The Seton Earl's of Winton Descent

a. Robert Seton, 8th Lord Seton and 1st Earl of Winton (d 22.03.1603)
  m. (mcrt 10.4.1582) Margaret Montgomery (d 09.04.1624, dau of Hugh Montgomery, 3rd Earl of Eglinton)
  (1) Robert Seton, 2nd Earl of Winton (b 1583, a 12.1636)
  m. (01.02.1603, div) Anna Maitland (b c1590, d 06.07.1609, dau of John Maitland, 1st Lord of Thirlestane)
  (2) George Seton, 3rd Earl of Winton (b 12.1584, d 17.12.1650), originally of Winton House and of St. Germains prior to accession to the Earldom of Winton
  m1. (26.04.1609) Anne Hay (dau of Francis Hay, 9th Earl of Erroll)
(A) George (b 22.07.1610, d infant)
  (B) George, Master of Seton (b 15.05.1613, dvp 04.06.1648)
  m. (1639) Henrietta Gordon (d 1650/1, dau of George Gordon, 2nd Marquess of Huntly)
  (i) George Seton, 4th Earl of Winton (b 04.05.1642, d 06.03.1704).  During the years 1653 to 1655 the 4th Earl was served heir male to his grandfather in all his properties. His uncle, Lord Kingston, says he was "bredatt Seatoun in the treu Protestant religionne" ; but, according to Nisbet, he completed his education in France, where he became accomplished in the knowledge of arms. At the same time he acquired a taste for the Continent which he utilised practically in later
years; on one occasion, in February 1668, he served with the French array as a volunteer under Conde, at the siege of Besancou.
  m1. (04.09.1662) Mary Montgomerie (d 1677, dau of Hugh Seton Montgomerie, 7th Earl of Eglinton)
  (a) Mary Seton (bpt 24.11.1666, d c1669)
  m2. (by 1682) Christian Hepburn (d 18.11.1703, dau of George Hepburn of Addiston or Aldingstoune)
  (b) George Seton, 5th Earl of Winton (b c1678, d 19.12.1749).  Following his absence in his early years it was thought that he had died in Flanders, but was sought out by Sir Walter Seton of Abercorn.  Although he initially refused to return home, upon the death of his father he in fact returned and fought a Court challenge by the Viscount Kingston to the Seton Honours, which he won and assumed his rightful place as head of the House of Seton.  The Earl was well thought of in local circles, but was not popular with the more powerful Gentry of his age, and which isolation from his Peers was to his detriment in the Jacobite troubles.  He joined the cause of the Royal House of Stuart, as was to have been expected given the family's blood ties and history, but was ultimately captured and imprisoned, and attainted and forfeit of all of the Seton possessions and titles.

Lord Winton never made a recognised marriage. It was alleged, by a claimant to the Earldom, that he had married about 1710 Margaret McKlear; and while commonly known by many was never legally proved later. It is however certain from the evidence of documents and papers remaining that his mistress Elizabeth Stevenson had by him, a son John and a daughter Christian, and the Masonic records in Rome note that he was in fact married and that his wife passed on the records of the Lodge following his death.

  m1st. Margaret McClure/McKlear, married circa 1710 (d.08.08.1714) - dau of Scottish Physician - Marriage unconfirmed (see below as per below Seton of St. Germains).
  ((1)) Charles Seton (only child), - THE SETON'S OF BELLINGHAM LINE (and that of Ernest Thompson Seton), the whole of the direct male-line is now completely extinct.
  m. (1740) Ann Dodds
((C)) Charles Seton, 3rd son
m. (10.03.1790 at Newcastle upon Tyne) Margaret M'Allester (McAllister)
((i)) George Seton. Saddler, in Bellingham, Northumberland, claimed to be a descendant of a son of the 5th Earl of Winton. In the absence of any opposing party he appeared before the Bailies of the Canongate Edinburgh and got himself served heir male of line of the fourth Earl, who he alleged was his great great grandfather. He described himself as son of Charles Seton, and grandson of Charles Seton "only son" of the fifth Earl, by Margaret McKlear, who, he alleged, had married the Earl "about 1710". He produced witnesses, but they differed as to the place of the ceremony. A suit for the reduction of this service was immediately raised by the tutors of Archibald Earl of Eglinton, then a minor; the claimant was found to be unable to prove the Earl of Winton' s marriage; and the service was reduced and annulled by the Court of Session on 7th July 1826, dsp.

The claimant was certainly descended from the son of the 5th Earl, by Margaret McKlear, as the correspondence in regard to the Earl's confinement in the Tower mentions a son Charles; but he has been regarded as being a 'natural son', again, since the marriage cannot be documentarily substantiated.


((ii)) issue - Seton's of Bellingham, and Ernest Thompson Seton
  mistress - Elizabeth Stevenson. She married 1st, Dr. Archibald Pitcairn (d.1713), and after the death of Margaret McClure, assumed the alias 'Margaret McKlear' as that of the 5th Earl's wife, and attended on the Earl while he was imprisoned in London in 1716, bringing him funds out of the Winton Estate. On 16th February 1716, Elizabeth came to the Tower and saw the Earl and brought him a sum of £1000 sterling from his estates, she having on 27th January been appointed by him his "factrix" . For this money he gave a receipt. 1 - On a later occasion she brought him a further sum of £5000. This was only discovered in 1724 when she addressed the Commissioners of Forfeited Estates, stated what she had done and told them that, as factrix, she had recouped herself £1120, and claimed the balance of £3879 out of the Estate. She resided at Winton House, holding articles taken from the Seton Palace, for which Seton of Garleton had noted, complaining from France.

In the very rare printed pamphlet, in which this appears, she is said to have put forward some letters to her from a Mrs Corsbie "who was then attending the "said Earl" in prison. This woman had an alias "Margaret McKlear" . The Earl's solicitor Charles Menzies W.S. of the family of Menzies of St. Germains, also deponed that this lady "by favour of the "warders" had access to the Earl. She was also in London as a witness for the Earl.

  ((2)) illeg. son - John Seton
  ((3)) illeg. dau - Christian
  m2nd. unknown, called 'Lady Winton' in Rome. As widow of the 5th Earl of Winton, she passed on the Masonic records of Rome held by the Earl, to the Lodge in 1799.
  ((4)) son - George Seton-Winton's in Ireland and UK
  ((5)) son - Seton-Winton's in Ireland and UK
  ((6)) dau Seton-Winton
  (c) Christopher Seton (dsp, unm 05.01.1705)
  (ii) Alexander (b 21.01.1644, dsp before 13.12.1673), Freemason's, c1672 - noticed as also in 1672 " Alexr: Seaton brother germane to the Right Honorabill Earll of Winton entered prenteis & fellow of the Craft."
  (iii) Christopher (b 15.04.1645, dsp before 07.04.1707)
  (iv) Francis (d young)
  (C) Christopher (b 20.02.1617, d 30.06.1618)
  (D) Sir Alexander Seton of Craigiehall, 1st Viscount Kingston (b 13.03.1620, d 21.10.1691), he acquired the lands and baronies of Whittingehame and Stoneypath from his second marriage
  m1. Jean Fletcher (dau of Sir George Fletcher)
  (i) Jean (Ann) Seton (b 24.04.1651)
  m. James Douglas, 3rd Lord Mordington (b 1651, a 12.1677)
  (ii) Charles (b 04.04.1653, dvp unm 07.06.1682), Master of Kingston.
  (iii) George (b 29.07.1654, dvp unm 05.1678)
  (iv) Alexander (b 04.11.1655, dvp unm 06.10.1676)
  (v) Isabel (b 18.11.1656, d 16.06.1677)
  (vi) Barbara (b 04.09.1659, d 05.11.1679)
  m2. (c1661) Elizabeth Douglas (b c1636, d 1668, dau of Sir Archibald Douglas of Whittinghame)
  (vii) Archibald Seton, 2nd Viscount Kingston (b 05.10.1661, d unm 1714)
  (viii) James Seton, 3rd Viscount Kingston, attainted and forfeit (b 29.01.1667, d c1726, dsp)
  m. (before 16.04.1714) Anne Lindsay (bpt 20.05.1674, d 03.02.1743, dau of Colin, 3rd Earl of Balcarres)
  (ix) Elizabeth Seton (b 21.04.1668)
  m. (23.11.1695) William Hay of Drumelzier (b 12.1649, d 1726)
  (a) Hay's of Drumelzier - descent from which marriage to the Seton's Abercorn represents the lineal bloodline and Head of House and Name of Seton
  (x) Arthur (b 30.12.1665, d 23.10.1691)
  (xi) John (b 11.10.1666, d 29.04.1674)
  m3. Elizabeth Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton, 1st Lord Belhaven)
  m4. (03/4.08.1686) Margaret Douglas (b 09.1651, d 10.1699/12.10.1692, dau of Archibald, Earl of Angus)
  (E) Francis Seton (b 01.05.1623, d.17??).  He settled briefly in England, before fleeing to France.  His descent re-settled in Sussex, England and are the Seton-Winton's.  He said to have died young, and which is incorrect, there family named Seton-
Winton descend from him, noting that Francis was concerned in the Jacobite movement in England before 1715, and had intentions of raising men in Sussex. The battle of Sheriffmuir however put a stop to his plans and he went abroad and died in France. His son Francis returned and settled at Cokeham Manor in Sussex, and some of his descendants have adopted the hyphenated surname of Seton-Winton.
  m. unknown
  (i) The Seton-Winton's line in Sussex and France.
  (F) Anna (b 18.12.1611, d young)
  (G) Margaret (b 25.06.1615, d unm 1637)
  (H) Elizabeth (b 13.06.1618, d infant)
  (I) Elizabeth Seton, 2nd (b 24.12.1621, d 16.06.1650)
  m. (mcrt 22.05.1637) William Keith, 7th Earl Marischal (b 1614, d 03.1670-1)
  m2. (c1628) Elizabeth Maxwell (dau of John Maxwell, 6th Lord Herries of Terregles)
  (J) Christopher, 2nd (b 28.06.1631, d 07.1648)
  (K) William (b 08.01.1633, d 07.1648)
  (L) Sir John Seton, 1st Bart of Garleton (b 29.09.1639, d 02.1686).  He was born 29th September 1639. He had from his father on 13th August 1649 a charter of the fee of the lands of Athelstaneford and Garmiltoun (Garlston) . On 9th December 1664 he was created a baronet, with the style "of Garlston", and from him descended the cadet branch of that name (Garleton), later claimants to the Earldom of Winton.
  m. Christian Isobel Home (dau of Sir John Home of Renton)
  (i) Sir George Seton, 2nd Bart of Garleton.  He had a Process of Divorce noted in the Register in Edinburgh, as — Barbara Wauchop, lawful daughter to Andrew Wauchop of Niddrie Marischall, against Sir George Seatoun of Gairletoun, her spouse, marriage contract, 27 April 1686; Entry 601 dated May 1705.
  m. Barbara Wauchope (dau. of Andrew Wauchope, Baron of Niddrie-Wauchope).
  (a) Sir George Seton, 3rd Bart of Garleton (b. 1685, d.09.03.1769), it was said that he would have been, but for the Attainder, the 5th Earl of Winton He was referred to as 6th Earl of Winton and was commonly called "The Earl of Winton" during his lifetime.  He was engaged in the "Rising" of 1715.  He later went to France and died at Versailles.  He died, sp.
  (b) Captain James Seton, Officer in Colonel Keith's Regiment in France, he resided at Boulogne, France  circa 1750-53, dsp.
  (c) Lieutenant Andrew Seton, an Officer in Ireland's Regiment (later Wauchope's) at the Camp of Randazzo, Sicily, Italy (d. 10.10.1719, sp).
  (d) John Seton (b.9.11.1695, d.16.07.1757), Priest, entered at Alcala de Henares, Madrid, Spain in 1716  and was sent to  the Scotch Mission in Aberdeen in 1725.  He later resided at Traquair House and served the Countess of Traquair as private Chaplain.
  (e) Barbara Seton
  (f) Mary Seton
  (ii) John Seton, (d. 1715) of Durham, England, he died in Germany.  He was involved with his brother and with James Seton, Viscount of Kingston in the robbing of the Post-mail on behalf of the Stuart-cause.  He was acquitted July, 1691.
  m. (11.07.1695) Frances Nile, daughter of Sir Richard Nile of Pleny.
  (a) 'Sir' Ralph Seton (b. 27.06.1702, d.31.12.1782) dsp, unm.  He resided at Newcastle, where he was later buried.
  (b) John Seton (b.22.06.1707, d. 27.01.1775). Also written as: John Seaton, He travelled for two years prior to his marriage, and later was an Upholsterer in Red Lyon Square, London.  He died and was buried at St. Pancras, Middlesex, London.
  m. Mary Newton, daughter of Francis Newton of Irnham, Lincolnshire.
  ((1)) 'Sir' John Seton (b. 12.1735, d. 10. 1796).  He lived in London, and was buried at St. Pancras, Middlesex, London.
  m. (16.02.1786) Mary Hughes, daughter of John Hughes of Berryhall, Warwickshire
((A)) John Seton, (d. 11.1786), died in infancy.
((B)) John Joseph Seton (d.1788), died in infancy.
((C)) dau. Seton, died in infancy.
((D)) Mary Seton.
m. (26.01.1816) John Broadbent of Kendal, Westmoreland, later resided in London
((i)) The Seton-Broadbent Line
  ((2)) Robert Seton (b. 1757, d.22.04.1778).  He died unmarried in London.
  ((3)) Mary Seton
  m. (?)
  (iii) Robert Seton, Jesuit, Roman Catholic Priest, Father Robert Seaton (dsp, 1732.). He took Orders with the Society of Jesuits at Toulouse, and later resided and died in the Parish of Deeside, Aberdeen.
  (iv) Alexander Seton, apprenticed as a merchant to John Hay, April, 1688, for 5 years. (d, 1704).
  (v) Christopher Seton, died young, sp.
  (vi) Charles Seton, died young, sp.
  (M) Sir Robert Seton, Bart of Windygoul (b 10.11.1641, dsp 11.1671). He was born 10th November 1641, was educated at the Scots College at Douai, On 24th January 1671 he was created a baronet with the style "of Windygoul" which had originally been
conferred on his father. He never married, and died in 1672. His brother John was served heir to him. Upon his death, he left 30,000 merks to the College.
  (N) Christopher, 3rd (d young)
  (O) Robert (d young)
  (P) Sophia (b 02.02.1630, d young)
  (Q) Isobel Seton (a 1687)
  m. (mcrt 25.03.1640) Francis Sempill, 6th Lord (d 03.11.1644)
  (R) Ann Seton (b 30.09.1634, a 1666)
  m. (04.1654 at Winton House) John Stewart, 2nd Earl of Traquhair (b 1622, d 04.1666)
  (S) Jean (b 26.01.1636, d unm)
  (T) Mary Seton (d 15.01.1698)
  m. (10.12.1676) James Dalzell, 4th Earl of Carnwath (d 1688)
  (U) Ann (d young)
  (3) Sir Alexander Seton of Foulstruther, later Montgomerie, 6th Earl of Eglinton (b 1588, d 07.01.1661)
  Alexander inherited the Earldom of Eglinton through his mother - descent claimed Earldom of Winton in 1859.
  m1. (22.06.1612) Anne Livingston (d 11.1632, dau of Alexander, 1st Earl of Linlithgow)
  (A) Hugh Seton Montgomerie, 7th Earl of Eglinton
  m2. Margaret Scott (d 03.10.1651, dau of Walter Scott, 1st Earl of Buccleuch)
  (B) issue as Montgomerie
  (4) Sir Thomas Seton, Baronet of Over Olivestob (b.159?, d.a 1603, dspm)
  m. Agnes Drummond (dau of Thomas Drummond of Corskeply)
  (A) Margaret Seton
  m. (1638) George Seton, 4th of Cariston (b c1622, d 1688)
  (B) dau. Seton
  m. Major Keith, Sherriff of Mearns
  (C) dau. Seton
  m. Inglis of Edinburgh
  (5) Hon. Sir John Seton, Knight, of St. Germains (b.159?, d.07.1638). The second family of Seton at St. Germains (the first being of younger descent of George, 4th Lord Seton). Sir John Seton rose to become a Captain in the Royal Regiment for King James VI, and fought against the Parliamentary forces, whereupon he was Knighted.  He was provided with the estate of St. Germains after his two older brother's who each had held it obtained the earldom's of Winton and Eglinton and inherited those estates: "fifth, and youngest, son of Robert, first Earl of Winton, ' gott the lands of St. Germains after his brother, Sir Alexander, obtained the Earledome of Eglingtone."

On the 14th of January 1617 a charter of Aldingstone and Greendykes was granted to Sir John Seton and his mother ; and three and a half years later (3rd July 1620) he and his 'affidate spouse,' Margaret Kellie, had another charter of the lands of St. Germains from his brother George, third Earl of Winton. Again, on the 15th of February 1621, there is a charter by the King to ' John Seytoun of Sanct Germains ' of the lands and barony of Foulden, in the shire of Berwick, apprised from William Arnote of Cokburnespeth,
and sold to the said John Seytoun for 2500 merks, due to Mr. William Kellie, W.S.. Some nine years afterwards (31st December 1629) we find a registered discharge by Alexander, Earl of Eglinton, George, Earl of Winton, and Sir William Seton of Kylesmure, in favour of their 'beloved brother,' John Seton of St. Germains, from the obligation which he had granted to them and the late Margaret, Countess of Winton, in June 1620, not to sell his lands, in consideration that he was now of age to manage his own affairs.

Sir John Seton 'dyed in good age [July 1638], and was buried in the buriall place of Seton.' * This appears from the record of his ' Testament Testamentar' in the Edinburgh Register dated the 4th of July, 1638 written partly by himself and partly by Margaret Kellie, his relict spouse, wherein he constitutes Dame Margaret Kellie, his spouse, his only executrix and tutrix to his children. The free gear amounted to v°xxxiij lib , and Robert Seton of Monkmylne is a witness. He was buried at Seton Collegiate Church.

  m. (1620) Margaret Kellie (dau of William Kellie, W.S., Senator of the College of Justice)
  (A) John Seton, 2nd of St. Germains, Laird of St. Germains and Representative in Parliament for Haddingtonshire, 1685.
  m1st. Anna Turnbull
  (i) George Seton, 3rd of St. Germains (b. 04.1675, d 11.01.1718).  He was baptized in Tranent Kirk, April 27, 1675, and was a noted writer in Edinburgh.  He leased St. Germains to William Menzies of Coulterallers and Gladstains (who become Sir William Menzies of St. Germains, etc...).  He died unmarried, and dsp.
  (ii) Anna Seton, she was baptized in Tranent Kirk, December 15, 1676.
  m2nd. (m.08.07.1686) Anna Rollock (or Pollock)
  (iii) son Seton, dsp.
  (iv) Mary Seton (b.?, d.17.02.17??)
  m. James Hay of Carriber
  (v) Margaret Seton (b.?, d.17.02.1751), residenter in Bristo, dsp.
  (vi) Allison Seton (also Alison), (b.1672, d.05.1727), she was baptized in Tranent Kirk, 1672, was buried in North West burial ground in Glasgow.
  m 03.1696 at Leith, James Kelburn of Bute, Chamberlain to the Viscount of Garnock, and Writer of Glasgow and Bute.
  (B) Francis Seton (b.16??, d.1666).  died in June 1666, as appears from the following entry in the Commissariot of Edinburgh Testaments (vol. Ixxii.): — ' Testament dative and inventory of the goods, etc., pertaining to the deceased Francis Seton, brother to the Laird of St. Germaines, who died in the month of June 1666, given up by Helen Inglis, his relict, only executrix-dative decerned to the deceased, on 3rd November 1666. Free gear . £3.965. 4S- ' The Earl of Winton was owing to the said Francis, by bond, for the sum of 4000 merks ; and the said Francis was due to George, Earl of Winton, for the crop 1666, the sum of ,£686, 2s. 2d.' Confirmed 7th December 1666, David Halyday, Chamberlain to the Lady St. Germains, elder, being cautioner.
  m1st. Helen Inglis, noted in a Discharge as "relict of Francis, brother of the laird of St. Germans", in the Register of Deeds, dated 09.03.1672.
  (i) George Seton 4th of St. Germains. He was apprenticed to Robert Blackwood mt, 14, Apr. 1675, in Edinburgh.  He succeeded to the Estate of St. Germains, following the death of his cousin George Seton of St. Germains.  There is noted an entry for his succession to St. Germains, in the Calendar of the Laing Charters as entry number 3126, dated the 26th July 1732: Charter by King George the Second, in favour of James Campbell, merchant, clothier in London, granting to him, whom failing, to his eldest son, George William Campbell, the lands of Tofts, as in No. 2594 supra, in the parish of Eccles and shire of Berwick, erected into a barony in favour of the late John Belsches of Tofts on 25th May 1625 ; also the lands of Aldingstoun or Greendykes, Chesterhall and St. Germains in the parish of Tranent, constabulary of Haddington, and shire of Edinburgh, the lands of Tofts having been adjudged from the late Mr. John Belsches of Tofts, and Mr. John Belsches, advocate, his son, while the lands of St. Germains, etc., Avere adjudged from George Seton of St. Germains, son of the late Francis Seton, who was brother-german of the also deceased George Seton of St. Germains: To be held blench. Edinburgh, 26th July 1732. Cf. also No. 1833 supri. [1891, Box 48.
  m2nd. Elizabeth (Bessie) Turnbull
  (ii) George Seton, (b.1674, d.17??) b. in the Parish of Tranent. Noted in the "Calendar of the Laing Charters".
  m. unknown
  (a) George Seton
  m. unknown
  (iii) Robert Seton, (b.1674, d.17??) b. in the Parish of Tranent.
  (iv) Christopher Seton, (b.1675, d.17??) b. in the Parish of Tranent.
  (v) Agnes Seton, (b.1671, d?) b. in the Parish of Tranent.
  (vi) Lilias Seton, (b.1677, d?) b. in the Parish of Tranent.
  (C) Robert Seton, Baillie of Tranent (b.16??, d.before 1692), noted on the Register of Deeds, 1682.
  m. Jean Menzies of the family of Menzies of Coulterallers (who's family of Menzies, Advocates, later leased the Estate of St. Germains)
  (i) son Seton.
  (ii) Isobel Seton
  m 1st. Normand Blackadder, Baillie of Cockenzie
  (a) issue
  m 2nd. George McLair/McKlear (also McKlar-McClair/McClure), Physician and Portioner in Preston
  (b) Margaret McClure/McLair/McKlear (d.08.08.1714), married George Seton, 5th Earl of Winton (as above)
  (c) Jane McLair/McKlear/McClure
  (d) Magdalen McLair/McKlear/McClure
  (iii) Elizabeth Seton
  m (09.01.1692 in Edinburgh Parish) Claud McMoran (McMurran) of Glaspin
  (iv) Jean Seton
  m unknown
  (D) Alexander Seton, also noted on the Register of Deeds, 1682. There is recorded an Obligation by Alexander Seton, brother german of the Laird of St. Germains, to subscribe a tack of some husband-lands in Athelstaneford, formerly taken by him from Sir John Seton of Garleton, and 24 Dec. 1666. — Sheriff-Court Records of Haddington. Test, of Sir John Seaton of St. Germains, 4 March 1640, b. m. 91 near beg.
  (i)  issue unknown.
  (E) 5th son Seton, Arms registered and noted in The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, by Sir Bernard Burke,1884, as: "Seton (St. Germains), Or, a fess btw, three crescents in chief, and as many fleurs-de-lis in base, gu."
  (i) John Seton, "of Newark", Arms registered and noted in The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, by Sir Bernard Burke,1884, as: "Seton (Newark), same Arms as St. Germains, within a bordure az." (for the 5th son).
  m. unknown
  (a) son Seton
  m. unknown
  (b) Jean (Jane) Seton
  m. Alexander Abercromby of Fetternear, Aberdeenshire.
  (F) Margaret Seton (1st dau).
  m1. (1641) Sir James Hamilton of Fingalton and Preston as his second wife (b 1589, d 10.1644)
  m2. Ramsay of Idington.
  (G) Isobel Seton (2nd dau), died unmarried.
  (H) Jean Seton (3rd dau).
  m. (m. contract dated 5th May, 1648) Alexander Menzies of Coulterais as his first wife (Coulteraller)
  (I) (4th dau) Seton, died young.
  (6) Isabel Seton (b 30.11.1593)
  m1. (19.04.1608) James Drummond, 1st Earl of Perth (d 18.12.1611)
  m2. (02.08.1614) Francis Stewart of Bothwell (b 1584, d 1639)