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Updated:  Thursday  16 September 2004



Branch Family Histories

‘In adversitate patiens, In prosperitate benevolus.

The Great Garden of Pitmedden, by Alexander Seton, Lord Pitmedden

There are various branches of the House of Seton, who all came from Scotland and spread to various parts of the world.

These histories are only a beginning and anyone having information related to these or other Seton/Seeton Seaton/Seyton families is encouraged to submit whatever documentations or histories that they have available.

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The Seton's of Mounie  *Highlight*

Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Seton of Mounie

The Seton's of Pittmedden.

The Matriculation of Arms for Lord Pittmedden, 1684.

Seaton/Seton in Aberdeenshire

The Seton vs Seaton Name in East Lothian

Seton Branch Notes.

5th Earl of Winton excerpt.

Notes on Mary Seton, of Queen Mary Stuart's four maries fame.

A History of the Barony of West Niddry, in West Lothian.

A History of the Barony of Kirkliston, in West Lothian.


Miscellaneous Notes



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