The Seton's of Garleton Descent (updated March 2008)

Sir John Seton, 1st Bart of Garleton (b 29.09.1639, d 02.1686)
  m. Christian Isobel Home (dau of Sir John Home of Renton)
  (i) Sir George Seton, 2nd Bart of Garleton.
  m 1st Barbara Jean Wauchope (dau. of Andrew Wauchope, Baron of Niddrie-Wauchope).
  (a) George Seton, 3rd Bart of Garleton (b. 1685, d.09.03.1769), he would have been, but for the Attainder of the 5th Earl of Winton, 6th Earl of Winton and was commonly called "The Earl of Winton" during his lifetime.  He was engaged in the "Rising" of 1715.  He later went to France, living at Tours, Paris and and died at Versailles.  He died never having married, sp.
  (b) Captain James Seton, Officer in Colonel Keith's Regiment in France, he resided at Boulogne, France circa 1750-53, dsp.
  (d) John Seton (b.9.11.1695, d.16.07.1757), Priest, sent to the Scots College in Douai in 10.1708, entered at Alcala de Henares, Madrid, Spain in 1715, joined the Society of Jesus in 09.1716, taught Humanities at Villareal for three years and studied Theology at Alcala for four years and was a Priest and resident of the College there in 1723.  He was sent as a missionary to Scotland in 1725, to the Scotch Mission in Aberdeen.  He later resided at Traquair House and served the Countess of Traquair as private Chaplain.
  (c) Lieutenant Andrew Seton, sent to the Scots College in Douai in 1714, and later to the Scots College in Madrid in 1715/18. He joined the Army and became an Officer in Ireland's Regiment and died of a fever at the Camp of Randasso, Sicily, Italy (d. 10.10.1719, sp).
  (e) Barbara Seton, dsp.
  (f) Mary Seton, noted as the Heiress of the Garleton Honours on 01.12.1769.
  m. John Arrat of Forfar (Fofarty).
  (g) dau Seton
  (ii) John Seton, (d. 1715) of Durham, England, he died in Germany.  Involved with his brother and with James Seton, Viscount of Kingston in the robbing of the Post-mail on behalf of the Stuart-cause.  Acquitted 07.1691.
  m. (11.07.1695) Frances Nile, daughter of Sir Richard Nile of Pleny.
  (a) Sir Ralph Seton (Seaton), (b. 27.06.1702, d.31.12.1782), titled as 4th Baronet of Garleton and commonly called, "Lord Seaton" in his later years as the heir-male to the Winton Honours.  He resided at Elvet, Durham and later died at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, where he was buried, dsp.
  (b) John Seton (b.22.06.1707, d. 27.01.1775). Also written as: John Seaton, He travelled for two years prior to his marriage, and later was an Upholsterer in Red Lyon Square, London.  He died and was buried at St. Pancras, Middlesex, London.
  m. Mary Newton, daughter of Francis Newton of Irnham, Lincolnshire.
  ((1)) Sir John Seton, also spelt Seaton, (b. 12.1755, d. 10.08.1796).  Succeeded his grandfather in right of the Garleton Honours, he lived in London, and was buried at St. Pancras, Middlesex, London.
  m. (16.02.1786) Mary Hughes, daughter of John Hughes of Berryhall, Warwickshire
((A)) John Seton, (d. 11.1786), died in infancy.
((B)) John Joseph Seton (d.1788), died in infancy.
((C)) dau. Seton, died in infancy.
((D)) Mary Seton.
m. (26.01.1816) John Broadbent of Kendal, Westmoreland, later resided in London
((i)) The Seton-Broadbent Line
  ((2)) Robert Seton (b. 1757, d.22.04.1778).  He died unmarried in London.
  ((3)) Mary Abigail Seton (Seaton) (b.1669, d.14.01.1751/5).  At the death of her father she was left an orphan. Her father was the second son of the wealthy Seton family, but by English law received nothing by inheritance, and the bulk of her parent's estate going to her older brother. She was noted as a woman of rare ability and took a bold step of her own, that of emigration to New London, Connecticut in America. At the same time and on the same ship with Mr. Walworth, and they married soon after arrival. Following the death of William, she reared her seven children and managed her estate with unusual wisdom. She survived her husband by 49 years, and died at the age of eighty-three.
  m. (16.02.1786) William Walworth
((A)) William Walworth was born in Jan 1693/94 in Fisher's Island, Suffolk, NY. He died on 17 May 1774 in Groton, New London, Ct.
((B)) John Walworth was born in Jun 1696 in Fisher's Island, Suffolk, NY. He died on 17 May 1748 in Groton, New London, Ct.
((C)) Thomas Walworth was born in May 1701 in Groton, Tompkins, NY. He died in 1748 in Groton, New London, Ct.
((D)) James Walworth was born in May 1701 in Fisher's Island, Suffolk, NY. He died in 1720.
((E)) Martha Walworth was born on 24 Jan 1691/92 in Fisher's Island, Suffolk, NY. She died UNKNOWN.
((F)) Joanna Walworth was born on 6 Feb 1694/95 in Groton, New London, Ct. She died in 1777 in Goshen, Dutchess Co., NY.
((G)) Mary Walworth was born on 6 Feb 1694/95 in Fisher's Island, Suffolk, NY. She died on 23 Aug 1771 in Norwich or Lebanon, CT.
  (iii) Robert Seton, (b.1667, d.1732) Jesuit, Roman Catholic Priest, Father Robert Seaton, dsp. He took Orders with the Society of Jesuits at Toulouse, 07.09.1688, and later resided and died in the Parish of Deeside, Aberdeen.
  (iv) Alexander Seton (b.1672, d.1704), resident of the farm at Garleton, known then as "West Garleton", and apprenticed as a merchant to John Hay, April, 1688, for 5 years.  The Claim of the Earl of Eglinton denigates this line, suggesting that his assignation of his revenues to his brother justified the assumption, but it was never fully researched properly and there are significant records to indicate a possible descent, thus the line is listed here as follows from the Claim of George Seton of Glasgow and listed in the Edinburgh Almanac in 1836 and 1837.
  m unknown
  (a) Alexander Seton, also spelt Seaton (d.1736), resident of the farm at Garleton, known then as "West Garleton", possesed Garleton until 1729, was active in pursuing various local residents over affairs to the Garleton Estate, noted in the Sheriff Court Books of Haddington and those of the Commissary Court Books of Edinburgh. 
  m. unknown
  ((1)) William Seton, also spelt Seaton, resided at Garleton until 1729, further history unknown.
  m. unknown
Line to George Seton of Castlemilk Place, Glasgow, (b. 1758, d. 15.01.1837).  Submitted Claim to the Garleton and Winton Honours in 1824, and pursued the Earl of Wemyss for records in 1829 to confirm the family, and he was listed in the Edinburgh Almanac in 1836, 1837, 1838 and 1839 as the male-line heir of the Earl of Winton through the Garleton line.
  (v) Christopher Seton, died young, sp.
  (vi) Charles Seton, died young, sp.