The Expansion Plan of Mounie Castle

Never completed expansion by Major David Seton of Mounie.

After the death of Lt-Col. Alexander Seton during the sinking of the HMS Birkenhead in 1852 near the Cape of Good Hope, the Estate passed to his brother, David.  Major David Seton, 2nd son of Alexander and 6th of Mounie, was born in 1817.  He was an Officer in the 93rd Highlanders, and afterward the 49th Regiment.  He was an accomplished linguist, writer and antiquarian and travelled extensively and maintained a deep interest in everything connected with the Seton family whose characteristics he exhibited.  He had ambitious plans for the expansion of the estate, but they were never realized.  He died unmarried in Edinburgh on March 14th, 1894 and was succeeded by his nephew, Alexander-David Seton, Esq., and the Castle remains to this day as it always was.  The plan, or Relief drawing that is pictured below was drawn February 12th, 1894, and is from the Architect R.S. Lorimer papers, and give an idea of "what might have been".

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