (b) Pieter Sitton (2), (b.06.12.1765, d.18.01.1766)
  (c) Jan Sitton (b.18.11.1767, d.13.11.1837), of Schiedam
  m.(23.12.1804) Jacomina van den Bos (b.26.05.1771, d.29.04.1855)
  ((1)) Pieter Sitton (b.12.04.1811, d.04.05.1863), of Schiedam
    m. Anna Adriana Plasmyer of Rotterdam (b.06.06.1822, d.????)
  ((A)) Cornelis Sitton (b.03.05.1845, d.????)
  ((B)) Dirkje Sitton, (b.31.01.1851, d.????)
  ((C)) Pieter Sitton (b.03.04.1854, d.07.24.1921)
    m. Dirkje Prins
    ((i)) Pieter Sitton (b.06.03.1893, d.1985), of Schiedam
      m. (1/16/1918) Maria Cornelia Trippensee (b.1897, d.1984)
  ((a)) Nicolaas Wilhelm Sitton  (b.26.06.1929), of Rotterdam, Entrepreneur
    m. Machtilda Cornelia Bakker (b.29.09.1939), of Rotterdam
    (((1))) Rene Emile Sitton (b.15.04.1965), of Rotterdam and later Swanmore, UK
      m. (9/19/2003) Felicity Ester Knights (b.27.12.1972), of Norwich, UK
      (((A))) Edward Peter Sitton (b.6/12/2005), of Swanmore, UK
      (((B))) Sebastian Robert Sitton (b.1/7/2010), of Swanmore, UK
  ((a)) Johan Sitton
  ((a)) Piet Sitton
  ((a)) Jan Sitton
  ((a)) Wilhelm (Wil) Sitton
  ((a)) Marie Sitton (b.20.04.1933)
  ((a)) Sjaan Adriana Anna Sitton
    ((ii)) Johannes Cornelis Sitton (b.27.05.1897, d.10.17.1919)
    ((iii)) Cornelis Sitton (b.04.1903, d.22.08.1903)
    ((iv)) Margaretha Johanna Sitton (b.18.06.1894, d.30.03.1895)
    ((v)) Adriana Anna Sitton (b.02.10.1895, d.????)
    ((vi)) Margaretha Johanna Sitton (2) (b.06.09.1898, d.????)
    ((vii)) Jacomina Sitton (b.02.04.1900, d.????)
    ((viii)) Teuna Wilhelmina Sitton (b.30.06.1901, d.1910)
  ((D)) Hendrik Sitton (b.06.03.1857, d.????)
  ((E)) Jacobus Sitton (b.27.07.1859, d.????)
  ((F)) Jacomina Sitton (b.08.08.1849, d.????)
  ((G)) Hendrica Sitton (b.29.10.1852, d.????)
  ((H)) Adrianus Sitton (b.23.04.1862, d.????)
  ((2)) Cornelis Sitton (b.19.02.1805, d.1829), moutersknecht
  ((3)) Arius Sitton (b.19.12.1806, d.????)
  (d) Pieter Sitton (3), (b.07.08.1772, d.22.08.1812)
  m.(23.12.1804) name unknown
  ((1)) unknown descent
  (e) Neeltje Sitton (b.30.12.1758, d.02.11.1812)
  (f) Maria Sitton (b.16.07.1760, d.????)
  (ii) Cornelis Sitton
  (iii) Joris Sitton
    m. Catharina Figee
  (a) Anna Sitton
  (iv) Jan Sitton, zaagmolernaarsknecht / sjouwer
    m. unknown
  (a) Anna Sitton
  (v) Liedewij Sitton
  (vi) Geertruijd Sitton
  (vii) Willemijntje (Wilhelmina) Sitton
  (vii) Aagje Sitton
  D. Christopher Seton. He was the "Crystoffe Seton" who was serving in the Scots Brigade in Holland in November 1608.
  i. issue - Seton in Holland (?)
  E. Katherine (Elspeth) Seton
  F. Margaret Seton
  G. Christian Seton
  H. Isobel Seton
2. Sir John Seton, Knight, Coulonniers, France, Captain of Scots Guards in France. In a letter among the Hamilton papers is one signed J. Seton, 3rd Nov. 1634, "Since their is no cair taking to restablis it "(i.e. the Guard) I sal tak my tym, and salbe not "sorry to be the last Scots Lieutenant".
  m. daughter of Count of Bourbon, France
  A. daughter
  m. Adinston of that Ilk, of the family of Hereditary Standard Bearers to the House of Seton, and ancestress of the 4th Countess of Winton.
3. James Seton (a 1601 in France). He was forced to leave Scotland, "being at the horn for slaughter of David Sibbald" in 1586. He went to France and married there, and was the Captain James who was "lying in garrison at Utrecht in 1618 in the regiment of Colonel Borg"
  m. unknown
  A. John (Jehan/Jean) Seton, From records in the National Library at Paris, it appears that " Jehan Seton, ecuyor, Sieur de Cariston, Lieutenant exempt des gardes ecossaises du corps du roi," m. 1622, "Demoiselle Catherine Eustache," and that he d. 1661. He was the noted, "Jean, Seigneur Seton de
"Cariston et de Coulommiers en Brie" whose marriage certificate and testament are in the French National Archives, dated 15th May 1661.
  m.(1622) Catherine Eustache
  i. Seton in France
  m. unknown
  a. Seton in France
  B. son Seton (?)
  C. dau Seton (?)
4. Geilles Seton, died unmarried in 1601.
5. Elspeth Seton.  She married a Swinton and had two daughters .
  m. Swinton
6. Margaret Seton
7. Janet Seton