`Magnae Nobilitatis Domini’

Scottish Family Houses founded or continued by the Setons

The inner courtyard - Huntly Castle, Aberdeenshire

Many families of great houses in this country of Scotland, derive their origins from the House of Seton.  Beginning during the time of Seier de Lens, the founder of the House of Seton, many of the subsequent offspring of the family either founded names of their own by taking that of their estate (though they were still recognized as being Seton's); or adopted the surname of a great house or family to which a son had married into and continued their family name.

"And if so be that a man's house has had beginning by gift of Princes or other great men, it will give occasion to their posterity to be true and thankful servants to their superiors, to that effect that they may augment their house. And if it has begun by just acquisition by a man's silver or goods, it will give occasion in like manner to their posterity to be virtuous and not wasteful, that they may add to their heritage. And if it has begun with marriage of ladies of heritage, it will give like occasion to their posterity, when such a thing happens, to praise it. And if it has come by succession of family, it will give occasion to every man to ally his son and apparent heir with the best and most honest house and party that he may win to, in hope that such chance may fall to his posterity".  George Seton, 4th Earl of Winton.


                       The Gordon Arms                      The Edmonstone Arms                       The Oliphant Arms


Senior Female-Seton Representation lines

Seton-Steuart (Seton's of Touch)

Seton-Broadbent (Seton's of Garleton)

Seton-Coventry (Seton of Barnes)

Seton-Watson (Seton of Cariston)

Seton-Baxter (Northrig)

Seton-Reid (Olivestob)

                Other Male-lines of the Seton Family (surname change)
                Winton      Johnstone      Tytler      Edmonstone      Seton-Karr

Traditional inter-marriage Female-lines of the Seton Family
Hay      Ogilvy      Keith      Hamilton      Sinclair      Stewart


The Arms of George Seton, 7th Lord Seton.

Arms of George Seton, 3rd Lord Seton and his decent © 2005 The Seton Family


The Royal Collection

Royal Scottish

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Seton Palace
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Seton Castle
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