The Lords Seton's and Earl's of Winton Descent

George Seton, 4th Lord Seton (d 1507-8), and 2nd to be called "of the name George".  He was one of the conservators of treaties with the English, 30 Sept. 1497, and 12 July, 1499, and witnessed the assignation of the dower of Margaret, Queen of Scotland, 24 May, 1503.
m. Margaret Campbell (dau of Colin Campbell, 1st Earl of Argyll)
1. George Seton, 5th Lord Seton (d Flodden 09.09.1513), and 3rd to be called "of the name George".
  m. (before 12.1506) Janet Hepburn (d 10.05.1558, dau of Patrick Hepburn, 1st Earl of Bothwell)
  A. George Seton (d infant)
  B. George Seton, 6th Lord Seton (d 17.07.1549), and 4th to be called "of the name George".
  m1. (mcrt 10.04.1527) Elizabeth Hay (b c1510, dau of John Hay, 3rd Lord of Yester)
  i. George Seton, 7th Lord Seton (b 1531, d 08.01.1587), and 5th to be called "of the name George".
  m. (mcrt 02.08.1550) Isabel Hamilton (b c1534, d 13.11.1604, dau of Sir William Hamilton of Sanquhar)
  a. George, Master of Seton (dsp 03.1562)
  b. Robert Seton, 8th Lord Seton and 1st Earl of Winton (d 22.03.1603)
  m. (mcrt 10.4.1582) Margaret Montgomery (d 09.04.1624, dau of Hugh Montgomery, 3rd Earl of Eglinton)
  c. Sir John Seton, 1st Baron of Barnes (d 05.1594).  Knight of the Order of St. James in Spain (St. Jago) and of the Kings personal bodyguard, a Gentleman of the BedChamber and Master of the Kings Household under King Philip II of Spain.  Recalled home to Scotland by King James VI, he was Master of the Kings Horse, Master of the Kings Household (1586) and an Extraordinary Lord in the College of Justice as Lord Barnes (1588) in place of his brother Alexander Seton (at that time Lord Urquhart, later Lord Fyvie and 1st Earl of Dunfermline) who was promoted to President of the College.
  m. (08.09.1588) Anna Forbes (b. 30.09.1564), dau of William Forbes, 7th Lord, she married 2nd John Hamilton (brother of Samuelston).
  (1) Sir John Seton, 2nd Baron of Barnes, Kt.  A Gentleman of the Privy Chamber and officer of the Court of King Charles I, he was a noted companion of the Marquis of Montrose in 1646.  He acquired land in Ireland from Sir Robert Gordon of Lochinvar, the estate of Monylagan (Mionylangain or Moneylagan), Clongish Parish, in Co. Longford, in 1628, and is occassionally referred to as Sir John Seaton of Mionylangain, Longford.  He was noted in the Funeral of Chancellor Seton in 1622, and he acquired the lands of Hailes from the heirs of Hercules Stewart of Whitelaw (d. 1594), and that of Crichton Castle.  He and his wife, "Lady Seaton", are noted in the paper of Sir Arthur Forbes, during the seige of Castle Forbes in Longford, Ireland in 1641-42.
    THE SETON'S OF BARNES AND HAILES, and of Moneylagan, Ireland (Seaton/Seeton's in Ireland): Heirs of the Earldom of Dunfermline
  (2) George Seton
  (3) Mosea Seton
    m. Andrew Hume of Rhodes, North Berwick
                issue, Hume of Rhodes; and of Tipperary, Ireland
  m. unknown
  illeg son Hannibal Seton
  d. Alexander Seton, Chancellor of Scotland, 1st Earl of Dunfermline, 1st Lord Fyvie and Lord Urquhart, Prior of Pluscarden (b 1555, d 16.06.1622)
  m1. (before 01.07.1592) Lillias Drummond (d 08.05.1601, dau of Patrick Drummond, 3rd Lord)
  (1) Anne Seton
  m. (before 06.1610) Alexander Erskine, Viscount Fentoun (dvp 11.02.1633)
  (2) Isabel Seton (b 01.08.1594, d 02.11.1638)
  m. (before 18.06.1610) John Maitland, 1st Earl of Lauderdale (d 18.01.1645)
  (3) Margaret Seton (b 15.06.1596)
  (4) Margaret Seton (b 08.08.1599, d 20.02.1630)
  m. (05.06.1614) Colin Mackenzie, 1st Earl of Seaforth (d 15.04.1633)
  (5) Sophia Seton
  m. (16.02.1611-2) David Lindsay, 1st Lord of Balcarres (d 1641)
  m2. (mcrt 27.10.1601) Grizel Leslie (d 06.09.1606, dau of James Leslie, Master of Rothes)
  (6) Jean Seton (d 19.01.162)
  m. (1624) John Hay, 1st Earl of Tweeddale (b c1593, d 25.05.1653)
  (7) Charles (d young)
  (8) Lilias (d unm)
  m3. (1607) Margaret Hay (bur 20.01.1659, dau of James Hay, 7th Lord of Yester)
  (9) Charles Seton, 2nd Earl of Dunfermline, 2nd Lord Fyvie (b 1608, c11.05.1672)
  m. Mary Douglas (d 1659, dau of William Douglas, 6th Earl of Morton)
  (A) Charles Seton, 3rd Lord Fyvie (b 1640, dsp 1672)
  (B) Alexander Seton, 3rd Earl of Dunfermline, 4th Lord Fyvie (d unm 1675)
  (C) James Seton, 4th Earl of Dunfermline, 5th Lord Fyvie (dsp 26 December, 1694, at the Court of King James VII in exile, St. Germains, France - (representation and Titles passed to Seton of Barnes, above)
  m. (mcrt 06.07.1682) Jean Gordon (a 03.1695, dau of Lewis Gordon, 3rd Marquess of Huntly)
  (D) Henrietta Seton
  m1. (09.1670) William Fleming, 5th Earl of Wigtown (d 08.04.1681)
  m2. (after 1681) William Lindsay, 18th Earl of Crawford, 2nd Earl of Lindsay (b 04.1644, d 03.1698)
  (10)+ other issue - Grizel (b 26.12.1609, d unm), Mary (d young), other dau Seton (b 11.1615)
  e. Sir William Seton of Kylesmure / Kyllismuir, and of Sorn, Knight, Viscount of Lothian (b.1561, d 07.1634), Master of the Kings Household, Master of the Posts, Sherriff of Lothian and the County of Edinburgh, Provost of Haddington.  He had a charter 8 February 1587-8, of the King’s lands of Quhylpark, Grange de Sannick, Westfield, and Knokain; He was one of the Governors and overseers appointed to settle the boundaries between Scotland and England, and dying at his house in Haddington in 1634, aged 73.
  m. Agnes Stirling (dau of ?? Stirling of Glorat)
  (1) Sir William Seton of Grange (dsp unm 1662), Post-Master General of Scotland.
  (2) Sir John Seton (dsp in France).
  f. Margaret Seton (d c02.1616)
  m. (01.08.1574) Claud Hamilton, 1st Baron Paisley (b c1543, d 1621-2) had issue
  ii. John Seton, 1st of Cariston (a 1553).  Temp. Lord Seton in the abscence of his brother while in exile in Flanders.  He had a Charter from his father of the lands of Winton, jointly designated with his brother James Seton, in the paper of 1545.
  m. Isabel Balfour (niece of David Balfour of Carraldstoun ie. Cariston)
  iii. James Seton, Priest of Whitsome during the Reformation, he later conformed and retained as Parson of Whitsome (Quhitsum) 1560-1589
  m. unknown
  a. George Seton, apprenticed to John Duncan, Goldsmith, Edinburgh, 1592.
    issue unknown
  iv. Jean Seton (d infant)
  v. Marion Seton (d 23.06.1567)
  m1. (1548) John Graham, 4th Earl of Menteith (d 01.1564-5)
  m2. John Sutherland, 11th Earl of Sutherland
  vi. Margaret Seton
  m1. (mcrt 17.03.1542, div after 1550, sp) Sir Robert Logan of Restalrig
  m2. David Hamilton of Ladyflat
  vii. Beatrix Seton
  m. (mcrt 24.02.1556-7) Sir George Ogilvy of Banff, 2nd of Dunlugus (d 11.08.1621)
  viii. Helenor (Eleanor) Seton (d c1603)
  m. (mcrt 11.02.1557, div 1587) Hugh Somerville, 7th Lord (b 1547, d 24.03.1597)
  m2. (after 1540) Mary Pyeris (d 1576) (she was part of the retinue of French nobles who came with Marie de Guise on her marriage to King James V).
  ix. Robert Seton of Myles, Tranent (Mylis) (a 1563).  He had a proceeding on an insestment from his father, George 6th Lord Seton, dated 25 February 1548-9, of the lands of "Mylyis and Greendykes" in the barony of Tranent.  Myles farm being beside Falside east of Tranent, and Greendykes being east of Tranent, south of St. Germains and north of Macmerry.
  m. unknown
  a. Robert Seton of Myles, Tranent (Mylis / Mylyis), - Baillie's of Tranent and ancestors to Baillie George Seton of Tranent, Factor to George, Earl of Winton.  He had a charter under the Great Seal 22 February 1562-3, to Robert Seton, son of the deceased George, Lord Seton, procreated betwixt him and Mary Pyeris, his wife, proceeding on an insestment from the said Lord Seton, dated 25 February 1548-9, of the lands of Mylyis, and Greendykes (near Macmerry) in the barony of Tranent.
  m. unknown
  (1) David Seton of Winton Close (known as the "Royal George"), Tranent, Deputy-Baillie of Tranent, Chamberlain to Robert Seton, 8th Lord Seton and 1st Earl of Winton
  m. Katherine Moscrop
  (A) David Seton (b?, d.22.07.1632), Baillie of Tranent and Cockenzie, Wright Burgess of Edinburgh; Buried in Seton Collegiate Church.
  m. Helen Brand
  (B) William Seton (b?, d.22.07.1706), Farmer in Seton, burial at Tranent Church.
  m. Agnes Hutchinson
  (2) Robert Seton of Tranent (witness in the "Witches Trials" cir. 1591)
  m. unknown
  (A) Robert Seton of Tranent
  m. unknown
  (i) Robert Seton, Salt Master at Cockenzie and Port Seton, Baillie of Tranent, (b.1670?, d.c. 1730's).
  m. unknown
  (a) George Seton, Baillie of Tranent, Factor to George, Earl of Winton, (d. 1769) was interred in the Seton's burial at Tranent Church.
  m.Katherine Turnbull
  (b) Isobel Seton
  m 1st. Norman Blackadder, Baillie of Cockenzie
  m 2nd. George McLair (McClure or McLain), Portioner of Preston
  (ii) Margaret Seton (b. 1685 at Cockenzie House).
  m. unknown
  x. James Seton of Myltoun (Milton House, Pencaitland, near to West Salton) (d before 29.01.1562-3).
  m. unknown
  xi. Mary Seton (b.1541, d.c. 04.1615, dsp).  She was the famed Mary Seton of Queen Mary Stuart's "Four Maries" fame.  She adhered to her Monarch and served her until 1583, when she recieved permission to retire to a Convent.  She retired and became a Nun at St. Pierre Aux Dames, in Rheims, France.
  C. Archibald Seton (d young - 15 yrs old)
  D. Mariota Seton
  m1. Thomas, Master of Borthwick (dvpsp after 28.11.1528)
  m2. (1530) Hugh Montgomery, 2nd Earl of Eglinton (d 03.09.1546)
  m3. Alexander Graham of Wallacetown
2. Robert Seton, Man of Arms in France (Scots Guards), d. at the Castle of Milan, Italy.
  m. unknown
  A. William Seton, Man of Arms in France (Scots Guards)
  B. Alexander Seton
  m. Jonet Sinclair, heiress of Northrig
  i. The Seton's of Northrig
3. John Seton (dspv)
4. Margaret (or Martha) Seton
  m. William Maitland of Thirlestane and Lethington (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
5. Katherine Seton, a nun of the Order of St. Catherine of Sciennes in Edinburgh.
illg. son William Seton, (dsp)
illg. son James Seton, (dsp)
illg. son Master Christell (Christopher) Seton, Priest.
illg. son Thomas Seton, servant to King James IV.
  m. unknown
  A. George Seton (dspm)
  B. John Seton (dspm)
  C. Alexander Seton, Chaplain in the College.
illg. dau Beatrix Seton
  m. John Livingston of Salt Cottis (Saltcoats)
illg. dau Margaret Seton
  m 1st. Henry Cant of Over Libberton
  m 2nd. Master David Hamilton, younger of Preston, son of Sir Robert Hamilton of Preston, Knight.
illg. dau Elizabeth Seton, died unmarried.
illg. dau Janet (Jonet) Seton, died unmarried.