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Sir Alexander Seton, Lord Pitmedden's, Great Garden of Pitmedden.
Sir Alexander Seton, 1st Baronet and Lord Pitmedden's, Great Garden of Pitmedden. © 2005

Former residence of the Seton's of Pitmedden, Baronet's of Pitmedden.

Sir Alexander Seton of Pitmedden was the 2nd son of John Seton of Pitmedden, 3rd Laird, who was killed at the Bridge of Dee in 1639 (known as Bonnie John Seton).  John Seton was succeeded by his eldest son, James Seton, as 4th Laird, however James died childless in 1667 and his brother Sir Alexander Seton succeeded as 5th Laird.  Alexander was bred to the profession of Law, and having greatly distinguished himself received the honor of Knighthood by King Charles II in 1664.   He was an advocate and became a Senator of the College of Justice and a Lord of Justiciary, taking the title of Lord Pitmeddon, in 1677, and was Member of Parliament for the County of Aberdeen in 1681-82 and 1685-86. He was created a baronet of Nova Scotia on the 11th of December, 1683.

Sir Alexander Seton, Lord Pitmeddon, founded the Great Garden with its pavilions and fountains and manicured look, and it's magnificent formal geometric garden within a walled square and divided into four Parterre's, in 1675. One of the quarters has a floral saltire and thistle, and the coat-of-arms of the Setons, Lairds of Pitmedden. Another has a sundial and floral depiction of the well-known Latin dictum, tempus fugit. One of the notable features is the eastern half of the square modeled on the Charles II garden at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

The Garden's were continued by his successor, Sir William Seton, 2nd Baronet of Pitmedden, and one of the Scottish Members of Parliament and Commissioners who treated the Union of Scotland and England to form the Kingdom of Great Britain.

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