The Seton's of Abercorn Descent (includes Gargunnock, and Preston & Ekolsund)

James Seton, 5th of Touch
m1. Janet Cranstoun (dau of Sir William Cranstoun of that ilk)
1. John Seton, - the Seton's of Touch family line.
  m. unknown.
m2. Jean Edmonston (dau of Edmonston of Edmonston and Ednam, county Roxburgh)
2. Sir Alexander Seton of Gargunnock and Culcreuch (Lord of Session as Lord Kilcreuch)
  m. Marion Maule (dau of William Maule of Glaster)
  A. Alexander Seton of Kilcreuch and Graden (a 1612, d. 1645), M.P. for Stirling in 1612, also a noted Poet and Musician.
  m. Margaret (or Janet) Cornwall (dau of Walter Cornwall of Bonhard)
  i. Sir Walter Seton, Baron of Abercorn, created 1st Bart of Abercorn by King Charles II in 1663 (d 20.02.1692).
  m. Christian Dundas (dau of George Dundas of Dundas).
  a. Sir Walter Seton, 2nd Bart of Abercorn (d 03.01.1708).
  m. (mcrt 06.09.1702) Euphemia Murray (dau of Sir Robert Murray of Priestfield).
  (1) Sir Henry Seton, 3rd Bart of Abercorn (d 1751), after the death of James Seton 11th of Touch, without male-issue, Sir Henry Seton became (as heir-male of Sir Alexander Seton eldest son of the 1st Earl of Huntly, the de jure Lord Gordon, and the male-representative of the Seton's of Touch.
  m. Barbara Wemyss (dau of Sir John Wemyss, Bart of Bogie).
  (A) Sir Henry Seton of Culbeg, 4th Bart of Abercorn (d 29.06.1788), Captain in 17th Regiment of Foot and 78th Fraser Highlanders, served in North America for the Reduction of Canada, aid-de-camp to the Hon. Major-Gen. Moncton.
  m. (1770) Margaret Hay (d 02.03.1809), (dau of Alexander Hay of Drumelzier, eldest son of William Hay and Elizabeth Seton the heiress of Sir Alexander Seton, 1st Viscount of Kingston and heiress of the senior Seton bloodline).
  (i) Sir Alexander Seton, 5th Bart of Abercorn (b 04.05.1772, d 04.02.1810) Representative of the direct senior Seton bloodline, through his mother.  He belonged to the Hon. East India Company, and died in Calcutta.
  m. (20.05.1795) Lydia Blunt (d. 23.02.1851, dau of Sir Charles William Blunt, 3rd Bart).
  (a) Captain Sir Henry John Seton, of Carriden House, Linlithgow, 6th Bart of Abercorn (b 04.04.1796, d unm 21.07.1868).  Served in the Army in the Peninsular War with the 52nd Regiment and the 5th Dragoon Guards, Groom-in-Waiting to HM Queen Victoria, and thus never married.
  (b) Captain Sir Charles Hay Seton, 7th Bart of Abercorn (b 14.11.1797, d 11.06.1869). He served in the Army in the 5th Dragoon Guards.
  m. (19.05.1829) Caroline Hodges (d 17.11.1868, dau of Walter Parry Hodges, Esq.).
  ((1)) Sir Bruce Maxwell Seton 8th Baronet of Abercorn (b. 31.01.1836, d.12.03.1915).  He was Deputy-Lieutenant for Tower Hamlets, Private Secretary to the Lord President of the Council and Served in the War Office.  Succeeded by his cousin.
  m. (30.01.1886) Helen Hamilton (dau of General Richard Hamilton, CB, who served in India).
  (c) Lieutenant-Colonel Bruce Seton (b 25.06.1799, d 27.11.1876) served in the Regiment of Hon. East India Company.
  m1. (17.06.1825, sp) Jane Elphinstone (dau of John Elphinstone)
  m2. (1839) Emma Orton (d 25.09.1889)
  ((1)) Alexander Reginald Seton (b. 1840, d.1887)
  m. Emma Elizabeth Loch (1862).
  ((A)) Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Bruce Gordon Seton, 9th Baronet of Abercorn, Knight CB. (b.13.10.1868, d.03.07.1932). Succeeded his cousin, petitioned the Crown for the rights to the title of Lord Gordon, where the Committee for Privileges of the House of Lords acknowledged him as Heir-Male of Alexander Seton, 1st Earl of Huntly. Also acknowledge by the Marquis de Fontenoy as lineal heir of the House of Seton in 1905.
  m. Elma Armstrong (m. 1895).
  ((i)) Sir Alexander Hay Seton, 10th Baronet of Abercorn (b.14.08.1904, d.07.02.1963).  Armour Bearer to the Queen, Writer, dspm, succeeded by his brother.
  m. 1st (12.03.1927) Zeyla Daphne Sanderson, dau of John Sanderson of Muirhouse.  Div, 1939.
  ((a)) Egidia Hay Seton (b.1928), only child. Had issue.
  m. 1st (1948) Andrew George Seton Arnot.
  m. 2nd (1953) Frederick Norman Haynes.
  m. 2nd (17.06.1939) Flavia Forbes, daughter of Lt.-Col. James Stewart Forbes and Angela Selina Blanca St. Clair-Erskine. Div. 1958.
  m. 3rd (30.07.1962) Julia Clements, daughter of Frank Clements.
  ((ii)) Major Sir Bruce Lovat Seton, 11th Baronet of Abercorn (b.29.04.1909, d.28.09.1969), known as British actor "Bruce Seton", succeeded his brother in 1963, succeeded by his cousin Christopher Bruce Seton (below).
  m. 1st Tamara Desni Brodsky, actress, (1937).
  m. 2nd Florence Antoinette Glossop Cellier of Surrey (1940).
  ((a)) Lydia Antoinette Gordon Seton.
  m1st. Peter S. Spratt
  m2nd. Norman Victor Vine of Tharston, Norfolk.
  (((1))) Anthony Patrick Seton (b.1982)
  ((iii)) Jean Gordon Seton.
  m. 1st (1922) Reginald George Arnot.
  ((a)) Andrew George Seton Arnot. had issue.
  m. Egidia Hay Seton (cousin as above).
  m. 2nd (1947) Nicholas Hamner Cobb.
  ((iv)) Marie Seton (d.1965).
  m. 1st (1925) Ian Reddie Hamilton Black.
  m. 2nd (1943) Arthur William Tedder.
  ((B)) Captain Alexander Maxwell Seton (b.1875, 1905), pilot in the Royal Air Force, dsp.
  ((C)) Father Charles Monteach Seton (b.1880, d.1945), a Benedictine Monk, dsp.
  ((D)) Walter Warren Seton (b.1882, d.1927), dsp.
  ((E)) Katharine Marion Seton (d.1951)
  ((F)) Elsie Madeline Seton
  m. Algernon James Pollock (m.1901)
  ((G)) Aileen Mary Seton
  m. Frank Binford Hole (m.1899)
  ((2)) Lieutenant-Colonel Bruce Outram Seton, Royal Engineers (b.1841, d.1901).
  m. Louisa Harriet Manderson Paske (18
  ((A)) Evelyn Seton
  m. (1902) Brigadier-General Sir Percy Molesworth Sykes, Baronet, K.C.I.E., C.B., C.M.G.
  ((B)) Ruth Mary Seton (d.1967)
  m. Marmaduke Brian Sunderland (1905).
  ((C)) Violet Adela Seton.
  m. 1st Charles Henry Seton (1904), cousin as below.  Had issue.
  m. 2nd William Neilson (1921). Had issue.
  ((3)) Lieutenant-Colonel William Bowman Seton (b.1843, d.1886), dsp at Bombay, Calcutta.
  m. Elizabeth Frances Maria Swiney (1878).
  ((4)) Charles Compton Seton (b.1846, d.1923).
  m. Phoebe Elizabeth Ripley (1868).
  ((A)) Charles Henry Seton (b.1869, d.1917). 
  m. Violet Adela Seton (1904), cousin as above.
  ((i)) Sir Christopher Bruce Seton, 12th Baronet of Abercorn (b.1909, d.1988), succeeded from his cousin, Major Sir Bruce Lovat Seton. (above).
  m. Joyce Vivian Barnard (1939).
  ((a)) Sir Iain Bruce Seton, 13th Baronet of Abercorn (b.27.08.1942), present Baronet of Abercorn, resident of Australia.  Educated at Colchester and Chadacre Ag. Inst.
  m. Margaret Ann Faulkner (m.29.08.1963, div.1988) only dau of Walter Charles Faulkner, of Gt. Horkesley, Colchester, Essex.
  (((1))) Laurence Bruce Seton, commonly called 'Laury', (b.01.07.1968), of Australia. Heir Presumptive
  m. (06.10.1990) Rachel Woods
  (((A))) Liam James Seton (b.10.06.2000)
  (((B))) Rowan Ann Seton (b.25.02.1996)
  (((C))) Sarah Jane Seton (b.22.08.1998)
  (((2))) Amanda Jane Seton (b.04.05.1971)
  m. Brent Joseph Pritchard
  ((b)) Michael Charles Seton of Fingringhoe, Colchester, Essex (b.25.09.1944).
  m. Vida Millicent Smith
  (((1))) Philip Charles Seton (b.1975)
  (((2))) Helen Mary Seton (1978)
  ((c)) Sarah Ann Seton (twin of her brother Michael)
  m. 1st Thomas Charles Usher
  m. 2nd Ferdinand Winston Good
  ((d)) Joanna Mary Seton.
  m. Peter Gillespie.
  (((1))) Giles Peter Seton (.1986)
  ((ii)) Joyce Phoebe Seton (b.1906, d.1995).
  m. Eric Charles Edward Garnett (1932).
  ((iii)) Violet Beechie Seton (b.1917, d.1995).
  m. Wilfred Barnard (1937).
  ((B)) Bruce Hugh Seton (b.1871, d.1899), dsp.
  ((C)) Margaret Annie Phoebe Seton (d.1953).
  m. Arthur Pelham Frankland  (1898).
  ((5)) Henry James Seton (b. 1854, d.1920)
  m. 1st Elizabeth Byron (1888).
  m. 2nd Marie Bowles Wallace (1899).
  ((A)) Marie Seton (b1910).
  m. Donald Louis Hesson (1942).
  ((6)) Emma Alice Seton (d. 1884).
  m. Henry Ripley (1876)
  (d) James Seton (b 02.10.1803, d unm 1834) died in service of the Hon. East India Company.
  (e) Alexander Seton (b 14.12.1805, d unm 1831) died in service of the Hon. East India Company.
  (f) Anna Maria Seton (d infant)
  (B) son Seton
  (C) son Seton
  (D) son Seton
  (E) daughter Seton
  (2) son Seton
  (3) son Seton
  (4) daughter Seton
  (5) daughter Seton
  b. Alexander Seton of Hiltly (b.1661, d.1758).
  m. (1695) Margaret McCall (b. 1677, d.1724)
  (A) George Seton of Hiltly, and of Ekolsund in Sweden (b.1696, dsp.1786), he traveled to Sweden penniless and built his fortune there and became Banker to the King of Sweden.  In 1785 he received in Sweden his patent of Nobility, one year before his death.  He adopted his sister's son, Alexander Baron, who became Alexander Baron Seton, and conferred his estate on him.
  m. unknown.
  (B) Christopher Seton (b. 1702, d. 1770).
  (C) John Seton
  (D) Alexander Seton
  (E) James Seton
  (F) William Seton
  (G) Richard Seton
  (H) Christina Seton (d.1750).
  (I) Margaret Seton (b. 1698, d. 1790).
  m. Patrick Baron of Preston (d.1787).
  (i) Alexander Baron of Preston, and Ekolsund (b.1738, d. 1814), he was adopted by his uncle, George Seton of Hiltly in 1785 and became Alexander Baron Seton of Preston and Ekolsund.
  m1. (1763) Elizabeth Angus (b.1738, d.1770).
  (a) George Seton (b.1764, dsp. 1783)
  (b) Dr. Patrick Baron Seton of Preston and Ekolsund (b.1766, d.1837), he died in Torquay, Co. Devon, England.
  m. Agnes Thomson (d. 1823).
  ((1)) Alexander Seton of Preston and Ekolsund (b.1806, d.1884).
  m1. Mary Campbell (dsp.1846)
  m2. Mary Isabelle Baillie (b.1829, d.1864).
  ((A)) Patrick Seton of Preston and Ekolsund (b.1849, d.1911) had issue - main Swedish Line.
  ((i)) son. Seton
  ((ii)) son Seton
  ((iii)) dau Seton
  ((iv)) dau Seton
  ((B)) William Seton (b.1851, d.1933).
  ((C)) Alexander G. Seton (b.1855, d.1941).
  m. (1892) Cecilia Braunerhielm (b.1868, d.1963).
  ((i)) George M. Seton (b.1895, d.1987).
  m. Elin Andersson
  ((a)) Kristina Seton (b.1932)
  m. (1960) Olof Hogstedt (b.1931)
  (((1))) Kristina Hogstedt (b.1961).
  (((2))) Elizabeth Hogstedt (b.1963).
  ((b)) Violet Seton, (b.1945, d.2001)
  m. (1968) Bjorn Bergstrom (b.1947).
  (((1))) Goran Bergstrom (b.1970).
  (((2))) Anders Bergstrom (b.1973), he adopted his mother's surname and became Anders Seton, Esq.  Matriculated Arms at the Court of Lord Lyon, 08.08.2002.
  m. (2000) Kristina Sandstrom (b.1973).
  ((ii) Margaret Seton (b.1893, d.1970).
  ((D)) Charles Seton (b.1859, d.1926).
  ((E)) George Seton (b.1863, d.1934).
  ((F)) Mary Seton (b.1854, d.1907).
  ((G)) Agnes Seton (1857, d.1934).
  ((H)) Margaret Seton (b.1860, d.1937).
  ((2)) Patrick Seton (b.1807, dsp.1837)
  ((3)) Archibald Seton (b.1810, dsp.1820).
  ((4)) Elizabeth Seton (b. 1808, dsp.1827).
  ((5)) Margaret Seton (b.1805, d.1871)
  m. Gen. Carl Gustav Adlercreutz (b.1805, d.1871), the estate of Ekolsund passed to Gen. Adlercreutz at his marriage.
  ((6)) Agnes Seton (b.1809, d.1842).
  m. (1831) John Engelhart (b.1809, d.1842).
  ((7)) Ann Seton (b.1812, d.1887).
  m. Robert Graeme (b.1812, d.?).
  ((A)) Robert Seton (b.19.02.1849, d.?)
  m. unknown
  ((B)) Agnes-Frances-Anne Seton
  (c) Archibald Seton (b.1766, dsp.1787).
  (d) Alexander Seton (b.1768, dsp.1828), spent much of his life in bedlam in England at the instance of his father (of this it was written that he was "like a second Don Carlos and greatly enamored of his step-mother".), and was later imprisoned after his release by a local vicar).  He later returned to Stockholm, Sweden in 1826 to claim his birthright, but died in 1828 before it was resolved.
  (e) daughter Seton (?)
  m2. (1788) Ann Innes (b.1770, d.1796).
  (J) Ann Seton (b.1703, d.1799).
  c. George Seton (dsp, unmarried).
  d. daughter Seton
  ii. Alexander Seton (d. 11.1690). Early in life he qualified as a Physician, but having studied divinity he settled as a Clergyman in England.  He was Inc. at Linlithgow (10.1665-1690), presented by the Archbishop Sharpe of St. Andrews.  Later, he was frequently at war with the Town Council and was finally libeled on various accounts and came under the sentence of deposition (08.1690).
  m 1st. Marie Napier of Culcreuch (dau of Robert Napier, 1st of Culcreuch by his second wife Anna Drummond).
  a. issue Seton
  m. unknown
  m 2nd. Anna Channell, an Englishwoman (d.1709).
  b. Alexander Seton, Collector of Excise for East Lothian.
  m.  unknown
  (1)      issue (?)
  b. Ann Seton
  m. Andrew Crawford of Lochote
  iii. dau Seton
  iv. dau Seton
  B. General (prev. Colonel) Sir John Seaton/Seton of Gargunnock, Kt.  Served in the Scots Guards in France for nearly forty years including serving in Sweden under Gustavus Adolpus.  He was the noted General Sir John Seton who served in Lancashire, with command of 1000 Dragonniers and active in the Civil War serving in Manchester, and who captured Lancaster Castle, and Preston in 1642-43.
  m. Margaret Hamilton (dau of Sir Claude Hamilton of of Shawfield, later of Baldony, d.1614, he was the son of Claud Hamilton, 1st Baron Paisley and Margaret Seton, dau of George Seton, 7th Lord Seton).  John Seton was her second husband, she married 1st, Sir John Stewart of Methven.
  i. issue Seton
  C. Colonel James Seton of Gargunnock, Served along with his brother in the Scots Guards in France for nearly forty years including serving in Sweden under Gustavus Adolpus.
  m. unknown
  i. issue Seton
  D. William Seton (of Gargunnock ?)
  m. unknown
  i. issue Seton
  D. dau Seton of Gargunnock family
3. William Seton, younger of Touch
  m. unknown.
4. Robert Seton, younger of Touch
  m. unknown.
5, George Seton, younger of Touch
  m. unknown.
6. James Seton, younger of Touch,
  m. unknown.