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Menie House, Aberdeenshire.
Menie House, former residence of John Seton, Chamberlain to the Earl of Dunfermline © 2005

The lands of Menie were leased and acquired by John Seton, Chamberlain to the Earl of Dunfermline at Fyvie Castle in the early 17th century from the Gordon's, following  to his residence at Aquhorthies.  That John Seton, Chamberlain of Fyvie, was in possesion in 1622 is confirmed by the funeral account of the Earl of Dunfermline, Chancellor Seton, in 1622 where he is listed as, "John Seaton of Menies Chamberland of Fyvie".  With interests in Belhelvie, the Seton's maintained tenure at Menie across various branches of the Meldrum family.

In 1629, Gordon sold the lands and barony of Menie to William Seton of Mounie and Udny. Seton held them until his creditor, Sir Robert Graham of Morphie, his son's father-in-law, was granted them in 1633.

William Seton and his wife Margaret Graham stayed on at Menie despite his father losing the estate and was styled as "William Seton of Meanie" thereafter nevertheless, as was his son, also William Seton, 2nd "of Menie".  William Seton, 2nd of Menie's son James Seton re-acquired possession of Menie in 1698, but died without issue in 1707, when the house passed from the family and the line was then represented by Captain Robert Seton who was the eldest son of Alexander Seton of Kinloch in Aberdeenshire, the second son of William Seton of Udny.

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