The Seeton's of Nova Scotia, Descent of the Seton's of Barnes

(revised December 2013)

Thomas Seaton of Dungannon, Tyrone, Ireland (b 1727. d.14.05.1811), buried in Dungannon Presbyterian Cemetery, Co. Tyrone, Ireland.
m. unknown - possibly Jane (?), buried in Dungannon Presbyterian Cemetery, Co. Tyrone, Ireland.
1. Thomas Seaton (b 1774. d. 19.06.1818), buried in Dungannon Presbyterian Cemetery, Co. Tyrone, Ireland.
  m. unknown
  A. possible descent to George Seeton (also spelt Seaton), married Mary Gribble/Grimble/Trimble (or Coulter), and resided in Stonyfalls, Donagheady Parish, Strabane Barony, County Tyrone, Ireland (c.1858).
  B. possible descent to John Seeton (also spelt Seaton) of Carland, Mulnagore, Dungannan Co. Tyrone, later resided in Adelaide, Australia
  C. other issue (?)
2. James Seeton (b 1776. d 27.03.1858 in his 83rd year), (also spelt Seaton, and Seton, in various records) - noted as being of Scottish descent of the illustrious Seton Family of Scotland, married 1808 in Donaghmore, Donegal, Ireland by Rev'd Samuel Dill, Presbyterian, Emigrated from Ireland to Londonderry, Nova Scotia on May 15th 1821 and arrived in June of the same year (alt. date left June 24, 1822 and landing July 24th, 1822) leaving from Belfast and landed at St. John New Brunswick.  He moved to Londonderry N.S. one month later.  He died and was buried in the Folly Village Cemetery in Glenholm, Londonderry, Nova Scotia.
  m. Martha Crawford (b. 1783. d. 25.06.1848 aged 65 yrs),  Martha was related to the noted family of Crawford of Donegal, Ireland, though she herself was from Co. Tyrone, Ireland.  Her paternal religion was noted as Methodist, though unconfirmed.
  A. Andrew M. Seeton (b. 11.05.1812. d. 02.10.1888), Merchant - He was married at St. John's New Brunswick, Oct. 4, 1838, by Rev'd R Wilson of St. Andrew's, N.B.
  m. Matilda Porter (b. 1821)
  i. David Seeton (b. 28.02.1847, d. 08.06.1911), He was a Mechanic at Goffstown, New Hampshire until 1880 before settling at Newton, Massachussetts where he died.
  m. in 1874, Agnes Lena McInnis (b. 1851, d. ????), sister of Angus McInnis who married Martha Seeton.
  a. Leonard Everett Seeton (b. 1875. d.19??)
  m. Abigail Tribble (b. 1875, d. 19??) of Somerville, Massachussetts.
  (1) Seeton (b. ????. d. 19??)
  m. unknown
  (2) Seeton (b. ????. d. 19??)
  m. unknown
  (3) Seeton (b. ????. d. 19??)
  m. unknown
  (4) Seeton (b. ????. d. 19??)
  m. unknown
  b. Edward Malcolm Seeton (b. 1877. d.1950), resident of Goffstown, New Hampshire.
  m. in 1901, Lillian Fitzpatrick (b. 1876, d. 19??)
  (1) Frederick Seeton (b. 26.04.1908. d. 1978), resided in West Newton, Massachussetts.
  m. Pricilla (?) (b. 19??, d. 1988-9)
  (A) John Seeton (b. 27.03.1944) resident of Waltham, Massachussetts.
  m. unknown
  (i) Eric Seeton (b. 23.03.1972)
  (ii) Patricia Seeton (b. 18.04.1970)
  (2) Malcolm Seeton (b. 19??), resided in West Brookfield, Massachussetts.
  m. unknown
  ii. Robert Beattie Seeton (b. 02.05.1849, d. 24.12.1903), he died in Lowell, Massachussetts.  He was a Brass-finisher and later Chairman of the Republican City Committee.
  m. Alice L. Bullis (b. 1850, d. 1897)
  a. Charles Robert Worrall Seeton (b. 1873, d. 1925)
  m. unknown
  b. Alice Frances R. Seeton (b. 1872, d. 1948)
  m. unknown
  iii. Alvin Parker Seeton (b. 01.03.1851, d. 20.05.1915), he was a Tinsmith and Plumber and later Secretary of the Board of Health in Goffstown, New Hampshire, and a Member of the Constitutional Convention in 1912.
  m. Etta M. Foss (b. 07.10.1861, d. 19??)
  a. Frank Otis Seeton (b. 10.09.1879. d.10.05.1902), an Electrical Engineer and a scholar, he died unmarried.
  b. Ross Victor Seeton (b. 03.11.1882, d.19??), moved to Ouray, Colorado.
  m. on 10.06.1913, Betty Lee Carpenter (b. 12.01.1888, d. 19??), of Pueblo, Colorado.
  (1) Ross Victor Seeton (b. 07.02.1920. d. 19??)
  m. unknown
  c. Gertrude E. Seeton (b. 18??. 1877), unmarried.
  d. Edith Seeton (b. 1877. d.19??), unmarried
  iv. Edward Seeton (b. 08.02.1853. d. 14.11.1934), born in Meagher's Grant, Nova Scotia, Canada, he moved to Chelmsford, Massachussetts, U.S.A.
  m. (1879 in Maitland, Nova Scotia) Lydia C. Smith (b. 1850. d. 24.05.1925) she was born in Selma, Nova Scotia.
  a. Roy Seeton
  m. unknown
  b. Stanley Seeton (b. 1882, d. 1929)
  m. unknown
  c. George McCaully Seeton (b. 23.05.1882. d.23.06.1958), he was born in Lowell, MA, he died in Chelmsford, MA
  m. Helen M. (Seeton) (b. 17.07.1886. d. 23.06.1963), she was born in Chelmsford, MA and died in Tewksbury, MA.
  (1) Rupert Gordon Seeton (b. 16.03.1906. d. 23.10.1976) he was born in Chelmsford, MA and died in Tewksbury, MA.
  m. (31.08.1941 in Worcster, MA) Gretchen Ann Williams (b. 24 Nov 1919) she was born in Lowell, MA.
  (A) Gordon Richard Williams Seeton (b. 1941), resident of Houston, Texas.
  m. Sally A.
  (i) Edward Seeton (b. 1965, d. 2001)
  (ii) Susan Seeton (b.1966, )
  (iii) Sally Seeton
  (B) George Edward Seeton (b. 15.09.1944) he was born in MA, U.S.A. and moved to New Hampshire, U.S.A.
  m. 1st Nancy Flemming (?) (b. 1930)
  (i) George Edward Seeton (b. 1970, d. 1970)
  (ii) Deborah Ann Seeton (b. 1968)
  m. 2nd  Claire M. Deroche (b. 22.02.1947) (07.07.1987 in Atkinson, New Hampshire)
  (iii) Kimberly Ann DeRoche (b. 1968)
  (C) Leroy Stanley Seeton (b. 1945)
  m. unknown
  (D) Raymond Prescott Seeton (b. 1949)
  m. unknown
  (E) Lucille Margaret Seeton (b. 1950)
  m. 1st Peter Bouchard
  m. 2nd Dale Ward
  d. Margaret Seeton
  m. unknown.
  e. Lottie Seeton (b. 1880, d. 1880)
  f. Helen Matilda Seeton (b. 1886, d. 1963)
  m. unknown
  v. James Walter Seeton (b. 12.06.1857, d.????) he was a Blacksmith, and was killed in an elevator accident in Lowell, Massachussetts.
  m. Mary McCarthy
  a. Marion Seeton (b. 1888, d. 1964)
  m. unknown.
  b. Margaret Seeton (b. 1888, d. 1978)
  m. unknown.
  vi. William Fenwick W. Seeton (b.13.02.1867, d. 14.06.1867)
  vii. Margaret Jane Seeton (b. 28.02.1840, d. 1922)
  m. Hodgett Worrall (they were married 21.05.1857, in Londonderry, N.S. by Rev'd J. Forsythe of Trinity Church, Truro, N.S. and had 7 children.
  viii. Martha Ann Seeton (b. 14.01.1842, d. 1922)
  m. (05.01.1860 in Lower Londonderry by Rev'd A.L. Wylie), James Edward Richardson of Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  ix. Elizabeth Seeton (b. 17.02.1844, d. 02.10.1886), she died in Goffstown, New Hampshire.
  m. (04.10.1864) Michael Brown of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Accountant and had one child, Fannie of Newark, New Jersey.
  x. Sarah Seeton (b. 02.12.1845, d. 1845)
  xi. Ester Creelman Seeton (b. 08.05.1853, d.????)
  m. in 1875, Henry W. Merrill and had three children and kept a summer Hotel in Goffstown, New Hampshire.
  xii. Sarah H. Seeton (b. 01.01.1859, d.June 1899), she lived in Lockport, Nova Scotia, The Nova Scotian ship "Sarah H. Seeton" was named after her.
  m. Stanley Loche and had three children.
  xiii. Louise Seeton (b. 1861, d. 19.03.1911) also known as "Louisa".
  m. 1st (19.04.1878 in Meagher's Grant, N.S. by Rev'd D.M. Kinnon, Presbyterian) Charles Annand, born in Musquodoboit, N.S., later a Publisher and Proprietor of Halifax Morning Chronicle.
  m. 2nd Thomas Hartnell of Milford, New Hampshire.
  B. James Seeton (b. 1814, Ireland, settled in Great Village, Colchester Co. Nova Scotia, d. 09.11.1901 in Meagher's Grant, Nova Scotia)
  m1. Frances Sophia Wright (b.20.05.1825. d. 15.07.1854 aged 29 yrs)
  i. John William Seeton (b. 1844. d. 1907) born in Londonderry, N.S. he lived at Montague in N.S. and was buried in Meagher's Grant, Nova Scotia.
  m. Margaret Vaughan on 24.09.1875, (b. 1859. d. 1903) was buried in Meagher's Grant, Nova Scotia.
  a. John Seeton (b. 1878, d. 19??)
  b. Parker H. Seeton (b. 09.07.1880, d. 19??)
  m. Katherine Justice, known as Katie
  (1) Gerald Seeton (b. 1922), resident of Hamilton, Ontario.
  m. (unknown)
  (A) Michael Seeton - resident of Hamilton, Ontario
  m. unknown
  (2) Frank Seeton (d. age 35, sp.)
  (3) Margaret Seeton (b. 1923)
  m. Ira Myers
  (4) May Seeton (b. ?)
  m. George Underwood
  (5) Blanche Seeton (b. ?)
  m. George Brown
  (6) Emma Seeton (b. 1932. d.?)
  m. Floyd Elliot
  c. Oscar Seeton (b. 1882, d. 1973) settled in Stewiacke, Colchester Co., Nova Scotia (family name spelt "Seaton" in 1911 census).
  m. Henrietta Cruickshank, known as Etta (b. 1889, d. 19??), (half-sister to Lola Brown, wife of Frank Seeton).
  (1) Earle Seeton (b. 08.1910, d. 19??).
  m. Elva Irene Anthony (b.15.01.1915, d.05.11.1989)
  (A) Earl Anthony Seeton (b.1938)
  m. Shirly (?)
  (i) Pamela Seeton
  (ii) has issue - 5 other children.
  (B) Joan Irene Seeton (b.1933)
  m. Mr. Davis
  (C) Beryle Seeton (b.1935)
  m. Mr. Kamaii, resident of Hawaii, U.S.A.
  (D) Lola Elizabeth Seeton (b.1936)
  m. Mr. Hughes, resident New Glasgow, N.S.
  (E) Patricia Seeton (b.1939)
  m. Mr. Killim
  (2) Oscar Seeton (b. 09.1908, d. 01.11.1974), of Shubenacadie East, Nova Scotia, Canada, killed in a snowmobile accident.
  (A) Douglas Roy Seeton (b. 1935), resident Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  m. unknown
  (i) Diana Seeton, resident Calgary, Alberta.
  (ii) dau.
  (iii) Tanya Seeton
  (B) Edward Oscar Seeton (b. 1937, d. 1975), never married, dsp.
  (C) Reginald James Seeton (b. 1941) resident Halifax, N.S.
  m. unknown
  (i) Reginald Seeton, jr, resident Halifax, N.S., and Vancouver, British Columbia.
  (D) George Duncan Seeton (b. 1943) resident Wawa, Ontario, Canada.
  m. Judy (?)
  (i) - ? James Seeton, of Nova Scotia
  m. Janet (?)
  (a) James Seeton
  m. unknown
  (b) Dawn Marie Seeton
  m. Mr. Ching
  (c) Jennifer Joan Seeton
  m. Mr. Atkinson
  (ii) dau.
  (iii) dau.
  (iv) dau.
  (v) dau.
  (E) Harold Kent Seeton (b. 1945), resident, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. Known as Harry, he was President of the Miners Union in Yellowknife.
  m. unknown
  (i) dau.
  (ii) dau.
  (F) Clyde Percival Seeton (b. 1950), resident Truro, N.S.
  m. Deborah (?)
  (i) Tanya D. Seeton
  m. unknown
  (G) Frederick Ronald Seeton (b. 1953), resident Truro, N.S.
  m. Valerie Rushton
  (i) James Seeton (b.), resident Halifax, N.S.
  (H) Dorothy Henrietta Seeton (b. 1949), resident Truro, N.S.
  m. Everett Lynds
  (I) Helen Elizabeth Seeton (b. 1951), resident California, U.S.A.
  m. unknown
  (3) Gordon Seeton, of Truro, N.S.
  m. Doris Phillips (b.1921)
  (A) Stanley Seeton (b.1934, d. 19??)
  m. unknown
  (i) Vincent Seeton
  (a) Jenna Seeton
  (ii) Robert Seeton (known as Robbie)
  m. unknown
  (iii) Randy Seeton
  m. unknown
  (B) Ronald Seeton (b.1938, d.19??), of Milford, N.S.
  m. Marilyd McLellan
  (i) Anthony Seeton
  m. unknown
  (a) Ryan Seeton
  (b) Meghan Seeton
  (ii) Sheila Seeton, Truro, N.S.
  m. unknown
  (a) Amanda Seeton
  (4) Parker Howard Seeton
  m. Inez Jean (Seeton), (b.1919)
  (i) James Alden Seeton (b.1940), Stewiake, N.S.
  m. Janice Andrews (b.1943)
  (a) Kelly Lynn Seeton (b.1962), resident Ottawa, Ont.
  (ii) Kathleen Etta Seeton (b.1943), Truro, N.S.
  m. George Arnold (b.1943)
  (a) Stephen Arnold
  (iii) Sherry Seeton (b.1954), Truro, N.S., sp
  m. Trevor Richardson
  (5) Aileen Seeton (b. 09.1906. d. 1982),
  m. Cecil MacDonald (b. 1899. d. 1984)
  (6) Mabel Seeton (b. 07.1907. d. 19??),
  m. Charles Fraser
  (7) Beulah Seeton (dsp)
  (8) Ruth Seeton
  m. Jack Pearce, resident Islington, Ont.
  d. - ? Walter Seeton (b. 1867, d. 19??) born in Liverpool, N.S. and lived in Halifax, N.S.
  m. Catherine Johnson (b. 1869, d. 19??) of Halifax, N.S.
  3. Francis Seeton (known as Frank)
  m. Lola Brown (half-sister of Etta Cruikshank).
  f. Blanche F. Seeton
  m. George E. Scott of Stewiacke, N.S. on 28.08.1907 in Meagher's Grant by Rev'd W.J. Fowler
  ii. Joseph Henry Seeton (b. 04.04.1846, d. 01.03.1922) was buried in Meagher's Grant, Nova Scotia.
  m. Anna Laura Dickie (b. 12.09.1855, d. 01.08.1951) was buried in Meagher's Grant, Nova Scotia.
  a. William B. Seeton (b. 26.03.1879, d. 11.01.1943) he died and was buried in Crescent City, California.
  b. Frederick Everett Seeton (b. 06.01.1886, d. 19.08.1963)
  m. 12.09.1922, Mabel Grant Keyes.
  (1) Pauline Seeton (b. 14.09.1925. d. 14.06.1997?) buried in Gay's River, Nova Scotia.
  m. Ernest Dillman and had six children.
  (2) Barbara Jean Seeton (b. 15.10.1923, d. 04.10.1986)
  m. A. Reginald Keddy and had two children
  c. Ethel Miriam Seeton (b. 23.03.1883, d. 06.09.1971)
  m. Ralph Henry Parmenter of Attleboro, Massachussetts (b. 11.09.1879, d. 21.07.1962).
  (1) Edith Parmenter (b. 26.07.1906, d. 19??)
  also two other daughters Phyllis and Ruth.
  d. Mary Seeton (b. 1889, d. 1972) known as May or Mae.
  m. William Akins of Halifax, they had no children.
  iii. Alden R. Seeton (b. 1853, died 1863 aged 10 yrs) was buried in Meagher's Grant, Nova Scotia.
  iv. Martha Seeton (b. 1846. d. 1922) known as Matilda.
  m. Angus McInnis brother of Agnes McInnis who married David Seeton, (m. 09.07.1873 by Rev'd James Tweedy, Wesleyan, in Middle Musquodoboit, N.S.)
  v. Emma Jane Seeton (b. 1850, d. 19??) known as Emily, they lived in Moncton, New Brunswick prior to moving to Crescent City, California.
  m. William Otto Schwartz in 11.01.1876 in Meagher's Grant, N.S. by Rev'd James Rosborough, Presbyterian.  William was also known as Frederick (Fred) was of German origin, and they moved to California due to ill-feeling towards Germans at that time: he took his wife's name and became William Schwartz-Seeton.
  m2. Mary Matthias (b. 02.10.1834. d. 29.05.1918) became mother to young Alden R. Seeton).
  vi. James Edward Seeton (b. 1870. d. 1936) was buried in Meagher's Grant, Nova Scotia.
  m. ( 25.12.1896 in Dartmouth, N.S. by Rev'd Thomas H. Murray, Presbyterian) Emma M. Dunbrack (of the Scottish Aberdeenshire Dumbreck family) (b. 1872. d. 22.08.1939) was buried in Meagher's Grant, Nova Scotia.
  a. James Seeton (b. 1895?. d. 19??)
  b. Arthur Coolidge Seeton (b. 1902, d. 04.1982)
  m. Rhoda Emma Ernst (b. 1909 . d. 02.2003)
  (1) Murray Seeton (b. 19??. d. 19??), of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.
  m. Diane Grisdale
  (A) Elizabeth Seeton
  (B) Dale Seeton
  m. Mr. Colicchio
  (2) James Seeton, died in car accident near Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, never married, dsp.
  (3) Bruce Seeton (b. 30.04.1949), of Red Deer, Alberta, and Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
  m. (17.06.1983) Nadine Seeton, of Matheson, Ontario.  They were married in Red Deer Alta.
  (A) Joshua Seeton (b.05.08.1984), of Red Deer Alberta, and Edmonton, Alta
  (B) Caleb Seeton (b.15.10.1985), of Timmins, Ontario, and Edmonton, Alta
  (C) Emily Joan Seeton (27.06.1987), of Timmins, Ontario, and Lac LaCroix, Ont.
  (D) Tara Seeton
  m. Mr. Burke
  c. Harold Kenty Seeton (b.1906. d.11.1964), an Officer in the Canadian Merchant-Marine stationed in Halifax, he was also an active Mason in Nova Scotia.  He was born in Meagher's Grant, Nova Scotia, died in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and is buried in the Dartmouth Memorial Cemetery on the old Montague Mines Rd.
  m. Ruth Emma Davidson (b. 21.03.1917, d. 07.2006), born in Ecum Secum, Nova Scotia, Grand Matron of the Eastern Star in Halifax, Nova Scotia, lived her last years in Sproat Lake, British Columbia.
  (1) Robert Ralph Seeton (b. 22.11.1942) born in Meagher's Grant, Private, a Field Engineer in the Canadian Army, he later became a carpenter and tradesman, traveled throughout Canada before settling in Sproat Lake, British Columbia, Canada with his brothers and sister and mother Ruth.
  m. Barbara Anne Smith of Bedford, Nova Scotia. (b. 14.07.1946) moved to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Officer in Gov. of Canada in Ottawa.
  (A) Kenneth Robert Seton (Seeton) of Halifax, Nova Scotia, settled in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Returned spelling to Seton (b. 11.01.1967) - Website Author.
  m1. (25.08.1990) Lorelee Mae Remus of Montreal, Quebec, Canada (b. 16.08.1965. d. 08.10.2000)
  (i) Sarah Elizabeth Seton (b. 06.06.1993)
  (ii) James Alexander Seton (b. 18.11.1994)
  (iii) Natasha Mary Seton (b. 20.08.1997)
  m2. (married 26.05.2003 - div, sp)
  m3. (common-law partner, from 2008)
  (B) Jeffrey Charles Seeton (b. 16.12.1969) born Halifax, N.S., settled in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
  m. Chantal Annette Renaud of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (b. 23.01.1972)
  (i) Emma Rachel Seeton (b. 19.07.2002)
  (ii) Kayleigh Anne Seeton (b. 28.07.2006)
  (C) Jennifer Anne Seeton (b. 19.01.1972) born in Halifax, N.S., settled in Richmond, Ontario, Canada.
  m. Jake Cook of Richmond, Ontario
  (i) Thomas Harrison Cook (b. 23.04.2001)
  (ii) William Cook (b. 08.2003)
  (2) Mary Elizabeth Seeton born in Meagher's Grant, N.S., settled in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  m1. Robert Cameron
  (A) Roddy Seeton-Swan (He took his mothers name hyphenated with that of his adopted step-father)
  m2. Brendon Anthony David Swan, sp.
  (3) Edward Davidson Seeton born in Dartmouth, N.S., settled in Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada.
  m. Evelyn Schaylle Sodomsky
  (A) Sara Hart Emma Seeton
  (B) Noah Seeton
  (4) Charles Owen Seeton born in Dartmouth, N.S., settled in Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada.
  m. Doris Mary Davies
  (A) Fawn Seeton
  (B) Ashley Seeton
  (5) Timothy Graham Seeton born in Dartmouth, N.S., resided for a time in Seattle, Washington State, U.S.A., settled in Sproat Lake, British Columbia, Canada.
  m. Catherine Ann Holden
  (A) Miranda Seeton
  (B) Emily Seeton
  d. Leone Seeton (b. 1897. d. 19??)
  m. Stuart Alexander of Yarmouth, Massachussetts, U.S.A.
  (1) Jane Alexander (never married).
  e. Lulu Seeton (b. 1900. d. 19??)
  m. John Egan (dsp)
  f. Rita Seeton (b. 1904. d. 19??)
  m. John Hodinott (children not known).
  g. Harriet Seeton (b. 19?? d. 19??)
  m. Otis Milne (children not known).
  vii. Rupert Seeton (died 1875, aged 4 months old), was buried in Meagher's Grant, Nova Scotia.
  viii. Haltic Seeton (d. aged 10 yrs).
  ix. Frances Seeton (known as "Fanny" - b. 1864. d. 1940) (never married, Governess to children of U.S. President Calvin Coolidge, she changed her spelling to Seaton). was buried in Meagher's Grant, Nova Scotia.
  x. Hannah Seeton (b. 1865, d. young?)
  xi. Elizabeth Seeton (b. 1867, d. ????) known as Bessie.
  xii. Harriet Seeton (b. 1872, d????)
  m. Mr. Milne.
  xiii. Ida Seeton twin of Maud (b. 1876. d. 1953), died and was buried in Meagher's Grant, Nova Scotia.
  m. (20.09.1902 in Meagher's Grant, N.S. by Rev'd C.H.C. McLauren, Methodist) Ralph Mozart Bayers (b. 1877. d. 1967) (dsp.) died and was buried in Meagher's Grant, Nova Scotia.
  xiv. Maud Seeton twin of Ida (b.1876. d. 04.05.1900) was buried in Meagher's Grant, Nova Scotia.
  m. David Bruce (?)
  C. John-William Seeton (b. 1822. d. 03.04.1854), also known as William-John Seeton.
  m. Elizabeth McDonald of Springhill, Pictou, Nova Scotia
  i. John-William Seeton 2nd (b. 02.06.1853, d.), he lived at Lisbon Falls, Maine, before he moved to Lynn, Massachussetts, where he was a driver.
  m. Annie Munroe on 21.06.1877, at Elmfield, Nova Scotia.
  a. George Wimburn Seeton (b. 19.05.1878. d.19??), he eventually settled in Waterbury, Connecticut, U.S.A.
  m. Ethel May Tufts of Lynn, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
  b. Edith Elizabeth Seeton (b. 25.06.1880, d. ????)
  c. Margaret Wilhemina Seeton (b.26.07.1882, d. 1957), born in Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada
    m. James L. Piper of Lexington, Massachussetts, U.S.A. (they had 3 children).
  d. Anne Ovetta Seeton (b. 28.08.1884, d.????)
  e. Jessie Thorburn Seeton (b. 20.06.1888, d.????)
  f. Grace Purington Seeton (b. 19.06.1891, d.????)
  ii. Margaret Seeton
  m. unknown
  D. Joseph Seeton (b. 1825. d.02.05.1890) Merchant and City Alderman of Halifax, N.S. as well as a Pilot Commissioner for the City Coucil, he and his brother Robert obtained the contract for the trans-continental mail by way of their shipping/merchant business in Halifax.  Joseph built the noted Public-House still extant in Halifax.
  m. Emma McShearer Nisbet (or Metzler), of Halifax, Nova Scotia (b. 07.03.1828. d. 08.09.1899)
  i. Alexander Adolpus Seeton (b.1851 d.18.11.1901, sp.)
  ii. William Rufus Seeton (b.10.1852. d.15.04.1859)
  iii. James Walter Seeton (b. 1854. d.13.12.1854), noted in the Acadian Recorder in Halifax, Dec. 16th, 1854.
  iv. George Clarence Seeton (b.10.1855 d. 27.04.1856)
  v. Joseph W.S. Seeton (b. 1865, d. 17.09.1865)
  vi. Charles J. Seeton (b. 1866, d. 14.02.1867)
  vii. Louisa H. Seeton (b.1857 d.????)
  m. (04.06.1879 in Halifax, N.S. by Rev'd R.J. Burns, Presbyterian), Arthur B. Mitchell of Halifax, N.S.
  viii. Gertrude Annie Seeton (b.1859 d.????)
  m. (06.10.1880) Herbert R. Inman (b.1858. d.) born in New York but resided in Birkenhead, England, he was one of the sons of William Inman of the famed Inman Steamship Lines, and through which business connection to Gertrude's Joseph Seeton, the couple were introduced and were married.
  ix. Emily L. Seeton (b. 1860 died June 1860).
  x. Isabella M. Seeton (b.1864 d.????) known as Suebella.
  m. unknown
  E. Robert Barry Seeton (b. 1828. d.1916), Trader and Merchant in Halifax, N.S., he and his brother Joseph obtained the contract for the trans-continental mail by way of their shipping business in Halifax. Until the "Halifax Explosion", there long stood at the Waterfront in Halifax, the RB Seeton Building.
  m. Isabella Anderson, of Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia,
  i. Edward Seeton (b. 1864, d., ????)
  m. unknown
  ii. H. Robert Seeton (b. 1872, d. ????) known as Bert, also known as the "Beau Brummel" of Halifax.
  m. unknown
  iii. Harriet Seeton (b. 1862, d., ????) known as Hattie.
  m. unknown
  iv. Ella Winifred Seeton (b. 1876, d. ????)
  m. Dr. Leonard M. Murray of Halifax, N.S. on August 31st, 1904 by Rev'ds J.W. Falconer and Dr. John McMillan.
  F. William Seeton (b. 18??. said to have died in Scotland)
  G. John Seeton (b. 18??. said to have died in Scotland)
  H. George Seeton (b. 1835. d, ????), listed on the 1871 census for Little River, Nova Scotia, he later became a Lawyer in Halifax, N.S.
  m. Alice (?) (b. 1839, d. 18??)
  i. Elmer A. Seeton (b. 1863, d????)
  m. unknown
  ii. Alfred Seeton (b. 1865, d????)
  m. unknown
  iii. William Seeton (b. 1867, d.????)
  m. unknown
  iv. Margaret Seeton (b. 1869, d.????)
  m. unknown
  I. Mary-Ann Seeton (b. 1810. d.18??), eldest child.
  m. James Blackard Boyce of Portadown, Drumcree Parish, Co. Armagh, Ireland in 1830 - Anglican, educated to be a minister - had isue.
  J. Elizabeth Seeton (b. 1818. d. 18??)
  m. (29.01.1842 in Londonderry, N.S. by Rev'd. John Brown), James Johnson (also known as William) of Hammonds Plains, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  They had 8 children.
3. Mary Seaton (b 1772. d. 09.05.1791), buried in Dungannon Presbyterian Cemetery, Co. Tyrone, Ireland - eldest child, dsp.
  m. James Hunt of Fermanagh, Ireland (1791)
4. Possibly a daughter who died in infancy.
5. Possibly another daughter who died in infancy.