Creed of George Seton, 7th Lord Seton

King James VI and IThe Alliances of Seton Family are important not only for their historical value in illustrating Scottish society, but for their political importance as well... to understand the loyalty's which existed between the various families is to understand the complicated political structure within Scotland and that which bound them to the Monarchy, which unbroken alliances to the Royal Houses are listed in the following.

The Seton family initially maintained a system of residences which provided not only assistance for the protection of the Scottish Monarch's, but also for providing the means for producing and ensuring the protection of foods for the Royal line, as well as places of refuge, relaxation or refinement.  In East Lothian, the lands of Seton are still known for the first and best fruits of the year, and Wynchburgh near the Royal Palace of Linlithgow, was an important Royal farming region.

Seton Castles at one time were part of the system which defended Royal interests on two sides of Edinburgh, as well as in Stirling, Fife and Aberdeen districts, as well as in Dunfermline and Elgin.  The Parbroath line, for example, assisted in the guarding of interests in Fife, and were long Hereditary Keepers of the Royal Falkland Palace before the Honours passed from the family. The Touch branch similarly maintained assistance in Stirling, and were Hereditary Armour Bearers to the King, and the Seton's of Meldrum kept this monarchial influence in the north-east... in Aberdeen, with it's beautiful lands and countryside very much embroiled in turmoil over control.

The historical family alliances were forged out of this climate, in supporting the Monarchy of Scotland, and in weaving political influence in the feudal structure, and many still exist to this day.  The Lesser Alliances of Seton Family are those struck mostly by inter-marriage, and represent periods where the family's were also aligned for political and/or religious reasons.  These families also shared geographical regions with various branches of the Seton Family and were influential in the history of their respective territories.

  • The Royal Alliances to the Houses of:

The House of Canmore - the Seton's came to Scotland from Flanders during Malcolm III and were uncles to King David I by his second marriage.

The House of Bruce - the family remained in Scotland during the Wars of Independence, where the head of the House married the sister of King Robert I.

The House of Stewart/Stuart - the longest standing and most famous service to the Crown.

Lowland Alliances

Highland Alliances

  • The Gordon Family

  • The Fraser Family

  • The Leslie Family


Other Family Alliances
  • The Abercromby Family
  • The Balfour Family
  • The Beaton Family
  • The Burnett Family
  • The Crichton Family
  • The Dunbar Family
  • The Edmonstone Family
  • The Fleming Family
  • The Galbraith Family
  • The Irvine Family
  • The Johnstone Family


  • The Kerr Family
  • The Kennedy Family
  • The Lauder Family
  • The Livingstone Family
  • The Maitland Family
  • The Napier Family
  • The Preston Family
  • The Sinclair Family
  • The Udny Family
  • The Urquhart Family
  • The Wemyss Family

Family lines which devolved on the Setons

Historical Family Feuds of the Setons

Septs of the Setons


The Seton Arms

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