`Magnae Nobilitatis Domini’

A History of the Seton Ecclesiastics of Meldrum, copied from 'Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae'.

The inner courtyard - Huntly Castle, Aberdeenshire

The Rev. W. IS. CROCKETT. Minister of Tweedsmuir, Convener and General Editor. 
FRANCIS JAMES GRANT, W.S., Rothesay Herald and Lyon Clerk, IVcc-CW and Joint-Editor, W. TRAQUAIR, M.A.. W.S.
The Rev. Professor JAMES MACKINNON. D.D.. I ll. I). 
Sir JAMES BALFOUR PAUL, K.C.V.O., LL.D., Lord Lyon King-of-Arms. 
The Rev. Airniri; POLLOK SYM, D.I). 
ALEXANDER SETON, M.A., adm. chancellor, with consent of David, Bishop of Aberdeen, before 1567; 
died before 16th Nov. 1601. [Echt-Forbes Charters, 216.]
GEORGE SETON, M.A. (Marischal College 1604); adm. chancellor before 14th April 1613.
JOHN SEATON, educated at Kings College, Aberdeen; M.A. (1645); licen. by Presb. of Deer 22nd Nov. 1649 ; 
Adm. to Second Charge 12th June 1650; trans, and adm. before 18th March 1656, when he was allowed by the Presb. to be the only min. 
Coming into conflict with his kirk-session, he dem. 2nd Nov. 1657, went to England, where he held a charge at Felton Bridge, Northumberland.
He was outed in 1662, and returned to Aberdeen. 
He marr. a daugh. of Alexander Forbes of Auchintoull, and had issue John, at Aberdeen Univ. 1667. 
[Records of Old Aberdeen, 207; Mac- farlane s Geneal. Coll., ii., 257.] 
JOHN SEATON, M.A. ; adm. 12th June 1650 ; trans, to First Charge before 1650.
PATRICK SETON, M.A. ; inst. before 31st Oct. 1676 ; trans, to Auchterless.
GEORGE SEATON, educated at King's 1687 ^ olle S e ; ^- A - ( 1G ~ 8 ) ; became librarian there, 1683-7 ; 
Pros, in April, and inst. between 17th May and 24th June 1687 ; 
Died between 28th Nov. and 15th Dec. 1704. He marr. Barbara Beddie, and had issue:
George ; Alexander, Episcopal min. ; John ; Anna ; Archibald, ord. Episcopal min., 10th March 1723. 
[Aberdeen- shire Poll -Hook, ii., 551 ; Aberdeen Journal Notes and (Queries, ii., 181.] 
ALEXANDER SEATON, educated at King s College, Aberdeen ; M.A. luoo , . . /,(1670) ; was the appearing mm. at Insch 6th Aug. 1682; 
Pres. by James, Bishop of Dunblane, 16th Nov. that year; 
Coll. 5th, and inst. 14th April 1683; died 6th April 1707, aged about 57. 
He marr. and had issue Isabel (marr. Alexander Lumsden). 
[Aberdeenshire Poll- Book, i., 431 ; G. R. Horninys, 27th March 1689.] 
JOHN SEATON, of Schethin, regent in 1641 Marischal College, Aberdeen ; adm. before 18th July 1641 ; 
named by Parliament one of the Visitors of the Univ. of Aberdeen 27th March 1647; 
called to Keith Sept. 1648 ; was a member of Commission of Assembly that year ; trans, to Foveran 7th Oct. 1649.
JOHN SEATON of Schethin, regent in Marischal College, Aberdeen ; adm. to Kemnay before 18th July 1641 ; 
named by Parliament, 27th March 1647, one of the Visitors of the Univ. of Aberdeen ; was a member of Commission of Assembly in 1648 ; 
Trans, and adm. 7th Oct. 1649. Joined the Protesters in 1651, and is said to have been present at the 
Battle of Worcester that year with Sir John Turing of Foveran ; died unmarr. 24th April 1666, leaving 200 merks to the poor. 
His brother William of Schethin, min. of Logie-Buchan, was served heir to him 26th June 1668. [Inq. Ret. Aberdeen, 385 ; 
Belhelvie Sess. Rec. ; Scot. Notes and Queries, vii., 99.] 
WILLIAM SEATON of Schethin, brother of John S., min. of Foveran ; M.A. (King s College, 1612); 
Adm. to Methlick before 9th Oct. 1633; trans, and adm. before 4th March 1635 ; succeeded to Schethin in 1666 ; 
Died between 1st and 22nd March 1671, aged about 79. He marr. Margaret, daugh. of Alexander Kemp, burgess of Aberdeen ; 
She survived him, and had issue James, served heir 1st Nov. 1670; George, burgess of Aberdeen, 29th Aug. 1681. 
[Acts of Par/., viii., 264, 268 ; Inq. Ret. Aberdeen, 385, 410; Aberdeen 
Homings, 29th May 1654 ; Hendersons Epitaphs, 310.] 
WILLIAM SEATON, M.A. ; adm. between 20th March and 1633; trans to Logie-Buchan before 4th March 1635. 
[The church of Bourtie belonged to the Priory of St Andrews. In 1618 the Commissioners of Teinds united the parish of Bourtie to that of Bethelnie or Meldrum. 
It was disjoined again about 1650. The present church was built in 1806.]
[The church of Bethelnie was dedicated to St Neachtan. It belonged to the Abbey of Arbroath. In 1G84 the church was transferred from Bethelnie to Meldrum.
A fair of St Neachtan was held in the parish at Cowie. Within the bounds there were Wells of Our Lady and St Neachtan.]  





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