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Cariston House, Fife.
Cariston House, (formerly Carraldstoun) the former residence of the Seton's of Cariston, showing the walled garden and doocot.

Sir John Seton, 2nd son of George 6th Lord Seton, by marriage to Isabel, daughter and heiress of Balfour of Cariston, succeeded to the estate became the 1st Baron of Cariston.

During the absence of his brother George 7th Lord Seton, abroad, a report of his lordship's decease having reached Scotland, Sir John Seton was put in possession of his whole estate, as appears by a charter under the Great Seal, dated 1545. 

He had also assumed the titles of Lord Seton, and sat in parliament as a peer; but, on his brother's return, was justly dispossessed of both estates and honours, and stepped aside honourably and returned to his estate of Cariston, although having to sell his estates and lands in East Lothian as a result.  The estate still bears however, the in-road to the water reservoir named Tranent Road.  The original Doocot and Walled Garden are still in existence, as is the factor's house and garden at the approach.

While the original house was a substantial L-plan house and tower, it was greatly modified and rebuilt, and lowered in the Georgian-era.  The Seton House in nearby Kennoway, was long the Dower House of the Seton's of Cariston

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