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The Seton Family Branch Lineages

In adversitate patiens, In prosperitate benevolus.

Pinkie House, Musselburgh, East Lothian, favourite residence of Chancellor Alexander Seton, 1st Earl of Dunfermline.There is but certain manners of beginning of houses in this country of Scotland. One is by gift of Princes or great men, for true and thankful service. Another is by just acquisition by a man's silver or goods. The third is by marriage of ladies of heritage. And fourthly, in the event that the heritage falls to a man by his mother or some other female his predecessors. And if so be that a man's house has had beginning by gift of Princes or other great men, it will give occasion to their posterity to be true and thankful servants to their superiors, to that effect that they may augment their house. And if it has begun by just acquisition by a man's silver or goods, it will give occasion in like manner to their posterity to be virtuous and not wasteful, that they may add to their heritage. And if it has begun with marriage of ladies of heritage, it will give like occasion to their posterity, when such a thing happens, to praise it. And if it has come by succession of family, it will give occasion to every man to ally his son and apparent heir with the best and most honest house and party that he may win to, in hope that such chance may fall to his posterity.

There is certain manners of beginning of houses which are very detestable, and contrary to all laws of both God and man, which I would exhort all men to forbear, howbeit they be overmuch used in this country. That is to say, by circumvention of the ignorant and the innocent, or by extreme necessity of the poor compelled thereby; or by invention of new laws, and practices of other evil conceits; and worst of all, by robbery and oppression. Which things I cannot call beginnings of houses, because they are oft times to come to an evil end; for we may see by example and experience how many great houses there has been in this realm, and now so far decayed that scantly is left any of their posterity, and their house and heritage is translated from their surname into the Prince's hands, or some other stranger.

George Seton, 4th Earl of Winton

Barnes    Cariston    Dunfermline    Garleton    Parbroath    Mounie

The Seton's of Abercorn

The Seton's of Meldrum

The Seton's of Touch

The Seton's of Pitmedden