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Foulstruther, East Lothian.
Foulstruther, former residence of Sir Alexander Seton of Foulstruther, later 6th Earl of Eglinton

The original estate of Foulstruther was acquired by the Seton's in the early 16th century and was a favoured gift from Lady Janet Hepburn to her grandson John Seton, the second son of George, 6th Lord Seton.  Upon the temporary absence of his brother, the famed George 7th Lord Seton, in the low countries where for a time it was thought that he had died, John Seton assumed the Titles and Honours of Seton and sat in the Upper House as Lord Seton.  Upon his brother's return, he was forced to relinquish the patronymic position, and which costs at his won expense forced his selling of the Foulstruther Estate, and he resided on his Royal gifted Estate of Cariston, in Fife.

The lands were later re-acquired by the Earl of Winton, and bestowed on his younger son, Sir Alexander Seton, who became temporarily 'of Foulstruther'.  With Sir Alexander Seton's assumption of the Earldom of Eglinton and eventual succession as the 6th Earl of Eglinton, he sold the Estate of Foulstruther, and which and Barony was eventually broken up.

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Sir Alexander Seton, 6th Earl of Eglinton