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Updated:  Tuesday 13 September 2005
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Fyvie Castle, click to view large photoThe origins of the Scottish Seton Family began in Carolingian France and the comte of Flanders.

Their earliest motto, ‘Hazard Yet Forward,’ is descriptive of their military ardour and dauntless courage. Zealous of honour, loyal unto death; they were conspicuous throughout their whole history for their loyalty and firm attachment to the Scottish Royal Houses of Canmore, Bruce and Stuart.

The histories which have been suggested, that the family came from Normandy are, as Author and Heraldrist Beryl Platts put it, "careless nonsense".  The princely House of Seton along with many of Scotland's principle families and clans are Flemish in their origin and are seniors of the Charlemagnic lineage.  The Head of the family was one of three who were hereditary Knights Templar, and of that governances for the body.

These pages contain the history of the princely House of Seton from it's earliest beginnings up until the present.  The history contains an outline of the family's descent along the chiefly line, with the branches, or cadets, also listed.  Presented here are the achievements, armorial bearings and former Scottish Estate descriptions, with various samples of Scottish emblems of the Seton family, with treatises of their meanings.


Touch House, Stirlingshire, home of the Seton's of Touch, Hereditary Armour Bearer's to the King. Website News: 

ATTENTION, The entire Website will be replaced with the new version, beginning sometime after Dec 30th 2005.  Although the "old" website will continue to exist via links created in various Internet databases, the overall links to the 5 year-old site will cease to exist.

Web-book publishing project - The History of the House of Seytoune to the Year 1559, by Sir Richard Maitland of Lethington, with Continuation to the Year 1687, by Alexander Seton, Viscount Kingston.

SETON CASTLE AGAIN FOR SALE: Owner Mary McMillan has made the Castle available via Coldwell Banker.  Interested family party members wishing to again discuss possible acquisition may contact the author, or visit

We are presently seeking to obtain photographs and portraits of Seton family members, and family descendants, as well as any related information to assist in the re-working on the Family website.  Anyone willing to participate, please send your submissions care of the Author.

We are continually looking to contact members of the Scottish House of Seton / Seaton / Seeton.  To submit your family's branch history, please contact the author.

We are also seeking to have the Head and Chief of the House of Seton recognized at Lyon Court, to assist please contact the author.

Winton House, East Lothian, former seat and country house of the Earls of Winton, built by George Seton, 3rd Earl of Winton using the remains of the original castle, destroyed by Hertford in 1544.

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