The Seton's of Meldrum Descent

Revised: June 2013 - major revisions still -in-progress. Referencing to the Calendar of the Laing Charters and other Charter-sources, along with further details recorded in Fasti ecclesiĉ scoticanĉ for Presbyterian Ministers, etc.

  A. Sir Alexander de Seton, 1st Lord Gordon (d 1440)
  m. (1408) Elizabeth Gordon of Gordon (d 16.03.1438-9, dau of Sir Adam Gordon of that ilk)
  i. Alexander Seton, 2nd Lord Gordon and 1st Earl of Huntly (d 15.07.1470)
  ii. Sir William Seton, Knight, 1st of Meldrum (d Brechin 18.05.1452)
  m. Elisabeth de Meldrum (father was William de Meldrum of Meldrum and mother was dau. of Earl of Sutherland) - she brought the lands of Meldrum and Achineve, etc... to her husband as heiress of Meldrum.
  a. Alexander Seton, 2nd of Meldrum (served heir to his mother, April 20th, 1456)
  m. Muriella Sutherland (dau of Alexander Sutherland of Duffus)
  (1) William Seton, 3rd of Meldrum (dvp, had possesion of the Meldrum Estate during the lifetime of his father.  He had a Charter of the lands of Balcarne (Balcairn) circa 1490.)
  m. Elizabeth Leslie (dau of Alexander Leslie of Wardes)
  (A) Alexander Seton, 4th of Meldrum (served heir to his grandfather, July 15th, 1512. Killed in Aberdeen, d. 1527).  His Arms appear on the walls of the "Aula Magnifica" in the University of Bologna, as "Alexander de Seton, Dominus de Meldrum".
  m1st. Agnes Gordon (dau of Patrick Gordon of Haddo)
  (i) William Seton, 5th of Meldrum (served heir on 13th January, 1533, a. 1535, d. 1571).  He was a minor when his father was killed, but raised in good favour with the King, who granted him his gift of marriage in February 1531/32, and was served heir to his father in January 1533.  He resigned his Estates of Meldrum, Old Meldrum, Bethelnie and others, and had a re-grant of them to himself and his wife, and their incorporation "for good service" into the free Barony of Meldrum.  In Dec. 1544 he was granted a respite for having "recklessly shot James Seytoun with a hagbut".
  m1st. (Janet Gordon (dau of James Gordon of Terpersie, 2nd of Lesmoir)
  (a) Alexander Seton, 6th of Meldrum.
  m1st. Elizabeth Irvine (dau of Alexander Irvine of Lonmay, younger of Drum)
  ((1)) Alexander Seton (dvp 1590)
  m. (mcrt 21.10.1584) Christian Fraser (dau of Michael Fraser of Stainywood)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Seton 9th and last Seton of Meldrum (succeeded her uncle to Meldrum in 1635, later was Baroness Saltoun in her own right).
  m1. (1610 as his 3rd wife) John Urquhart of Craigfintry (b 1547, d 08.11.1631)
  Their son Patrick inherited Meldrum and continued as the Urquharts of Meldrum.
  ((i)) Patrick Urquhart, 1st Urquhart of Meldrum.  Originally of Lethenty, he bought and sold Mounie from William Seton of Udny/Menie, selling to Robert Farquhar (lost to bankruptcy in 1702), before inheriting Meldrum in 1636 from his mother.
  m. Margaret Ogilvy, dau of James Ogilvy, 1st Earl of Airly.
  m2. (mcrt 27.06.1634) Alexander Fraser of Philorth, 1st/10th Lord of Saltoun (b 1604, d 11.08.1693)
  ((ii)) Alexander Fraser, Master of Salton (d,1682)
  ((a)) William Fraser, succeeded his grandfather as 11th Lord Salton.
  m2nd. (mcrt 12.08.1579) Jean Abernethy (dau of Alexander Abernethy, 6th Lord of Saltoun)
  ((2)) Sir John Seton, 7th of Meldrum, Kt.  He studied Law at the Univ. of Bologna in Italy, where his Arms may still be seen painted in Fresco and dated 1603.  He succeeded his father, but died in 1619, dsp.
  m. Grisel Stewart (dau of Earl of Atholl)
  ((3)) William Seton, 8th of Meldrum, called as "Mr. Walter Seaton" at Chancellor Seton's funeral in 1622. (succeeded his brother 1619, and to his uncle George Seton of Barra on the 3rd April, 1627.  He broke the tetrie and willed the Meldrum Estate to his niece Elizabeth Seton circa 1623, he dsp 1635).  He disponed the Estate of Barra to his cousin Alexander Seton of Pitmedden, and the lineal descent of Seton of Meldrum passed to the descendants of John Seton of Lumphart, Broomhill and Mounie (below).
  m. Anne Crichton (dau of Sir James Crichton of Frendraught)
  ((4)) Margaret Seton m. Chalmers of Balbithou/Balbithan.
  m. Mr. Chalmers of Balbithou.
  ((5)) Isabel Seton.
  m. Thomas Erskine of Pittodrie
  mistress unknown
  ((6)) illeg. William Seton of Cottoun. A 'natural son' of his father Alexander Seton of Meldrum, he later had a Letter of Legitimization, dated 19th of Dec.,1544, along with that of Christopher Seton, natural son of George, 4th Lord Seton.  He was a witness to the Charter of his cousin John Seton of Auchenhuif on the 27th Feb., 1570, and listed as "William Setoun in town of Cottoun ('villa de Cottoun')", along with others, in the Calendar of the Laing Charters.
  m. unknown
  ((A)) son Seton
  m. unknown
  ((B)) Geillis Seton, noted in the Commissariot of St. Andrews, as "in Cottoun of Haltoun, par. of St. Vigeans", Aberdeenshire, 22nd Oct.,1599.
  m. unknown
  (b) John Seton of Lumphard and Broomhill (near Dunecht), 1st of Mounie, also of Auchehuif (b.15??, d.1596). He received jointly from his father and his uncle Alexander Seton, in an Episcopal Charter dated 1556 and a Great Seal Charter dated 1575 for the lands of Mounie, and was responsible for the enlargement of the manor-house of Mounie to what it is today. He was also Kirkmaster of the Kirk of Daviot, and purchased the lands of Pittynoun in Daviot parish from the Bishop of Aberdeen, confirmed in January, 1575/76. On the 19th of July 1597, there is a a precept for ratification of two charters of sale of the lands of Mounie and Petblanie respectively, granted by Mr. Richard Irrowing, burgess of Aberdeen, to the 'late John Setoun, for the time of Lumfurde, and Marjorie Pantoun his spouse.'
  m1st. Marie Maitland (their monogram still resides on the 4-post Bedstead at Mounie Castle as I.S and M.M.
  m2nd. Marjory Panton (dau of John Panton of Pitmedden)
  ((1)) William Seton of Udny and Belhelvie (also Seton of Mounie/Muny/Mownye and Lumphard/Limfurd). He was recommended and admitted as an honorary burgess of Aberdeen, 1598, by Alexander Seton, Lord Fyvie. He sold Mounie to Patrick Urquhart.  He sold Mounie and acquired the lands of Kingseat (Kingisseat in Belhelvie) c1603, those of Udny, Killinorton(Kilmorton) and Tillieeave in 1622, and the Barony of Menie from George Gordon of Gight in 1629 but lost the lands to his creditor Sir Robert Graham of Morphie in 1633.
  m. 1st Helen Udny, heiress of Udny, Belhelvie and Newburg
  ((A)) William Seton of Menie (or Minis/Mynnes/Mynnis, c.1647), younger of Mounie and Udny..  He was the legitimate male-heir of the Seton's of Meldrum, but was disponed when his uncle William Seton of Meldrum broke the male-line tailzie and willed the estate to his neice Elizabeth Seton and her husband Patrick Urquhart (above).
    m. Margaret Graham of Morphie (dau. of Sir Robert Graham of Morphie).
  ((i)) George Seton, dsp.
  ((ii)) John Seton of Auchenhuiff, and later of Auquhorthies, Chamberlain of Fyvie Castle to the Earl of Dunfermline, (spelt Achorters/Auchorties), and of Menie (Meanie/Mynnoris/Mynnes/Minnies)) and also of the lands Achlowne (Achloon), Crabidonald (Crabidona / Carbydonnoch) and also Tillirye (Tilliev), Taxter , Stenter and Collector in Aberdeen, (b. 160?, d. 1637).  He is mentioned in the funeral account of the 1st Earl of Dunfermline in 1622 and in the papers of the Skene family of Rubislaw (c.1637).  He is also noted as recieving a Ratification and Renunciation in favour for the liferent of Menie on April 24th 1630 along with two of his sons.  He was noted in 24th Apr.,1630 in the Records of the Sheriff Court of Aberdeenshire, Issue 31, in a Renunciation and Ratification by "Anna Udny, daughter of Wm. Udny, sometime of that Ilk, having arrived at majority, with the consent.of her father and of Mr. Robert Udny of Lamyntoun, her uncle, renounced all her rights to Easter and Wester Tilliev and Croft of Calseyend in the barony and parish of Udny. She also ratified a Contract for the conveyance of these lands to John Setoun of Mynnes in liferent and George Setoun, eldest son of the said John Setoun and Helen Leyth, his wife, in fee. The contract for conveyance of the lands was entered into by the said John and George Setoun on the first part, by Wm. Seton, another son, and Annas Gordoun, his wife, on the second part, and by the said Wm. Udny and Anna Udny, with consent of Alexander Setone of Petmedden, the said Mr. Robert Udny, Wm. Seton of Udny and John Forbes of Balnagask for their respective interests, on the third part."

He was slain in 1637 by John Wilson of Aberchirder and noted in the Presbytery Book of Strathbogie, at Botary, 8th February, 1637.  Originally referred to as John Seton of Disblair (also spelt "Disblehr", or Easter Disblair 1 mile west of New Machar) and of the Mill of Cavill in the Parish of Fintray before that estate passed to his brother William.

    m1st. Helen Leith
    ((a)) George Seton of Schethin (Sheathin), previously George Seton of Auchinhuiff.
  (((1))) William Seton of Schethin.  Noted in the Calendar of the Laing Charters, Entry 2396. 9th August 1649: Precept from the Chancery of King Charles the Second, directed to the sheriff of Aberdeen, for infefting William Seatoun of Schethin, as son and nearest heir of his father, George Seatoun of Schethin, in the lands of Auchinhuiff, tower, etc., with mill, etc., in the barony of Tarves, in the said sheriffdom, and in the regality of Arbroath, formerly held in chief of the hereditary lords of Meldrum, now of the king, as part of the abbacy of Arbroath ; the sheriff to take security for £129, 7s. 6d. Scots for feu-farms and grassums, the lands having been in the hands of the king and his late father for twenty-two years and one term, at .£5, 15s. 4d. yearly, and for £11, 10s. 4d. duplication of feu-farm. Edinburgh, 9th August 1649. [265, Box 9.
    ((b)) Alexander Seton
    m2nd. Anna Gordon
    ((c)) William Seton,
    m3rd. Helen Urquhart
    ((d)) John Seton,
    ((e)) Janet Seton,
      m. Thomas Innes, 2nd of Edingight
  ((iii)) William Seton, called "of Menie". Succeeded his brother as Chamberlain of Fyvie to the Earl of Dunfermline.
    m. unknown
    ((a)) James Seton of Menie (b.16??, d.1707) Cited as Heir-of-Line of the Seton's of Meldrum, he re-acquired Menie circa 1698 He died without issue in France of the wounds he received in the French service at the Seige of Lisler 1707, dsp.  He was succeeded as Heir-of-Line by Robert Seton of Scotsmiln.
    ((b)) Margaret Seton.
      m. Thomas Fraser of Cairnbulg (b. 1649. d. 17??).
      ((B)) Alexander Seton of Kinloch (d. 1672).  During the Rebellion against King Charles I, he raised a troop of horse and kept them at his own expense for 2 years and more, he kept the castle of Ravenscraig nine months for the King for which he was fined, and obligated to pay to Oliver Cromwell 65,000 merks for his "loyal services", which proved the ruin of his family.  He died at Kinloch in October 1672.
    m. 1st Margaret Buoy, Heiress of Pitfour - they had 6 daughters.
    6 daughters
    m. 2nd Mary Murray (Daughter of Sir Mungo Murray of Craigbay, she was a Maid of Honour for Henrietta Maria de Bourbon of France, Queen of King Charles I)
  ((i)) Alexander Seton, he died in his travels abroad, sp.
  ((ii)) Robert Seton of Kinloch and later of Scotsmiln, also known as "of Dumbreck" and "of Reavishauch" - Heir-of-Line of the Seton's of Meldrum (Scotsmill, near Blackburn).  At the death of James Seton of Menie, he became heir of line for Meldrum (also spelt Seaton and Seatton), acknowledged by Sir William Seton of Pitmedden, he passed this right to his son, Capt. Robert Seton.
    m. Elizabeth Cockburn of Cedar.
    ((a)) Captain Robert Seton, of Menie, Lieutenant Governor of Blackness Castle.  (also spelt Seaton and Seatton).  An Officer in the 3rd Regiment of Scots Guards, in 1719 he brought a process of reduction [anullity] and improbation against Alexander Kerr of Menie and Patrick Smith of Inveramsay, the wadsetters [mortgage-holders] of the lands of Menie (Meanie); the wadsetters in defense, attacked his title. This led to a long series of legal processes; the final judgements of the Lords of Council and Sessions in 1726 seem to renounce both Seton's title and the wadset valid.  The legal case continuing as late as 1757.
      m. Mary Long (Laing), dau of Richard Long of Brinzey, Esq. in Somerset
  (((1))) Robert Seton, commonly called "of Mexico", left a memorandi regarding the mining of gold in Belhelvie in the late 17th century.  Died during the Darien Scheme c. 1698-1700, sp.
    m. Margaret Faw (dau of James Faw of Dunbar, Gent.)
  (((2))) Jean Seton (also spelt Seaton).
    m. 19.09.1718, John Ludlow, a Lieutenant in Colonel Peacocks Regiment (d. before 1735).
    ((b)) George Seton, Officer in the 3rd Regiment of Scots Guards.  (also spelt Seaton and Seatton).
    ((c)) William Seton Esq. WS, Writer to the Signet.  As son of Robert Seton of Scotmilne, he was admitted as writer to the signet in 1707 and was apprentice to Arthur Forbes. He married c1718 Anna Gordon, widow of John Bannerman, doctor of medicine at Inverness and had the following children. Katherine, who may have been the eldest as she seems to have been his executor. George, who was a merchant in Jamaica and Edinburgh. William who was a surgeon in Jamaica and John who went to sea.
      m. (c.1718) Anna Gordon, widow of John Bannerman
  (((1))) George Seton, Merchant in Jamaica and Edinburgh.
    m. unknown.
  (((2))) William Seton, Surgeon in Jamaica.
    m. unknown.
  (((3))) John Seton (b.?, d.1797), known to have "went to sea", later settled on of the island of Jamaica with his brothers, where he later died in 1797.
    m. unknown.
  (((4))) Katherine Seton, estate-executor for her father.
    m. unknown.
    ((d)) James Seton, of Scotsmill (in Inverugie), witnessed birth of sons of Alexander Anderson and Mary Gordon, for their son's James and George, 14/06/1720 and 03/08/1724.  He died aged 35 years in Feb. 1734, sp.
    ((e)) Jean Seton.
      m. unknown.
    ((f)) Katherine Seton.
      m. (11.07.1725) Alexander Robertson, son of William Robertson of Merchiston.
      ((C)) James Seton, (dsp).
      ((D)) 4th son Seton (dsp).
  m. 2nd Margory Innes of Cotts
      ((E)) James Seton of Menie, (noted later as James Seatoun of Colihill or Cothill/Collistoun in 1652 ?), called "brother of the guidmen of Mowny".
    m. unknown.
  ((i)) John Seton (also spelt Setoune/Seattoun), of Windiwalls of Menie (Meanie/Mines/Minnes) and of Crabidonald and Auchlowne, noted in an Exhibition in the Sheriff Court Records of Aberdeen, July 26th, 1643.
    m. Margaret (Matilda) Gordon, dau of Thomas Gordon of Fechill
      ((F)) David Seton of Menie
    m. unknown.
  ((i)) Margaret (Mary) Seton
    m. John Innes of Unthank (d. June 1685)
      ((G)) Thomas Seton (Seytoun), Imprisoned in Edinburgh Tolbooth during the reign of Charles I, 1644, and petitioned to be released by his cautioner, Thomas Erskine of Balhakarty.
    m. unknown.
  ((i)) James Seton
    m. unknown
  ((ii)) Thomas Seton
    m. unknown
  ((iii)) Margarate (Marjory Seton) (d 04.02.1724, noted as "dau of Thomas Seaton and sister of James Seton of Menie")
    m.1st Lewis Crichton, 4th Viscount Frendraught (d.02.1698), son of James Crichton, 2nd Viscount Frendraught and Christian Urquhart of Dunlugus; dsp.
    m.2nd George Crichton of Achingoul, 5th Viscount Frendraught, kinsmen of 4th Viscount.
      ((H)) Grizel Seton
    m. Major Sir Nathaniel Gordon, younger of Gight
  ((2)) Robert Seton of Minnes (younger of Seatoun of Mounie/Mowny)
  m. unknown
  ((A)) William Seton of Minnes
    m. unknown
  ((3)) Marjorie Seton (Seattoun of Mouny)
  m. John Gordon of Ardfork
  (c) William Seton of Slattie (Slate/Sklaittie) and of Belhelvie, Chancellor of Aberdeen (b.15??, d.c.1598), noted as a witness in a Charter of John Leslie of that Ilk, as "Willelmus Setone Cancellarius Aberdonensis", dated 1579.  Antiquities of Shires of Aberdeen and Banff, vol. iii. p. 399, Spalding Club. 
  m. Katherine Gordon (she married 2nd, Patrick Gardine/Gardyne in Banchory).
  ((1)) William Seton (Seatoun) of Bethelnie (Balthelny, and previously Slattie / Sklaittie), He was served heir to his father on on the 29th April, 1606. He was also heir-portioner of Bethelnie along with his uncle George Seton of Barra (Chancellor of Aberdeen).  He was also noted in the Records of the Sheriff Court of Aberdeenshire, Issue 31, as part of the Renunciation of his father William Setoun's Estate of "Sklaittie", and in support of his mother's Obligation and Annuity of 100lbs Scots.
  m. unknown.
      ((A)) Arthur Seatoun of Catie (Cattie), Kilblaine and of Aberdeen, He was noted in the Records of the Sheriff Court of Aberdeenshire, Issue 31, as suitor for his cousin George Setoun of Shethine, 3rd May, 1603.  He was later a Burgess of Aberdeen and Chamberlain to the Earl of Marishal (Earl Mershall) for his lands in Dunottar (Dinoter), noted in Aberdeen Sheriff Records in 1652.
    m 1st. Helen Abernethy (Abirnethie)
    m 2nd. Marjorie Lawson (Lasoun)
  ((i)) James Seton (Seaton/Seytoune), of Catie, of Liddauche of Skene, and later still in Aberdeen; noted in Aberdeen Court records c1630, renouncing his fourth part in Liddauche to William, Earl of Merschall), various records also c1636-7
  ((ii)) Marjorie Seton
  m. William Wedderburn of Bethelnie
      ((B)) son Seatoun
    m unknown
      ((C)) Isobel Seatoun of Bethelnie
    m Patrick Leslie, Baillie of Aberdeen
  ((2)) younger son Seton - descent unknown.
  (d) Elizabeth Seton (Seatoun)
  m. William Gordon, son of Gordon of Auchmenzie
  (e) Jean Seton (Seatoun), fifth child of William Seton and Janet Gordon
  m. Alexander Birnie of Tillilet
  m2nd. Margaret Innes (dau of ?? Innes of Leuchars), relict of James Innes of Fynnerye, she married 3rd William Gordon of Arrandoule
  (f) George Seton of Barra, and of Bourtie. Legitimized on 8th Dec, 1581. Chancellor of Aberdeen (1613), Vicar of Bethelnie and Chaplain of Collihill, called the Tutor of Meldrum, dsp.
  (g) James Seton of Bourtie, 1st of Pitmedden, Legitimized on 8th Dec, 1581.
  m. Margaret Rolland (dau of William Rolland, Master of the Mint)
  ((1)) Alexander Seton, 2nd of Pitmedden. His father resigned the lands of Auchmoir and Dunbreck in 1622, and on the 20th July 1626, he had a Charter under the Great Seal of the lands of the Barony of Dunbreck, with the Mill and Milltown. He succeeded to his father on 5th June, 1628 with the lands of "Auld Bourtie, Hillbray and Craig", and had a charter disponed to him of the estate of Barra by William Seton, last of Meldrum on 10th July, 1630.
  m. Beatrix Ogilvy (dau of Sir Walter Ogilvy of Banff, 3rd of Dunlugus)
  ((A)) John Seton, 3rd of Pitmedden (d. 1639), he was known as "Bonnie John Seton". He was noted by Douglas as a man "of good natural parts which werer greatly improved by a liberal education and travelling". During the Coronation of King Charles I, he was in the suite of the Earl of Erroll.  He obtained by Royal Confirmation, the lands of Allathine, and upon his father's death, was retiyred heir-male of the lands of Bourtie, Barra and Pitmedden and in the Dominical Lands of Meldrum and Auld Meldrum. He took an active part of the side of the King during the wars with the Covenanters in command of a detachment, and died famously at the Bridge of Dee, and was shot dead carrying the Royal Standard in his hands, and was buried with military honours by the Marquis of Montrose.
    m. (1633) Elizabeth Johnstone (dau of Sir Samuel Johnstone, 1st Bart of Elphinstone), she married 2nd the Earl of Hartfell.
  ((i)) James Seton, 4th of Pitmedden (d 1667, sp.), he was raised by George, 3rd Earl of Winton and attended Marischal College.  He sold the estate of Bourtie to Advocate James Reid of Aberdeen in 1657.  After some travel in Europe, he served in the Navy under the Duke of York, and died in London of wounds received in the attack on Chatham in the Second Dutch War, dsp.
  ((ii)) Sir Alexander Seton, 5th Baron, 1st Bartonet of Pitmedden, Lord Pitmedden (d 1719), he was raised by George, 3rd Earl of Winton and also attended Marischal College, and admitted an Advocate on the 10th Dec., 1661.  He rapidly rose at the Bar, and greatly distinguished himself, and noted as: "one of the most distinguished lawyers of his day". He served in several Parliaments and was knighted by King Charles II in 1664, and was a Judge in 1677, and on the 15th January, 1684, Charles II created him a Baronet of Nova Scotia.  On the 6th Nov.,1677, he was appointed a Senator of the College of Justice under the title of Lord Pitmedden, and on the 5th July, 1682 he became a Lord Commissioner of Justiciary, and represented Aberdeenshire in Parliament between 1681 and 1686.  Following his noted resistance to King James II and VII's rule by Privy Council-alone, he was removed from office and retired.  He was offered a position by King William, but refused, preferring to decline Honours from King William, and remain true to his Oath to King James.  In his retirement he was noted for his famed Great Garden of Pitmedden.
  m. (1673) Margaret Lauder (d 19.10.1733, dau of William Lauder)
  ((a)) Sir William Seton, 2nd Bart of Pitmedden (bpt 06.03.1673, d.1744), a Member of the Scottish Parliament between 1702 and 1706, and he was appointed a Commissioner by Queen Anne to treat the Union between England and Scotland.
  m. (1702) Catherine Burnet (dau of Sir Thomas Burnet, 3rd Bart of Leys)
  ((b)) George Seton of Mounie, Esq (b. 1672, d. 1762). He was an Advocate and inherited a considerable provision from his mother, whereby he re-purchased the old family Castle of Mounie.  He was active in the Rebellion of 1745, and also placed a Claim in 1718 to the forfeited Seton Palace Estate of the 5th Earl of Winton, and which Claim was unsuccessful.
  m1st. Anne Gibson (dau (sister?) of Sir Alexander Gibson, Bart of Pentland)
  (((1))) William Seton, dsp
  (((2))) Alexander Seton, dsp
  (((3))) Helen Seton, dsp
    m. Alexander Leslie of Warthill
  m2nd. Anne Leslie, dau of John Leslie of Tochar
  (((4))) William Seton, Ensign in the 1st Regiment of of Foot (Royal Scots). Died without issue in London in Dec.1781, dsp.
  (((5))) Margaret Seton,
    m. James Anderson of Cobinshaw
  (((6))) Isabella Seton,
    m. Rev Skene-Ogilvy, D.D.
  (((7))) Catherine Seton,
    m. Captain William Henderson of Newton
  ((c)) Alexander Seton Physician in the Army. He began his medical career on the 1st January, 1701 as an apprentice to James Brown, Chirigeon Apothecary, Edinburgh.  He later served as physician with the armies of the Duke of Marlborough.  He was served heir of Provision to John Seton, son of Captain John Seatone, son of Sir John Seatone of Gargunnock who werer descended from the Seton;s of Touch.  He inherited 'Seton's Close' from his younger brother James, and later dsp.
  ((d)) James Seton "of Oliphant's Close" and later called 'Seton's Close', Edinburgh, merchant in Danzig (it is said that he dsp, but this may not be correct and the "Seiton's" in Germany may in fact be descended from his line).
  m. Christian Oliphant
  ((e)) Thomas Seton, Doctor of Medicine, dsp.
  ((f)) Elizabeth Seton
  m. (01.06.1693) Sir Alexander Wedderburn, Bart of Blackness (b 07.04.1672)
  ((g)) Margaret Seton
  m. (1696) Sir John Lauder, Bart of Fountainhall
  ((h)) Anne Seton (b.1676, d. 1764)
  m. (1707) William Dick of Grange
  ((i)) Jean Seton (d.1768)
  ((j)) Isabel Seton
  ((B)) Alexander Seton of Banff (b.1600, d.c.17.04.1660). 2nd son of Alexander Seton, 2nd of Pitmedden, Minister of the Parish of Banff. He was educated at King s College ; M.A. (1615) ; schoolmaster of Cullen, 1617-18; adm. before 17th July 1620. He is recorded in the "Fasti ecclesiĉ scoticanĉ; the succession of ministers in the Church of Scotland from the reformation", and the [Antiq. Aberdeen and Banff, ii., 110; Banff Sas., i., 106 ; Reg. of Deeds, Mack., 15th Nov. 1661 ; Cramond s Annals of Banff, i. 25, ii. 23-36, 285.]
    m. Isobel Chalmer
  ((i)) Alexander Seton, Minister of the Parish of Banff (b.1624, d.06.1679), Eldest son and heir of his father, he was educated at King s College, Aberdeen ; M.A. (1643); adm. to Cullen 1st Dec. 1647; trans, to Mortlach 7th May 1650 ; trans, and adm. 15th May 1661 ; elected to Aberdeen, but translation refused by the Bishop and Synod 30th Oct. 1665 ; was called to Tranent, but remained here at request of parishioners, though he had preached his farewell sermon 12th March 1676 ; died June 1679. (The date on his tombstone, 4th Oct., is apparently an error, for the Presbytery Register of 2nd July 1679 contains this entry : " Mr A. S., min. of Banff, has departed this lyfe.) His character has been thus quaintly described : " Loe heir in trust lyes ye pretious dust of Soul-saving Seton, Preacher in this Town, Ye Key of Knowledge And glory of ye Gown." His details are also recorded as: Tombst.; Brodie s Diary; Ban/ Sas., ii., 141 ; Cramond s Annals of Ban/, ii., 37-52, 286, 320; Records of Banff, ii., 496; The Devil s Mistress, by Seton s great-great-grandson, J. W. Brodie Innes, advocate.]
  m. 1st. Isobel Joass daughter of Thomas Joass of Colleonard,
  ((dau)) Janet Seton
  m. 2nd. Margaret Joass eldest daughter of Thomas Joass of Colleonard, (She married 2nd Patrick Innes, Minister of Banff)
  ((a)) Alexander Seton, (b.1664, d.1671)
  ((b)) James Seton, (b.1667, d.17??)
  ((c)) John Seton, (b.1669, d.17??)
  ((d)) Alexander Seton, (b.1671, d.c.1678-9)
  ((e)) Thomas Seton, (b.1673, d.1744)
  ((f)) Alexander Seton, (b.1679, d.17??). He was born post-humously after his father's death in 1679.
  ((g)) Janet Seton, (b.1673, d.17??)
  ((h)) Margaret Seton, (b.1675, d.17??)
  ((ii)) William Seton, Minister of the Parish of Lumphanan (b.1626, d.16??). He was educated at Kings College, Aberdeen ; M.A. (1644) ; adm. to Lumphanan before 21st Oct. 1651 trans, and adm. before 16th May 1665 ;
still mentioned as min. 20th April 1680. He marr. and had issue Alexander.
  m. unknown
  ((a)) Alexander Seton
  (((1))) issue unknown
  ((iii)) Thomas Seton, (b.1627, d.16??)
  ((iv)) Patrick Seton, (b.c.1629, d.17??), Minister of Auchterless. M.A.; inst. before 31st Oct. 1676 ; trans, to Auchterless. M.A. (King s  College, Aberdeen, 19th July 1665) ; schoolmaster at St Andrews ; passed trials before the Presb. there and was certified, 13th .Sept. 1671, for licence: adm. to D.vee before ,31st Oct. 1676; trans, and adm. in 1682 ; dep. 21st Aug. 1694 for drunkenness, etc., and went to Ireland. Also noted as Rev'd P. Seaton, who was  Presbyterian Minister at Dyce, Belhelvie, in Aberdeenshire until he was forcibly deposed.  He went to Ireland and settled at Belfast.
  m. (10.1676) Catherine, daughter of James Wood, sometime of Grange.
  ((a)) Rev'd Charles Seaton.  He was born at Dyce in Aberdeenshire and later undertook his license at Belfast, before becoming the Presbyterian Minister for the community at Anahilt, (also called Lisburn), Hillsborough, County Down, Ireland, on Dec. 9, 1708.  He died in this charge on 27th August 1737 and is buried at Anahilt Cemetery in Down.
  ((b)) other issue in Ireland
  ((v)) John Seton, "of Cuttlecraigs", (b.1633, d.16??), Noted as "of the Family of Meldrum".
  m. unknown
  ((a)) Rev'd Alexander Seaton (b. 1652. d.06.04.1707). He was born at Cuttlecraigs, on the Lumphart Estate in Daviot Parish, near Lethenty in Aberdeenshire.  He studied at the King's College at the University of Aberdeen as an Episcopalian Minister. M.A. (1670) ; was the appearing mm. at Insch 6th Aug. 1682; pres. by James, Bishop of Dunblane, 16th Nov. that year ; coll. 5th, and inst. 14th April 1683; died 6th April 1707, aged about 57, and noted in the Aberdeenshire Poll- Book, i., 431 ; G. R. Horninys, 27th March 1689. He recieved his M.A. in 1670, journeyed to Dublin, Ireland in 1680 as a Quaker teacher, presented Inc at Insch 6 Aug 1682 but not appointed; he was Inc at Leochel 14 april, 1683 until 1707, became a celebrated Quaker Minister in Hillsborough, Co. Down, Ireland.
  m.1st Margaret (?)
  (((1))) Captain Thomas Seaton, (b. 09. 1677. d. 18.08.1741) (also spelt Seton) born in Banff Parish, Aberdeenshire, he later settled in Co. Down, Ireland.
    m. Jane Edwards of Scotland.
  (((A))) issue Seaton in Ireland
  (((i))) son Seaton
  (((a))) issue
  m 2nd. Janet Simpson, only daughter and heiress of William Simpson, gardener in Erskine, an Instrument of Sasine dated 3 March 1705.  Noted in the book: Scots-Irish Links 1575-1725m Part Five, by David Dobson.
  (((2))) John Seaton, involved in the "Rising" of 1715, he fled to Ireland, there learned the tailor trade in Newry, County Down, Ireland,  Emigrated from Ireland circa 1729, to Boxford, Massachussett's before settling at Amherst, New Hampshire, U.S.A.
    m. Jane Edwards of Scotland.
  (((A))) issue Seaton in Ireland, later in America
  (((i))) son Seaton
  (((a))) issue
  (((3))) James Seaton, (b. c. 1686, d?), he was born in Edinburgh and was later involved in the Linen manufacturing in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland.  He emigrated from Ireland to Amherst, New Hampshire, U.S.A. circa 1727.
    m. Martha (surname unknown)
  (((A))) issue Seaton in Ireland, later in America
  (((i))) son Seaton
  (((a))) issue
  (((4))) Andrew Seaton, he was born in Scotland and was involved in the "Rising" of 1715, and thereafter he fled to Ireland.  He lived in the townland of Dranity, near Perrymount, County Tyrone, in Ireland and he kept a Public House in Tullahogue, County Tyrone, later emigrating from Ireland to Pennsylvania, U.S.A. He was shipwrecked en-route to Boston, on Sable Island off Nova Scotia in 1737, but survived to settle in Boxford, Massachussett's, before moving to Amherst, New Hampshire, U.S.A..
    m. 1st Jane Blake (d.1740).
  (((A))) issue Seaton in Ireland, later in America
  (((i))) son Seaton
  (((a))) issue
    m. 2nd Miss Peggy Wood (she adopted 2 children of Ismenia Seaton).  She married 2nd. Joseph Sewler.
  (((5))) Isabel Seaton
    m. Alexander Lumsden of Boghead of Kintore, Taxman.
  (((6))) Ruth Seaton, Emigrated from Ireland to Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
    m. James Miller, as his second wife in 1734.
  ((b)) son Seton.
  ((c)) issue dau's
  ((vi)) Isobel Seton, (b.1637, d.16??)
  m. William Fyfe, Baillie of Banff
  ((vi)) Marie Seton, (b.1638, d.16??)
  ((viii)) Janet Seton, (b.1640, d.16??)
  ((C)) Margaret Seton
    m. James Buchan of Auchmacoy (d before 20.04.1661)
  ((D)) + eight other daughters
  ((2)) James Seton, 2nd son of James Seton of Bourtie, but little known.
  m. unknown
  (h) Henry Seton - His name appears on 31st Oct, 1620 in the Register of the Scots College at Douai.  He is said to have died in poverty in Paris, sp.
  (ii) Alexander Seton of Mounie, Chancellor of Aberdeen (1567) and Vicar of Bethelnie, dsp.  He passed the lands of Mounie to his brother, for bestowal on his second son.
  m2nd. Janet (Jonet) Leith (dau and co-heiress of George Leith of Barnes)
  (iii) John Seton of Blair (b.15??, d.1563), who had a charter (1526) for Auchleven (Garioch), Blair (in Bourtie), Drumrossy, Rothnock, Kingudie (Kingoodie or "Kingeithie", part of the estate of Blair), Ardony (Ardonie), Foulwood (Fulwood) and others, who inherited Blair (in Bourtie Parish, Aberdeenshire) from his mother.  His gravestone can be found in the churchyard of St. Medden where he is buried.  Descendants have not been traced continously - here follows some of the known descent:
  m. Elizabeth Patton (Eliza Patoun)
  (a) William Seton of Blair (b.15xx, d.c1612), Burgess of Aberdeen in 1595, and Superior of Licklyhead.
  m. dau of Andrew Tulliduff (Tullydaff) of Tulliduff and Orchardton
  ((1)) William Seton of Blair, (b.15??, d.?), heir in 1612/1616, and heir of Tulliduff from his mother.  Apr. 26th, 1623, a Scottish Catholic active in 1629 with the Marquis of Huntly with other nobles of Aberdeenshire, and the Duke of Buckingham in England, in support of Catholicism and noted in the Domestic Annals of Scotland (Reign of King Charles I, part B).
  m. Isobel Seton
  ((A)) George Seton of Blair (b. 15??. d. 1661), Physician, in 1651, he protested the against the appointment of an assistant and successor to the minister of Bourtie.  He was noted by the Church Courts as a propagator of Romanism.  He lost Blair due to bankruptcy, to Forbes of Craigievar.
    m. unknown.
  ((i)) Margaret Seton, (also Seaton) heir portioner of Blair and Kingudie, 1661, stated in Poll Book of 1696.
  m. John Duget (Duguid) of Tilliburies and of Ruthven, known as, "the noble John Duget", of the family of Duguid of Auchinhuiff (Auchenhuive/Auchenhove), also spelt as "Duiguid, Dugoude, Dugude or Dewquhat".
  ((a)) John Duget, resident of Danzig, Prussia, listed as domiciled in Disblair c. 1655.
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Seton, heir portioner of Blair and Kingudie, 1661, stated in Poll Book of 1696.
  .m. Francis (Franciscus) Duguid of Auchinhove (d.1698).
  ((a)) Francis Duguid, (b.14.05.1675)
  ((B)) John Seton (?)
    m. Helen Leith of Harthill
  ((i)) George Seton of Menie (Minnes/Mines/Mynnoris), Mentioned in Aberdeen Sherrif Court records in April, 1630, Renunciation and Ratification with his father and younger brother John of the lands of Menie (Minnes), and along with his father (then of Auquhorthies) in 1634 for an Exhibition.
  m. unknown
  ((a)) George Seton, younger of Menie (Mines).
  m. unknown
  (((1)))  issue unknown.
  ((ii)) William Seton of Haddo (prev. of Menie/Mynnoris), Mentioned in Aberdeen Sherrif Court records in April, 1630, Renunciation and Ratification with his father and younger brother John of the lands of Menie (Minnes).
  m. Annas Gordon of Cockclearikie
  ((a)) George Seton of Haddo (prev. of Menie/Mynnoris), (b.1616, d.16??), noted in a Decision of the Court of Session, 18, July, 1670.
  m. (1639) Anne Young (daughter of Sir James Young and Jean Stewart, who was daughter of Robert Stewart, 1st Stewart Earl of Orkney, the illegitimate son of King James V by Elizabeth (Elspeth) Elphinstone)
  (((1)))  George Seton of Menies (Mynnoris), and later of Kemnay (b.1641, d.?)
  m. Elspeth Keith
  (((A))) George Seton of Kemnay, and of Ellon, New Machar, Aberdeenshire (b.1665, d.?), referred to as, "na Taragoid".
  m. Christian Stewart (as her second husband)
  (((i))) George Seton (b.1685, d.?), of Ellon, Aberdeenshire
  m. unknown
  (((a))) issue
  (((ii))) James Seton (b.1688, d.?), of Ellon, Aberdeenshire
  m. unknown
  (((a))) issue
  (((iii))) Duncan Seton (b.1694, d.?), of Ellon, and later of Blair Atholl, Perth.
  m. Isobell Menzies
  (((a))) Robert "George" Seaton of Blair Atholl, Perth (bc.1717, d.c.1756). Fought at Culloden, 1746.
  m.(1737) Elspeth McLauchlane, (b.c.1718).
  ((((1)))) John Seaton of Blair Atholl, Perth (b. 12.1738)
  m. (18.09.1764) Isobel Stewart
  ((((A)))) Robert Seaton of Blair Atholl (b.30.07.1781, d.c.1852), and Caistor, England.
  m. Catherine Atkinson, of Waddingham, Lincolnshire, England.
  ((((i)))) John Seaton of St. Mary's, Waddingham, England, (b.1811).
  m.(02.05.1835)  Anne Ingram (b.1815)
  ((((a)))) Robert Seaton of St. Mary's, Waddingham, England (b.1839, d.c.12.01.1918)
  m. Emily Louisa Lawrence of Henly, Oxfordshire, England.
  [[<1>]] Robert William Seaton of Ecclesall, Sheffield, England (b. 03.05.1874, d.1936 in Uxbridge, Middelsex, England).
  m. Florence Johanna Solloway b 29th Dec 1871 (Birmingham)
  [[<A>]] Edward Clifford Seaton (b 15.10.1897, Harrogate - d.1938, Rochford)
  m. (1926, South Molton), Gwendoline Rose Welch
  [[<i>]] Anthony Clifford Seaton (b 04.06.1928, Rochford, Essex - d.27.10.1993, Cyprus)
  m. Lillian June Dempster (b 17.06.1928)
  Had 3 Children
  [[<2+>]] 10 or 12 other children between 1897 and 1921.
  ((((b+)))) 6 other children between 1836 and 1852
  ((((ii)))) William Seaton
  ((((iii)))) Richard Seaton
  ((((iv)))) James Seaton
  ((((v)))) Sarah Seaton
  ((((vi)))) Martha Seaton
  ((((vii)))) Mary Seaton
  ((((viii)))) Ann Frances Seaton
  ((((B+))))  5 other children between 1774 and 1786
  ((((2)))) 2nd son Seaton of Blair Atholl, Perth
  ((((3)))) 3rd son Seaton - descendants immigrated to America
  ((((4)))) dau Seaton
  (((b))) James Seaton of Blair Atholl, Perth, (b.c.1719).  Fought at Culloden, 1746.
  m. known
  ((((1)))) Seaton
  (((iv))) Isabel Seton (b.1691, d.?), of Ellon, Aberdeenshire
  m. unknown
  (((B))) James Seton/Seaton of Kemnay, and of Ellon, Aberdeenshire (b.?, d.?)
  m. unknown
  (((i))) Donald Burke Seton (b.?, d.?), of Blair Atholl
  m. Janet Menzies
  (((a))) James Seaton (b.1720, d?) of Blair Atholl, Perth
  ((((1)))) issue Seaton of Blair Atholl, Perth
  m. unknown
  (((C))) Andrew Seton/Seaton of Kemnay, and of Ellon, Aberdeenshire (b.?, d.?)
  m. unknown
  (((i))) issue Seton (b.?, d.?), of Ellon, Aberdeenshire
  (((D))) Alexander Seton/Seaton of Kemnay, and of Ellon, Aberdeenshire (b.?, d.?)
  m. unknown
  (((i))) issue Seton (b.?, d.?), of Ellon, Aberdeenshire
  (((D))) Donald Seton/Seaton of Kemnay, and of Comrie, Perthshire
  m. unknown
  (((i))) issue Seton (b.?, d.?), of Ellon, Aberdeenshire
  (((E))) Elspeth Seton/Seaton of Kemnay, and of Ellon, Aberdeenshire (b.?, d.?), dsp.
  (((F))) Margaret Seton/Seaton of Kemnay, and of Ellon, Aberdeenshire (b.?, d.?)
  m. unknown
  (((i))) issue Seton (b.?, d.?), of Ellon, Aberdeenshire
  (((2))) son Seton of Mynnoris (Menies), and later of New Machar, Aberdeenshire
  m. unknown
  (((A))) issue
  ((b)) son Seton younger of Haddo (prev. of Mynnoris)
  m. unknown
  ((iii)) John Seton, studied and taught Philosophy in La Fleche, France; sent to Scots College, Douai. 1st August 1625; entered Society of Jesus novitiate at Tournai, 1625; left Madrid for Scotland, 17th February 1637; prefect of studies (?) at Douai, c.1644-49; short secret visits to Scotland to enlist support for Montrose, 1649-50; died in the Colegio Imperial, Madrid, 10th April 1654.
  ((iv)) Robert Seton of Minnes/Mynnes, and of Over Altrie in the Parish of Deer, Mentioned in funeral account of the Earl of Dunfermline, 1622 along with his father.  He was noted in 30th Oct.,1629 in the Records of the Sheriff Court of Aberdeenshire, Issue 31,as Cautioner for Mr. Wm. Lumsden of Tillecorthie v. Patrick Sangster there, as 'Robert Setoun, Fiar of Mynnes', and in Judicial records in 1632, dsp.
  ((v)) Elspeth Seton, part heritable proprietrix of lands of Auchorthies (Auquhorthies).
  m. unknown
  ((C)) William Seaton of Easter Disblair (called "of Disblair" in 1637) of Minnes, and Mealingsyd (Mellinside), Chamberlain of Fyvie, heir male & taillzie of his brother John Seton.
    m. Isobel Douglas (later called "Isobel Seton")
  ((i)) John Seton (Seaton), (b.16??, d.1657) Fiar of Disblair, noted in Aberdeenshire Court Records in 1630-1 - called "of the family of Meldrum."  He recieved from his mother, the lands of Melvingsyd in Culsalmond and two ploughs of the third part lands of Logieruiff and Mylne of Logieruiff in Logiebuchane - noted in Aberdeenshire Sheriff Court Records.
  m. Margaret Irving (she married 2nd, William Gordon of Mealingsyd)
  ((a)) issue dsp.
  ((ii)) William Seton (Seaton) of Easter Disblair, called "younger of Disblair", Heir male and Taillzie of his brother of the lands of Easter Disblair and of the Mill of Cavill within the Regality of St. Andrews on Feb. 27th, 1658.  Recipient of the rents of Mealingsyd from Margaret Irving and William Gordon noted in Aberdeenshire Court Records in 1630, later resident of Lairishill, Aberdeen, 1643.
  m. unknown
  ((a)) issue unknown.
  ((ii)) Janet Seton
  m. Patrick Gordon, 2nd of Bracoe
  ((2)) Alexander Seton, Burgess of Aberdeen, 20th Sept. 1619, He was appointed as a Curator along with his sons George and Alexander, as relatives for the minor William Cardnocht, by the Aberdeen Sheriffs Court, on the 17th Nov. 1603.
  m. dau of Cardnocht.
  ((A)) George Seton, Laird of Schethin and Orchardton, Justice Deputy (also called Shethen, Schethine, Schethim, Shethin, Schithin or Sheitin, NE of Tarves) in the Parish of Tarves near Ellon, Aberdeenshire - he was present at the funeral of Chancellor Alexander Seton, the Earl of Dunfermline, in 1622 (bc.1575, d. 1625).  Previously he was known as "George Settoun of Auchinhuiff" (also Seatone), or Auchenhuive, south of Old Meldrum; he and his wife were mentioned in a sasine in the county of Aberdeen, dated 8 July 1600.  There was a sasine in Aberdeenshire dated 12 April 1638 that included Janet Cheyne, mother of William Seatoun of Schithin, and another sasine in Aberdeenshire dated 12 June 1649 that included Janet Cheyne, relict of George Seatoun of Schithin (Sheiten).
    m. Janet Cheyne of Arnage (b.1580), dau of John Cheyne of Pitfichie, Fortrie and Arnage, called "Lady Schiethyn" in Aberdeen Sheriff Court records.
  ((i)) William Seton of Schethin, and Auchenhuiff. He was heir of Schethin (Schithin / Schiethyn), 4th Oct. 1625 and of Logie-Buchan.  Minister of Logie-Buchan in 1635.  A sasine in Aberdeenshire dated 12 April 1638 included Janet Cheyne, "mother of William Seatoun of Schithin".  He is noted in various records/books in Aberdeenshire in 1640-45 and maintained a private regiment of 44 soldiers along with James Seton of Pitmedden for service to the Marquis of Huntly in 1644.

He is noted in the Calendar of the Laing Charters, entry 2396 dated 9th August 1649: Precept from the Chancery of King Charles the Second, directed to the sheriff of Aberdeen, for infefting William Seatoun of Schethin, as son
and nearest heir of his father, George Seatoun of Schethin, in the lands of Auchinhuiff, tower, etc., with mill, etc., in the barony of Tarves, in the said sheriffdom, and in the regality of Arbroath, formerly held in chief of the hereditary lords of Meldrum, now of the king, as part of the abbacy of Arbroath ; the sherift' to take security for £129, 7s. 6d. Scots for feu-farms and grassums, the lands having been in the hands of the king and his late father for twenty-two years and one term, at .£5, 15s. 4d. yearly, and for £11, 10s. 4d. duplication of feu-farm. Edinburgh, 9th August 1649. 265, Box 9.

Entry 2404, 22nd November 1649, Charter by William Seatoun of Schethin granting to Captain Patrick Murray the lands of Auchinhuiff, Petcow, etc., as in No. 2396 supra: To be held blench of the granter... Entry 2405, 6th December 1649. Listrument of Sasine proceeding on precept in foregoing charter by William Seatoun of Sc[h]ithin, with consent of Mr. George Seatoun, his brother-german, in favour of Captain Patrick Murray of the lands of Auchenhuiff, etc.

  .m. Helen/Janet Cheyne, also called "Lady Scheithim/Schiethyn".
  ((a)) John Seton (also Seaton) of Schethin and of Kemnay, Regent of Marischal College (1641), Minister of Church of Foveran (d. 24.04.1666). He was Regent in 1641 at Marischal College, Aberdeen, adm. before 18th July 1641 ; called to Keith Sept. 1648 ;  trans, to Foveran 7th Oct. 1649. adm. to Kemnay before 18th July 1641 ; named by Parliament, 27th March 1647, one of the Visitors of the Univ. of Aberdeen ; was a member of Commission of Assembly in 1648 ; trans, and adm. 7th Oct. 1649. Joined the Protesters in 1651, and is said to have been present at the Battle of Worcester that year with Sir John Turing of Foveran ; died unmarr. 24th April 1666, leaving 200 merks to the poor. His brother William of Schethin, min. of Logie-Buchan, was served heir to him 26th June 1668. [Inq. Ret. Aberdeen, 385 ; Belhelvie Sess. Rec. ; Scot. Notes and Queries, vii., 99.]
  ((b)) William Seton (Seaton), Rector of Logie Buchan, Heir to his brother of Schethin, Jun 26, 1668. As brother of John Seton Minister of Foveran he succeeded him ; M.A.(King s College,1612); adm. to Methlick before 9th Oct. 1633; trans, and adm. to Logie-Buchan before 4th March 1635 ; succeeded to Schethin in 1666 ; died between 1st and 22nd March 1671, aged about 79. He married Margaret, daughter of Alexander Kemp, burgess of Aberdeen ; she survived him, and had issue James, served heir 1st Nov. 1670; George, burgess of Aberdeen, 29th Aug. 1681. [Acts of Par/., viii., 264, 268 ; Inq. Ret. Aberdeen, 385, 410; Aberdeen Homings, 29th May 1654 ; Hendersons Epitaphs, 310.]
  m. Margaret Kemp
  (((1))) James Seton, heir of his father of Schethin, Nov. 1st, 1672. Parson of Logie Buchan and noted on the Register of Deeds in 1682; portioner of the sale of Schethin noted in the Ratification of Sir George Gordon of Haddo in 1681.
  m. unknown
  (((A))) son Seton/Seaton
  (((i))) issue
    Heiress, Seaton
  (((2))) Isobel Seton
    m. George Gowan (Gawyn) of the Mill of Allathein.
  ((ii)) George Seton, of Orchardton and of the Mylne of Saphak (Savock), noted in Aberdeen Sheriff records, for Bonds and etc..., noted in 1609, 1626-7, 1629, 1644-1647.
  .m. Elisabeth Lawson (Bessie Lowson)
  ((iii)) Janet Seton (b.?, d.c. 1689)
  .m. Alexander Fraser of Techmurie
  ((B)) Alexander Seton of Boinakellie (Benaquhaillie), west of Dunecht near Aberdeen), of the Cheppelltoune of Essilmont (1609) and of Ellon (1610), called "of Aberdeen" at his Curatory in 1610 and noted along with his sons as Heirs in Aberdeen Court records.
    m. dau of Irving, sister of James Irving of Auchioche(?)
  ((i)) John Seton (Seattone), noted in Sherrif Court records of Aberdeen in Jan.1610, Burgess of Aberdeen c1625 and Cautioner for daughters of Brockie of Bachlaw an Tarlair in 1625 in Court Records.
  .m. unknown.
  ((ii)) Sir William Seton of Ranistoun and of Thornton, noted in Sherrif Court records of Aberdeen in Jan.1610 and Judicial Enactments in 1627.  In a Charter of the Great Seal, noted: Charter... to Sir William Seatoun of Thornetoun, in liferent, and to William, his eldest son, and the heirs of his body, of the lands of Raniestoun, with manor-place, etc., in the parish of Logy Buchan, and shire of Aberdeen : Also to the said Mr. William Seattoun, and Jean Leythe his spouse, and the survivor of them, in satisfaction to the said Jean of her conjunct fee or terce, and to the said William Seattoun, their son, in fee, of the mill and mill lands of Raniestoun, etc. Dated 31st July 1637. — Lib. lvi. No. 14.
  m. Jean Leith
  ((a)) John Seton (Seatoun) (b.?, d.c.1671), settled in Lubleine, Poland, dsp.
  ((b)) William Seton (Seatoun) of Ranistoun (Ranistoun's Lands)
  m. unknown
  (((1))) son Seton
  ((c)) George Seton (Seatoun),
  m. unknown
  (((1))) son Seton
  ((d)) Elizabeth Seton (Seatoun),
  ((e)) Marie Seton (Seatoun),
  ((C)) Janet. Seton (Seaton)
    m. unknown
  (b) Cristopher Seton of Meldrum, (b. 15xx, d.15xx), recieved a Charter for the lands of Forgandenny, Perth from Alesone Charteris, 30.04.1556 and confirmed by Queen Mary Stuart.
  m. dau of Fotheringham of Powrie, and Alesone Charteris
  ((1)) son Seton
  m. unknown
  ((A)) issue
  ((2)) Isobel Seton
  m. Walter Peirson (Person/Pearson) of Forfar.
  (c) John Seton (?)
  (2) Katherine Seton
  m. William Forbes of Keldrum (Kildrummy?)
  iii. Sir Henry Seton, Knight (d. Brechin 14.05.1482)
  iv. Elizabeth Seton
  m. Alexander, Lords of the Isles and Earl of Ross
  v. Katherine (Janet) Seton
  m. James Dunbar, 4th Earl of Moray (d 10.08.1429)