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Updated:  Sunday 10 June 2002



The Seton Family in America

The Seton's in America came initially from Fifeshire, Scotland

The first Seton's of the United states of America, of the Scottish House of Seton, originated from the central region of Scotland. They descend from John  Seton, head of the Parbroath family line who went from London, England to America aboard the ship, the Globe, in 1635.  John founded the Seton family in New York, from whence sprang the tie to Elizabeth Ann Bayley who married William Seton, representative of Parbroath. Elizabeth Ann Seton became the 1st American Catholic Saint.  However, many other Seton families emigrated to America over the centuries, and Scottish Seton/Seaton/Seeton's can be found in the United States from almost every branch.

The senior representative of line is at present unknown.

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Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton.

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