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William Seton of Udny

(also Seton and Udny intermarriage)

Beginning if the early 16th century, the Seton's of Meldrum and the Udny's of Udny Castle began family ties via marriage.  Janet Seton, daughter of William Seton of Meldrum (3rd Laird of Meldrum) and Elizabeth Leslie, married William Udny of Udny.  Their son, Ranald Udny of Udny married Isabella Panton of the Pitmedden Family, and their families later intermarried again.

The Panton's of Pitmedden later married with a son of Seton of Meldrum, and brought that house to the Seton's and ties to the Udny family as well which opened the door for William Seton of Mounie, (son of John Seton of Lumphart, Broomhill and Mounie who was himself the 2nd son of William Seton, 5th Laird of Meldrum), to become proprietor of Udny Castle in the early-17th century when he married the heiress of Udny, Helen. 

William Seton of Mounie was served heir to his father John in 1597, and in 1598 was admitted an honorary burgess of Aberdeen at the request of Alexander Seton of the Winton Family, then Lord Fyvie of Fyvie Castle nearby.  William sold the estate of Mounie in 1623 and was at that time styled William Seton of Udny, and so listed during the funeral account of Alexander Seton, Lord Fyvie and 1st Earl of Dunfermline and Chancellor of Scotland.  His sons William Seton of Menie and Alexander Seton of Kinloch both later represented the 1st Seton's of Mounie and the Seton's of Menie.

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