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Brookheath House, Hants
Brookheath House, Hants, re-constructed by Vice-Admiral James Seton, painting by A Malet, sold with the Wyndham-Malet assetts.

Brookheath House - A freehold and leasehold estate, known as 'Brookheath', in the parishes of Fordingbridge, Rockbourne, and Breamore, on the borders of the New Forest, in the county of Hants (Hampshire), and between Salisbury and Ringwood, at both of which places there is a railway station, including a family residence surrounded by park-like land, comprising altogether upwards of 215 acres.

The Estate is situated about two miles from, Fordingbridge, twelve from Salisbury, eight from Ringwood, twenty-two from Southampton, sixteen from the sea coast, and within three hours journey of London.

The estate had been the property of Vice-Admiral James Seton, the Governor of St. Vincent and lineal heir of the Seton's of Barnes line and the Earldom of Dunfermline and who had expanded and rebuilt the house as it stands in the painting above.  The Estate passed to his son the Lieutenant-Colonel James Seton, 2nd of Brookheath, and then to his own son, Captain James Seton, Esq., 3rd of Brookheath, before the occupation of the Rev. Edmund Waller.

Following the death of Captain James Seton, 3rd of Brookheath, as a result of the famed duel and the last recorded duel in England, Brookfield House was peremptorily sold, pursuant to an Order of the High Court of Chancery, made in the causes of Seton v. Waller, and Seton v. Valler and via the matter of Marion Frances Seton, an infant, and in the matter of an Act of Parliament, with the approbation of William Henry Binney, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, at the White Hart Inn, in Salisbury, in the county of Wilts.

The collection of photographs and ephemera relating to the Wyndham-Malet/Malet family's of Somerset in England, following the passing from Seton-hands, and the collection dates from the 1850s to the 1880s with various original images of India and Military subjects including some large original photographs showing the aftermath of the 1864 Cyclone in Calcutta India was sold at auction.

The original 19thC Watercolour: Brookheath House, Hampshire -size 26cm x 36cm. The watercolour was loose with another and the 3 hand drawn maps by A. Malet who had done the maps.

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