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Pinkie House, Musselburgh.
Pinkie House, Musselburgh, now part of the Loretto School © 2005

The Favourite residence of Chancellor Alexander Seton, 1st Earl of Dunfermline.

‘Alexander, Lord Seton, built this house in 1613, not as he would have wished, but according to the measure of his means and estate’.

The oldest part of Pinkie House is the massive central tower erected by the Abbots of Dunfermline, in the late fourteenth century. A hundred years later were added the rooms immediately to the north, what is now the Housemaster’s house.

Around 1597 the building came into the hands of Alexander Seton, King James VI’s Chancellor, a man of considerable distinction who was held in such high esteem by the King that when he left for London in 1603 to add the throne of England to that of Scotland, he entrusted his son Charles into Seton’s charge, later to become King Charles I.

Charles, during his three years’ there, occupied what is still called ‘the King’s Room’. Email:

Kings and Queens of the United Kingdom (from 1603)
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