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The Descent Lineages of the House of Seton

The family name of Seton, spelt in "The Muses' Welcome" as Sea-towne and signifying "the dwelling by the sea" and which referred originally to the family's principal lands at Staithes circa 1066, the patronymic Scottish Estate stands on a picturesque plateau in a recess of the shores of Cockenzie and Port Seton in East Lothian, high above the bays with it's flowing brooklet and surrounded by ancient trees, and was long the residence of the Head of Family of Seton.

Our name was given us by the King, and where King Malcolm Canmore "gaif to the predecessour and forebear of my Lord Seytoun the surename of Seytoun... appearandlie be ressoun that the gentilman... possessit the landis of Seytoun for the tyme... thay landis ar callit Seytoun for ane grit caus, becaus thay ly hard upon the Sey cost and the Toun thairof is neir to the Sey."

There are still, a great many branches of the family of Seton surviving to this day, scattered across the entire globe.  Many of the junior son's of the various lines of the family were unrecorded, leaving a great many branches 'unattached'. And what was once an intricately known lineage, has been somewhat lost through time.  Here then, are the beginnings of restoring the knowledge of all of the branches of the family, from every line, whether Seton, Seyton, Seytoun, Seeton, Seaton or Sitton (of Cariston in the Netherlands).

Recent examples of re-connected, or properly corrected descents, would be: William Winston Seaton of Washington, who's ancestor was the 3rd son of Sir John Seton 4th of Barnes, Henry Seaton, who settled into Virginia in 1690; or that of Alexander Seaton Minister of Banff, who was the second son of Alexander Seaton 2nd of Pitmedden, and who's descendants include many of the early 'Seaton's' in Kentucky, Massachussetts, New Hampshire, Ohio and Virginia, etc... and which missing family-line descent connections have long troubled those branches of the family.

A more important work, is the documenting of the senior lines of the House, those of the line of John Seton, the illegitimate son of George 5th Earl of Winton from his mistress, Elizabeth Stevenson, along with the Seton's of St. Germains, The Seton-Winton's of Sussex descended from Francis Seton the son of George 3rd Earl of Winton who fled to France, and the Seton's of Barnes who's entire line has largely been ignored save only the eldest son's, over the initial 5 generations, and, that of the Seton's of Hailes, who's younger son also left issue.

Many careless writer's for the simplicity of their work, penned either that the younger son's 'died young', or completely ignored younger son's. This has lefta great many modern-day Seton's who legitimately belong to the House of Seton, undocumented.  Therefore this work of the Descent Charts, seeks to remedy this long-standing problem and re-assemble the family.  In fact it was this project that brought about this entire website of ''.

The Seton Peerages

The Lineages or Descents of the many branches of the House and Family of Seton


The Seton Silver Plate


The Early Setons Line                The Early Lords Line


The Seeton's of Nova Scotia Line


The Lords Seton              The Earls of Winton              Viscount of Kingston


The Touch Line                  The Meldrum Line                  The Cariston Line                  The Barnes Line                  The Abercorn Line                  The Pitmedden Line                  The Garleton Line


The Parbroath Line                    The Lathrisk Line


The Seton Arms

Arms of the Seton Family © 2005


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Arms of George, 7th Lord Seton.
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