Act in favour of Patrick Seaton of Lathrisk, 6th April, 1689

Anent the petition given in and presented to the meeting of the estates of this kingdom for Patrick Seaton of Lathrisk mentioning that the petitioner, by an order of a committee of the said estates, was taken prisoner at his dwelling house in the country, where he was living quietly and peaceably, and was from thence brought prisoner to the tolbooth of Edinburgh and, seeing the said prison is not only very unwholesome and may prove prejudicial to the petitioner's health, but also his presence in the country is necessary at this season of the year for managing his particular affairs, therefore humbly craving the lords to call before them the petitioner, with their first conveniency, and examine him, and thereafter do as they should find just.

Which petition, being read in the presence of the said estates, and the same being considered by them, they ordained the said petitioner to be set at liberty upon his finding caution to live peaceably, and to appear when called under the pain of 10,000 merks, in obedience whereto the petitioner gave in a bond of cautionary in the terms foresaid, subscribed by Robert Baillie of Balmedieside, which bond of cautionary being considered by the said estates they have accepted, and do accept thereof, and ordained their clerks to receive the same, which they accordingly did, and therefore the said estates have given and granted and hereby give and grant order and warrant to the keeper of the tolbooth of Edinburgh to set the said Patrick Seaton petitioner at liberty furth of the said tolbooth.