The Seton's of Kingask, or Kinglass



In the Calendar of Deeds of the Court of Session, volume 45 (1584/5), there is the summary of a document involving David Seton of Parbroath, Comptroller, his mother, the deceased Dame Helen Leslie and George Seton, his eldest son and apparent heir.  Two witnesses were two of his other sons, Andrew and John Setons.  I have not made detailed notes of this, as I only include it as a starting point, in that it establishes that David Seton of Parbroath's heir was his son, George Seton.  So far this agrees with the tree


In a Sasine in the Particular Register of Sasines for Fife registered 1 November 1633 (RS31/10 f.264),  David Seton, son of George Seton of Parbroath was given sasine of the lands of Kingask in the parish of Cupar following on a disposition by John, Lord Lindsay.


You will note that the lands were called Kingask and not Kinglass.


There is another sasine registered on the 6 December 1636 which records that David Seton of Kingask and his spouse, Jean Kyninmonth were given an annualrent out of the lands of Balbirny in the parish of Monimail in Fife (RS31/11 f.363).  They had lent James Clerk younger of Balbirny 6,000 merks.  He repaid them this amount in 1639 (RS31/12 f.482 - 3 December 1639).  However, David Seton by 1639 was no longer known as 'of Kingask', but is described as 'in Ravenscraig'; 'in' indicating that he was just living there and did not own the property.  The christian names Jean and Jane were interchangeable, by the way


In 1639, they lent 6,500 merks to Sir David Auchmouty of that Ilk amd received an annualrent out of his lands of Easter Ferny in the parish of Monimail (RS31/12 f.528, registered 20 April 1640).


There are two sasines dated Last December 1646 in which David Seton is described as the deceased Captain David Seton in Ravenscraig, formerly of Kingask.  (He was possibly killed during the Bishops Wars of 1639 and 1640)  These sasines record that his widow, Jean Kininmonth had remarried to Captain John Lymburner (later in  a Deed of 1662, listed as a Lieutenant Colonel) and that he had had an only son, David Seton who was still an adolescent and whose tutor (guardian) was George Seaton of Carriston.  The sasines record that young David Seton was heir to his father in the annualrent out of the lands of Easter Ferny (RS31/15 f.290; 291)


Further, young David Seton survived into adulthood.  There is a record in 1662 of him, his mother and her husband, Lieutenant Colonel John Lymburner in Urquhart borrowing money and using his 7 1/2 acres of land in St Leonards, in Edinburgh, as security (his mother having the liferent) (RD4/16 p.339 registered 22 June 1666; RD3/10 p.164 -registered 20 April 1665)


You will therefore see that the tree on the above site is incorrect, in that Captain George Seton of Kingask (not Kinglass) and Jean/Jane Kininmonth only had one son, David and did not have a son called John and another unnamed son.


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