The Siege of Tantallon Gallery

Captain Alexander Seton and his 'Desperado gallants' (moss troopers) defending Tantallon castle against Cromwell in 1651.

By Andrew Spratt

"I've got about six or seven reconstructions in an old folder somewhere showing the retreat of the Scots and the 12day bombardment when finally the garrison retreated to the top of the mid-tower".  First is "Capitane Alexander Setton" and his "desperado gallants" in the outer ward of Tantallon in 1650, the second is Setton and his forces fleeing Cromwell with North Berwick Law in the background, the third shows the Scots trying to hold the outer trench in front of Tantallon's 'Ravelin' (V-shaped cannon platform)and the fourth shows Cromwell's men seizing the outer trench then digging towards the disabled Ravelin during the 12 day bombardment.