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Provides below are details of how to contact members of the Seton Family, Cadet Households, Government and Religious Establishments, former Estates, the departments of, and other important information links.

The Baronet of Abercorn, Head of the House of Seton
The Earl of Eglinton and Winton, Baron Ardrossan, Seton and Tranent
The Baronet of Pitmedden
Other members of the Seton Family
The Web team
Seton Family Archives

The Seton Estate
The Winton House Estate
The Meldrum House Estate
The Touch House Estate
The Niddry Castle Estate
The Fyvie Castle Estate

Pinkie House Estate and the Loretto School
St. Elizabeth Seton
Seton Hall University
Seton Hill University
The Seton Institute
Seton Spirituality Centre


The Website Author note
You may also request request a Webpage on this website to represent your branch of the Seton Family.  There are three criteria for representation which are as follows:

1. You must descend from the Scottish House of Seton, though documentary proof is not required.  Simply a family tradition that you originated in Scotland will suffice.

2. You must bear the Seton name, in any form of the spelling, including hyphenation.  There are only a few exceptions to this, which exceptions would be for lines of the Seton Family of Scotland which have changed their patronymic family name to that of another, for lineal reasons, i.e.: the Montgomerie's of Eglinton, the Gordon's of Huntly and Strathbogie, the Tytler's, etc... exceptions will require some form of documentary evidence to be considered.

3. The webpage must have yourself, your family, or the Seton/Seaton/Seeton/Seyton family, as it's main subject.

Please be prepared to provide at least one picture of yourself, preferably in colour, and a short description of yourself and your family. 

You may click here to contact the website author to request a webpage listing.

Various links to government and important websites which have official or historical associations with the Seton Family, and/or are online sources of information.

Royal Monarchy of Great Britain

The Royal House of Stewart

Order of St. John of Jerusalem

The Grand Lodge of Scotland

The General Register House of Scotland

Catholic Church of Scotland

The Church of Scotland

The Dominican Priory in Edinburgh

Pluscarden Abbey


The Heraldry Society of Scotland

Undiscovered Scotland Website

The Electric Scotland Website

The Gazetteer of Scotland

Historical Information regarding East Lothian


Other Seton family members' personal webpages:

Barrister Andrew Seton of New Zealand

Douglas Seaton's Website, North Berwick, Scotland:

Jeff Seeton's Website, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

John Seaton of New Zealand's Site:

John Seaton's Genealogical Website

Rod Seaton's Website, Denver, Colorado:

Seton Guest House in Glasgow Scotland

Seton Safety Indentification Products

Tim Seeton's Website, British Columbia, Canada:


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