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We would like to sincerely thank the following people for their work and efforts, and for the contributions that they have made to Website, since its' inception on CompuServe beginning in January 1996.  After progressing from CompuServe, the Seton Family website became an official, independant web-domain in January 2000, under the title of, which domain name registration lapsed and was seized by a Hong Kong-based company operating out of Vancouver, in 2003.  However, as from before and since then, we have steadily grown with the invaluable assistance of a great many people, some of which we have recognized here:


Douglas Seaton, Researcher
Dugie lives in North Berwick, Scotland, and has provided pictures and genealogies from the East Lothian area, as well as illuminated some of the family's history, from an in-scotland point of view.

Anders Seton, IT Specialst, Bjorn Bergstrom
Anders and his father Bjorn have contributed to the Highland Seton, and Touch/Abercorn/Preston and Ekolsund line information, from which Anders descends through his mother, Violet Seton.  Anders retained his mothers name and with his fathers help, has matriculated arms with Lyon Court.  Anders was previously co-editor of this website, and they both live in Sweden.

George Seeton, Researcher
George lives in New Hamphire and has provided notes on the Nova Scotia branch line that we both share, as well as Port Seton history, his brother Gordon Seeton is the representative of the Seeton's of Nova Scotia, seniors of the Seton's of Ulster and of the Meldrum family lines.

Edward Seaton, Researcher
Edward is descended from Henry Seton of Virginia, America in 1690.  He has provided lineal research into the Seton's of Parbroath descent, particularly that of Captain David Seton of Ravenscraig (prev of Kinglass or Kingask) and his brother John Seton, who immigrated to America circa 1635 and settled in Virginia.

Michel Setan, Researcher
Michel  lives in Paris, France, descended from the Seton's of Cariston family, from which a son of this house settled in France and married a daughter of the Count of Bourbon.  He has sourced and has provided copies of rare books presented on the Online Books and Material page, to be presented to the family.

Betty Seaton Williams, Researcher
Betty lives in the U.S. and has contributed endless photographs and research assistance for Irish-American Seaton's and has worked endlessly to help tie those families back to the main Seton family lines.


Kristina Watson, RCAHMS Education and Outreach
Kristina works for The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland, or the RCAHMS. She has worked endlessly to provide research and photographic material, which otherwise would not have been possible for us to locate. 

David and Mary Mcmillan, proprietors of Seton Castle, East Lothian, Scotland
On a visit to Scotland in March of 2004, I encountered David and Mary at their home of Seton Castle.  They were not only accommodating in granting permission to tour and photograph the grounds, but gave me a personal  tour of Seton Castle, which they had recently purchased and were in the process of completely restoring.

Anthony Maxwell, Heraldic Illustrator
Anthony is an Heraldic Illustrator with the Scottish Heraldry Society.  He has beautifully re-created the Seton Arms that adorn the entire family website.  Also, the graphics on the Emblems page are items that have been re-worked from Anthony's work on the Heraldry Society Website, and from his own personal Heraldic Website,

Andrew Spratt, Keeper of Dirleton Castle
Andrew is the Keeper of Direlton Castle in East Lothian Scotland, and is an artist and illustrator.  He created all of the coloured reproduction artworks that are seen on the site.  He has generously given us his permission to post the related Seton works that he has done.

Nicholas Bogdan, Historian and Researcher
Nick lived at Barra Castle in Aberdeenshire, and was providing pictures and information regarding the Seton's there.  Sadly. however, Nick passed away in September 2002.  He was an extraordinary individual and will be sadly missed by all.


Schaun Goodeve, Photographer, Eco-Tourism and Training Specialist
Schaun is a close personal friend who has also provided pictures of Seton Collegiate Church, and of Seton House, from his visit to Scotland some years ago.

Kenneth Stuart, Photographer
Kenny lives in the village of Gordon, in the Borders region of Scotland, and has generously taken the time to take photographs of Greenknowe Tower.

Simon Harbord, Photographer
Simon lives in the northern part of Scotland and is very successful at Kite Aerial Photography (KAP).  He has provided fantastic pictures of former family castles that would not otherwise be achieved.

Ruth Kennington, Researcher
Ruth has worked endlessly at providing documents and researching Seton/Seaton family lines, for some time now.  She has also done a great deal of research for Seaton's living in the United States, as well as for myself, and  she sourced the copy of the Eglinton Peerage Claim for us.

Donna Deblois, Typist
Donna accepted the challenge to type the entire Eglinton Service for the website.

Michael Duncan Stenhouse, Researcher
Michael has been researching the Stenhouse family who lived on the Barony Estate of Seton.  As his ancestors lived there, he was able to provide much insight into the workings of the affairs of the Seton's.

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