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Whitefoord House, Edinburgh.
Whitefoord House, photo from the 19th century © 2005

Once the site of the Earl of Wintons' mansion, known as Lord Seton's Lodging (featured in Walter Scott's 'Abbot' - Vol.1 chapter xviii. ),  Whitefoord is located only a short walk from the official Residence of the Scottish Monarch's at the Palace of Holyrood House.  It  was  here that Lord Darnley spent the night before his wedding  to  Mary,  Queen  of Scots, at Holyrood Palace in 1565.  It was a famed residence for foreign Ambassadors, who's host were the Lord's Seton, and in particular a favourite with the French Ambassadors, and Manzeville sojourned there in 1583. 

It's proximity to the Royal Palace gave the family a futher close presence to the Monarch, and was a much coveted property of the Canongate.  The townhouse had several noted events pass through it's doors, it was the first place of refuge for Queen Mary after the murder of her favourite David Rizzio, and welcomed that Queen for a private reception after her marriage to Lord Darnley.  After the forfeiture of the 5th Earl of Winton, the lodging fell into disrepair (1715-1744) and was finally sold to the British Linen Company.  The present  house  was built in 1766 for Sir John Whitefoord of Ballochmyle, an early  patron  of  poet  Robert Burns, by the architect Robert Mylne using much of the existing building of the Seton's.

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