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Abercorn House, Linlithgowshire.
Abercorn, former residence of the Seton Baronets of Abercorn

The Manor of Abercorn once belonged to the House of Avenel in the reign of King David I (1124-1153).  The castle was besieged and destroyed by King James II (1430-60) in 1455, never to be fully rebuilt afterwards. In the 16th century the crown bestowed Abercorn on Claud Hamilton, who's marriage to the daughter of George 7th Lord Seton was celebrated at the nearby castle of Niddry. Despite being forfeited because the Hamiltons had remained loyal to Mary, Queen of Scots (1542-87), the estate was restored to them by King James VI (1566 - 1625), who created Claud Hamilton the 1st Baron Paisley and his son the 1st Earl of Abercorn.

The Barony of Abercorn, like that of Gargunnock, was sometime in the interest of Sir Ninian Seton 3rd baron of Touch and Tullibody and his grandson, James Seton 5th baron of Touch.  The line of the Seton’s of Abercorn, then, was established by Sir Alexander Seton of Gargunnock, Lord Kilcreuch, who was the second son of James Seton of Touch from his second wife, Eline-Jane Edmonstone.

The village and estate then passed from the Seton's to John Hope, in 1678, whose widow Margaret and son Charles (later the 1st Earl of Hopetoun), in 1699 began the construction of Hopetoun House just to the east of the village.

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