Seton Family Memorabilia Gallery

Beginning from left:  The Seton Medallion commemorating the marriage of George Seton and Isabel Hamilton;  The Seal of Alexander Seton, as Prior of Pluscarden, before becoming Chancellor of Scotland;  The Seton Silver Serving Plate of the Seton's of Touch;  Silver Serving Dish of the Seton's of Touch;  The Seton Ring, presented by Prince Charles Edward Stuart to Hugh Seton of Touch;  Hugh Seton's Snuff-box, It was a gift from Adolphus Frederick IV, Duke of Mecklenburg Strelitz, to Hugh Seton of Touch (Stirlingshire) in April 1769, with Detail of the Grand Duke's Finger-Ring;  Mary Seton's Watch, with re-creation version;  various Seton of Abercorn plates and silverware, as well as The Seton Chest from Durham House, London;  The Seton-Steuart Waistcoat given by Sir Douglas Seton-Stewart to Lady Emma Seton;  a Seton buckle from Greenknowe Tower, circa early 17th century;  Sir Christopher Seton's Two-Handed Sword;  Sir Alexander Seton's Dirk;  The Port Seton Provost's MedalNigel Tranter's Seton Chess-Piece.