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Lathrisk House, former residence of the Seton's of Lathrisk

The oldest record of a charter for Lathrisk was for Patrick de Oggiluill, (Ogilvy), who in about 1267 is witness to a mortification by Roger de Quincy, Earl of Winchester, for the souls of his wife and himself, of the church of Lathrisk with the chapel of Kettle, to the Priory of St. Andrews.

The lands of Lathrisk and Balbirnie were later acquired by John Seton (3rd son of Sir Gilbert Seton of Parbroath), upon his marriage to the heiress Jonet (Janet) of Lathrisk of that Ilk.  The celebrated family of Seton of Lathrisk, or also 'Latrisse' owned all of the lands of Lathrisk for over 8 generations, until dispossessed by their attainder and forfeiture for their part in the rebellion of of 1716.

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