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Tranent Tower, East Lothian.
Tranent Tower, in the village of Tranent, East Lothian © 2005

Tranent had been a Barony of the de Quincy's, of the Earls of Winchester, but who forfeited the lands during the wars of independence.  The lands of and Barony of Tranent were then awarded to the Seton's, who had already had an interest through the marriage with a de Quincy daughter and heiress, Jonet, or Janet de Quincy.

Dating the Tower is difficult as title deeds extend back five to six hundred years and more. It is likely that the tower as it is now was built around the same time as Falside Castle and indeed many features indicate that both had the same builder. There is, allegedly, a subterranean passage connecting the two buildings.  The Tower is said to have been the only property within the Barony of Tranent which held it's feu-charter directly of the Crown.  The "rental mail" being traditionally a snowball in mid-summer, and a rose in mid-winter, annually.  The feu-collector was to proceed to the top of the tower to recieve this, though how the snowball was produced we are not told.

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