'Unio Nunc Fatis, Stoque Cadoque Tuis'
There are various branches of the House of Seton, who all came from Scotland and spread to various parts of the world.  These histories are only a beginning and anyone having information related to these or other Seton/Seeton Seaton/Seyton families is encouraged to submit whatever documentations or histories that they might have available so that we may have a more complete record of all of the remaining Seton families.
Seton's in America   Seton's in Canada     The Seeton's of Nova Scotia   Seton's in France   The Seton's in Sweden   Seton's in Ireland   Seaton/Seeton's in Ulster   The Seton Arms
The Seton's of Mounie  *Highlight*      The Seton's of Australia, submitted by Karen Seton        The Seton's of Gargunnock
Seaton/Seeton's in Texas      Seton's in Holland   Seton's in Belgium   Seton's in Germany   Seton/Seaton's in Australia   Seaton's in New Zealand   Seaton's in India  
Various Seton Family Histories and Notes
A History of the Barony of West Niddry, in West Lothian. 

A History of the Barony of Kirkliston, in West Lothian.

The Matriculation of Arms for Lord Pittmedden, 1684. Notes on Mary Seton, of Queen Mary Stuart's four maries   

The Seton vs Seaton Name in East Lothian



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